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jOe RuLeS!!!
I am being bullied in school. does anybody have any advice for a 14 year old?
This has been going on for years now. I have been sent to all karate places. But i dont want to fight people that really annoy me. And i feel bad for my mom and dad because them always worrying about me in school. And i love karate and stuff and i am excellent in there. my teacher even saisd so. But even the most annoying person i cant seem to beat up. I think about beating them up, and i want to. but than all of a sudden i dont want to anymore. It is not out of fear trust me i am a big guy. Can someone please help me?!

I know a kid that talks a lot of threats which seems to scare bullies off. Say "If you mess with me, I'll put you in the trunk" stuff like that, trust me it may sound violent but it does work. Remember also, half the time the people are not really going to do anything. Stand up to them!

Just be true to yourself. If you don't wanna fight them back, then don't. It may seem that fighting others is the best way to let our woes go away, but there are other good things to do. If they are bullying you in school, threat them that your parents is coming to your school to talk to them or the discipline officer. And besides, if something happens to you its the schools priority and they are in charge of that.

from ur mama 2 the delia lama
if you're bigger than them pretend that you're gona beat them up or get your friends and you to pretend to chaes em or something if they really annoy you and don't stop throw them in the garbage can i know it sounds like idc but i do i know how you feel i got picked on a lot toogood luck

well please don't take out a gun and shoot 32 people like this Cho person did. That's great that you are in karate and that you have something you can feel good about and are good at. I know you don't want to think about beating people up, but your martial art is there for self defense and you shouldn't feel guilty for using it if necessary. In Tae Kwon Do we are taught that it is more honorable to walk away but if cornered, you must fight to defend your honor and the art. Find an adult to talk to. My son's school counselor told him to give her the names of all the kids who were bullying him and she was going to talk to the parents and assure them that if their child did not stop, they would be charged with harrassment and or assault. The bullying stopped. Most schools nowadays are taking bullying very seriously and will press charges against the children and their parents, sending the children to counseling and juvenile court for assault. I'm not saying every school does that, but my son's does, you might want to see what the policies are at your school.

report them, there are laws now about that

I dont really think u should tell a teacher or none of that crap because i've been there, and you know you cant really look at that as an option. It just makes things worse! I say it's best to ignore dum people that need to grown up! Try your best to ignore, but I do think a day will come and you will be fed up, and u might start kicking a** =D ♥Hope I helped ♥

I had the same issues at your age - the hard part is to realize that the reason people pick on you is not mainly your size looks etc . It is because you repond to them and this feeds their uncool need to feel like they are in charge or that they are superior to you some how.It also lets them show off their smart *** mouths lol

As a freshman it was so hard to go to PE because I was always picked last and was alwasy picked on- I was always being annoyed with questions like- so have you had your [email protected]# f$%^^$$ yet? everyone is doing it- One day they stole my shoes and played keep away etc and i lost it - i was yelling and screaming and crying and threatening, biting throwing things , hitting guy in the nuts with a shoe( it did feel good but was stupid) etc etc.

Later I realized that I was making the situation worse everytime I responded to their bullying and taunting. I was teaching them that they could pick on me and get me angry and make me lose my temper, while they all had a good laugh and fun would be had by all. Every day was a challenge to see if they could get me mad.

Yes it was not fair - but I decided I had to take responsibility for my reactions and grow up and not react- by the time I was a sopohmore, things were better and by the time I was junior I was one of the normal guys.

So remember choose how you respond- do not over react or try too hard to fit in just because you think copying them will make them stop bullying you - it is all about not letting them provoke you in any way at all -when they get no reaction then after a while they will move on to others or bug you less and less.

Of course if they are beating the crap out of you physically and they start it- it might be good thing just once to win a fight to prove to your self that you can take care of yourself.
hope this helps!

Bullying is a terrible thing and can lead to all sorts of problems. It's normal that you feel like getting even with the person that's bullying you, but that's not always the answer. Violence begets more violence. The best thing to do is to just walk away, let the bully see that he can't bother you, and hopefully he'll stop. Tell an adult that you trust, like your parents or a school counsellor about this guy.

Can you change schools? Move? If this were happening to my son, I would do whatever it took to make him feel safe. Maybe you should talk to a counselor, these things can really affect your education and feeling of self worth-and you don't deserve that. The only thing I can tell you is what my dad told me and it's true "the people who are being called nerds and geeks are the people you will be calling BOSS in the future". Keep being the good id you are, I know they are your peers, but they really don't know anything. Make sure you never believe what they say!!!!!

schnauzer mom
generally, if you are a "big guy", it seems that you would not be bullied as much as a smaller guy. have you confronted the bullies and asked them why they have so much interest in you? and in my experience, if you ignore them, they will eventually lose inerest if you are not responding to them. usually, bullies only bully if they are getting a rise out of the person they are bullying. and just because you can beat someone up, doesn't mean you should. you will probably be the one to get in trouble. my son is the smallest in his class, the bigger kids including girls seem to get a kick out of teasing him, and the more he responds, the more they tease. finally, one of the kids that was teasing and had been getting physical with him hit him, and my son beat the crap out of him (his dad taught him to fight). now, no one picks on him anymore. they all thought because he was small, he wouln't win. gave the other kid a black eye and made him cry. but, they both got suspended for three days, even though the other kid started it. so, even though they don't tease him, he still got in trouble for defending himself. it will all work out in time, you will see.

