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I am always so tired whats the problem?
i get a lot of sleep but still

You might have chronic stress.

Sleep more

Sounds like you aren't eating correctly. Are you getting enough protein in your diet? If you follow the food pyramid and eat healthy you will probably begin feeling better. Stop eating anything with white flour or white sugar in it. If you don't start feeling better in two weeks, see a doctor

The Kissing Disease" Mononucleosis

Have your doctor do a blood work-up on you.

You may have an infection that you are not aware of.

If it comes up negative....try taking Zinc plus Echinacea supplements.

They will kick any little virus you have out of your system. Only take for about ten days. I take them whenever I feel rundown or a cold coming on.
It really works and you can pick them both up at Walgreens, CVS, etc.

But, please, get checked out by your doctor. Chronic Fatigue could be an underlying factor of so many types of medical conditions.....such as depression, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, etc. Please see your doctor.

you should get at least 8hrs. of sleep at night and begin doing some type of physical activity,i.e.,jogging, aerobics,yoga,etc.Do one of these for at least 30min. a day paired with sleeping for eight hours and eating healthy,and I'm sure your energy will be back!

Start taking liquid iron and liquid multi-vitamins, daily, especially B vitamins. Deficiencies in iron and B vitamins cause tiredness and sluggishness, lack of power and generally feeling down. Most of us can't really absorb this in tablet form.

Try "Emergen-C" (vitamins) and "Floradix" (iron)

If after a week you are still the same, see a doctor, it could be something else going on!

I have the same problem. Mine it's caused by stress, despite loads of sleeping time, I still feel tired.
Buy yourself "Centrum" vitamins. They are over the counter.
ALso, think what are the major stressants in your life, and tell them to F$%# OFF.

Then you will be happier and energized.

don't forget to take your daily multi vitamins

Probably lack of exercise and eating foods with too many carbohydrates in it. You body is telling you that what you are doing isn't right for it and you need to listen to it.

You need more Iron

It could be stress.

You may have what is called Sleep Apnea. It usually affects heavier set people, people with large necks or people with loose tissue in the back of their mouth. Basically you sleep, but you do not get into the deep sleep realms where you rest. This happens because of the obstruction in the back of your mouth or your weight causes you to choke when your muscles relax when falling asleep. So basically you wake yourself up and go back to sleep constantly throughout the night without even knowing about it (subconciously).

some of the signs that I know of that you may have sleep apnea:
-loud snoring
-twitching when sleeping
-lack of dreams
-being tired all the time

What are you eating? What are you drinking?

No food/snacks 3 hours before bedtime. Stop caffeine after 2 pm. No alcohol before bedtime. Get some exercise, but not right before bedtime.

Take some vitamins. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. If you are still having problems, you may want to talk about this with your doctor. There may be some sleep problems or other problems he/she can talk to you about.

could be your iron level, could be depression, could be your not sleeping well when you do sleep ( lack of oxygen, bad mattress, back problems ..these 3 things are what usually makes you tired of all the time...there are a few other things that will make you tired...late stages of cancer..certain illnesses..but check the easier ones first.

I was tired all the time, and I found out I'm diabetic. It could be a number of things. Not enough sleep, too much sleep, stress etc. If it bothers you so much seek a professional for a consultation.

i dont know its probaly your Thyroid you need to see a doctor.

pieter U3
Chronic fatigue syndrome.

DiDi Dvora J
a) You are stressed,
b) You are depressed,
c) You are spending WAY too much time on the computer...it's addictive, you know!
d) You are not getting enough nutrients. Check your diet - you might need vitamin supplements.
e) If you REALLY want to know, check with your doctor.

Good Luck!

maybe you need to take vitamins.

Mary M
You may not want to hear this, but exercise is the answer. With a good evercise prgram and good nitrition you will amazed at your energy level.

someone is drugging you,

I would make an appointment with your doctor of choice and get a complete physical. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism a little over a year ago. I had some other things going on, so I pretty much ignored the diagnosis. Plus, I still felt fine for several months. Now, I'm so tired I can hardly get through the day, plus the Thyroid problem has caused me to have an accelerated heartrate. Now, I'm scheduled to have my Thyroid gland removed.

See a doctor and get that physical. Whatever is causing your fatigue is most likely very minor, but if you let it continue unchecked, it could lead to a more serious issue. I wish you good health.

am not a doc but i think you have the symptoms of someone lucking iron! get some plus take them with orange juice as it helps absorb the iron in the body.
for more seek medical advice!

S. Revenge
Drink some strong ars coffee in the morning like I doo. I mean, not just the random starbucks sissy coffee that those flamers brew, Im talking about going down to you local supermarket and buy some folgers dark or something like that, taking it home, and then when you wake up in the morning, put about 1 scoop of coffee to every cup of water, and you will get LIT UP. Thats what I do every single day, and I thrive ba bay!

You would need to see a number of doctors to find out. It could be anything from Thyroid problems, heart problems, anything. Get checked out and tell your doctor what your symptoms are.

Phil S
Do you exercise?

sleep more..or maybe you're just stressed out over school or work stuff... Take time to relax. Go to a spa or something...

you should get 8 to 9 hrs of sleep not anymore and not any less

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