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 I am entering middle school,how can I be sure to stay off drugs and other bad things?
Please give me some tips. My family uses drugs but I never want to take drugs/smoke or drink.
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Wow 44 answers so far!...

 Is it bad to be short like 5"4?

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 Eating Boogers?
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 I'm 12 and I'm 5'3and a bit". Am I gonna grow any more?

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by the way i'm a girl....

Rovik Ridder
I am 5ft10. Am I short?
I'm 5ft10, 180lbs.
I lift weights and I am quite lean and muscular.
But sometimes I think I am a little short.
What do you think? Specially girls.
Additional Details
I am 26 years old, so no more growing.

Li Kar L
not at all. to me. i stand at 5 ft 4. that's the average hight for an asian girl. well, being 6 inches taller, makes you well, incredibly tall to me. :)

yeah I'm olny 13 but I'm 5'8.5

Cool, you're the same height and weight as I am. For one thing, I don't feel short, though I don't feel particularly tall either. Do you hang around tall people 6+ feet, which might be making you feel short? Remember, everything is relative.

of course you're short man sorry bro but its true
do you weight 180lb???!!!!

No...you're not short.
I'm 5'7 and I prefer to date guys 5'10 and up....to me it's tall enough...and if you think about it, the average height of a woman is 5'4....so no worries your height is just gravy.

well not really ,... could be ur posture though

You are not short or tall. You are pretty much average in height.

[email protected]
Believe in yourself !
You can change the whole world !

No, you're a giant.

No you aren't short... but you knew that already didn't you?

No you're not...others are a lot shorter :)

Isn't 5'9" the average? You sound just right. Who wants a giant? Most men are around your height. Stop worrying.

sandeep m
It's good height in India. By no means, U can be called short. People around U must be 6'-6" and above. That's giving U such a feeling or your friend must have liking for taller people.

♥ Jess ♥ I dream, I wish, I love
i think ur tall who said u werent tall? average height is like 5'5" to 5'7"

heyy theree
nope, taller than me (5'7) thats all that matters!

Andy Y
your taller than me

Nope. 5'10" is actually the average height for men world wide.

Joseph, II
Well, you're alittle "short" on Brains- if you think it matters! Any girl who would automatically "pass" on a guy simply because He's two inches shorter than the giraffe standing next to him- is probably NOT your "cup of tea"- anyway! So forget about it!!! It's who you ARE- that Counts! :)

I'm 5'-10" and I'm not short....

Well, I'm 5'1 so everyone else is usually taller :)

no, a lot taller than me

No-- I think you are average to above average in height. However, adding a couple of more pounds would be more appealing to your height.
Just my opinion though.

still me, still blonde
I am 5'5", am I shorter...?

You're average for a man, but with me being 5'4", 5'10" is kinda short, but that's just my personal preference.

about average

About average+.

no. im as tall as you, and i sound pretty much the same.

there are always going to be people that are taller than you...

and shorter.

you're at a pretty good height..but you're on the skinny side.

No thats about the perfect height for a guy...im like 5'3" and thats about average for girls...and girls usually want guys to be just a little taller so no..your perfect the way you are =]

Not at all.
I am a 6 ft. tall woman,and even I do not think so:-)

♫ ??єäмíŋg Ôυт ?øυ∂ ♥

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