Isn't a big part of karate that you only use it as a weapon when you absolutely must? So then you are right to not want to beat someone up unless you are given no other option.

I think that you should really tell someone. Maybe you don't feel that you can tell your parents. That's okay. Is there a teacher that you have a strong connection to? Is there a counselor at your school that you could talk to? What about the principal? Your family physician? Your karate teacher? Find someone that you feel you can talk to, and tell them what is going on. You need to get this off your chest, and you need to have other people know what kind of rotten punks are treating you so badly.

I'm so sorry that you are having such a tough time. You will get through it though. High school is so silly. Once you graduate, you will move on to other things and you won't even care about this stuff anymore. It's such a hassle for you now, but it won't always be that way! Trust me :-)

dont think about it just do it

oh! a good tip is that if you crack them in the jaw the'll hit the flo(or)

Please tell the principal, administrators and teachers. Write down every time something happens, who did it, what they did, who witnessed the act, the time, the date and the place. If it continues, the sad truth is, you may have to beat someone up before it stops.

In this situation, you should probably defend yourself. Wait for him to start it, but as soon as he does, karate chop him. Once he sees you are WILLING to fight him, he will move on.

i'm sure u r a great guy, and one day u'll look back at this and laugh...but bullying can also scar.....i suggest u beat down whoever bullies u if ur a big guy and if u get in trouble for it say i did it for self defense, it'll give them something to think about next time they think about bullying u

and remember being very good at karate makes u cool :)

Good luck

Robert B
That is normal to feel like that when you are young but you
have to overcome your hangups to maintain your self respect. you cannot escape your self . Always ,always stand
and face your enemies That is the only way that you can
feel like a man...feeling unmanly is worse than a beating.Become more aggressive and throw a couple punches that should get you over the hump so your
competitiveness kicks in, Then let it all hang out think and
feel destroy ,destroy , destroy and you will be fine .bullies
are actually cowards they only pick on someone that can
not defend themselves. Good Luck..

Need Answers
Ok kid, listen up. You don't have to beat up the town bully to get him to stop. You have to publicly embarrass him, then defend yourself. Make him look like the idiot he is then when he tries to hit you or what ever he does, defend yourself. Most bullies are affraid of having to actually account for their "abilities" in the arena, and most have never even had lessons on fighting. If you are as good at karate as you say, then you know karate isn't about beating someone up, it's about defending yourself. You don't have beat him up, you just have to stop him from beating you up. Trust me, I've been there, done that. He'll stop once he realizes he can't win with you, and you don't have to win either, just defend yourself.

robin b
I guess thier comes a time when you just can't take it anymore and you have to stand up for your self. Most people will tell you to ignore it and it will go away but that only works sometimes. I guess you just have to ask yourself is it worth getting in trouble over, and if enough is enough.

true sign of a mature young man.aggression will not stop the bullies,it may not work but can you force yourself to completely ignore them?they are only doing it for the reaction, also because bullies typically have a low self esteem in their mind by putting someone else down it makes them feel better about themselves.I know that at 14 the type of bullying that can go on is not always without physical violence,however you are maintaining you cool-good anger management-if it helps at all know that their the ones who will wind up in a menial job.stand up be proud good luck

Stand up for yourself. Did you complaint to school about the people who r picking on you? Don't let it continue and its really bad how some people like to walk all over others. No one is perfect.
What are you bullied about?

give one person a very good scare without hurting him and word will spread fast that you won't take it any more from them =good luck

In my opinion bullies respond to force and if you don't show them that then, they will keep at it. You don't have to beat them up, but be willing to if it comes to that when they are confronted.

I love screwdrivers!
Kick their *** and do not look back!

Beat them with your mind......

I wish you could talk to my son he is a bronze medal national sparing champion AAU in Tae Quon Do.
a big guy ( a bit fat) and was tortured for it in middle school

He told my younger son to fight back. So what if you get in a little trouble at school? They will learn to respect you and will not bother you so much.

If you do this you will thank me for this. Will your parents support you?

Do not lose your temper. Do not start the fight. Finish it.
You will be glad you did and you not hate school so much.

Look, dude, you just can't turn tail to every problem you encounter! If there are bullies that harassed you, you must stand up to them one day. You will not only send them a message you are not to be pushed, you will also protect your demeaour.

ok just hit him reallly hard and if he fights back well just fight him comeing from a 14 year old who got the crap beat out of me but he left me alone

Talk to somebody who is a person who you can trust! They will find a way to help you!

just tell them to back off. if you get mad enough then you will be able to defend yourself

Fuzz ~~
Yo sUP man try to get some friends that'll get your back~~

PCE Man Good Luck~~

My life My life!!!
Try your best to ignore the losers.

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