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I am 5'1and weight.........?
Aggh! is that too much? size 4-5 in pant's ?

what r u worrying about? u should be worrying about school or work and not ur size. im 5'0 and 90 pounds. i wear a size 12-14 kids. but im 11. and also think most of tht weight on u is probably muscle. dont stress over it. the last thing anybody needs is to stress over the fact theyre fat. (which they arent, every one is theyre own critic!)

hope i helped a little. -jordan

no........depending on your age you may still need to hit a growth spirt

Elizabeth L
that's normal. don't worry about it. it all depends on how much muscle you have and weight can always vary depending on that.

@ |* ! @ n @ ♥
im 5'3" and i weigh about 94 lbsand wear a 12kids-1 but im only 12. ur not fat at all. dont worry about it at all.

DJ Fizzy xx
no its not too much. type BMI Chart into google and you can see that it is normal. Just type in your height and weight and it will calculate it for you.

and where do you see this as being too much? no.

YOU ARE FINE. Just be. Learn to love yourself.

Count to Zero
From what I've seen, petite girls never age, so consider yourself lucky. I know 5 Feet women in their 50's who I wouldn't mind.......
you know what! wang.

With all of the time you worry about weight, you could be doing something of slight importance.

Sounds real nice to me!!

Fine yieessshh!

you need to gain like 5 pounds..
maybe 10.. then you'll be perfect

What are you spazin for? You're fine, not quit stressin over it.

it depents if ure athletic and have lots of mussel other stuff but overall no

not to much at all...

sounds fine

Im 5'9''and weigh about 130, My pants are 27'' 36'' (I can't wear regular pants so sorry if that part doesn't help) but... point is, youre fine.

no, that shouldn't be too much. it really all depends on your body type. if you're a medium or heavy boned person, it should be fine.
also if you want to be slightly slimmer, (say you want to lose 5 pounds) excercise and eat properly. You could also join a gym. you'll be your perfect weight in no time!

i also have some friends who are slightly over weight, but they don't care. they still appear beautiful, because they carry themselves with confidence. you decide how you appear, because you make the diffrence to how others see you.

oh ya are so fat.. just stfu

Aaron A
Too much for what? As long as you like how you look, you have nothing to worry about.

Massive Hussein Mann
Size 5??/ SO??? Not bad in my view!!

no. im 120 pounds and 5'7. it all depends on your body mass index. If you really think you weigh to much, which you dont, try excercise and healthier eating habits. But i personally think you are just fine.

Casey E
no my friend is 5'2 and weighs 115 and is only 11 years old

girl ur fine don't worry ur self.

Your acting pretty pathetic. You read those magazines with Nicole Ritchie and stuff....Well let me tell you what. Those girls are very unhealthy!!!

Ellen J
Good grief! Now size 4 is too big! What next, you won't be satisfied until you're the size of a thigh bone?

i'm 5'6", 125, and wear size 4-5 too. idk if that helps but w/e.

You are a perfect munchkin

See a Psychiatrist, really, this is not funny. All these people are just telling you what you want to hear. You should be talking to a professional. It is not right to worry about your weight, when you weigh so little. Hello, Marykate and Ashley are not the norm. They need help and so do you. Don't wait.

Sounds about right to me, for your height.

Alex A
NO it's not to much

*The Anything Girl*
Are you happy with how you look? Do you feel comfortable in your clothes? Because those are what you ought to be concerned with, not some numbers on a scale.

Every human body is different, and not everyone who is 5'1" will weigh the same, look the same or have the same muscle structure, bone structure or physique. Focus instead on feeling your best, and your inner glow will shine through so that you look your best too!

I believe that you're the most beautiful when you're happy. Let go of the numbers and focus on your integrity and feeling good about being you.

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