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Keith D
I'm always tired, even with 8 hours of sleep, why?

You are probably anemic. Are you pale? Do you have kinda dark tent under your eyes? Sluggish all the time? Then you're anemic.

I suggest taking iron supplements.

you may be drinking to much caffeine throughout your day.. or you need to discover when your realm sleep is

Susan Yarrawonga
Perhaps you need a men's energy Multivitamin every day.

You need to make sure that you are exercising (and eating right), which helps you to sleep better and be more energetic during the day. And actually you may be getting too much sleep which can make you tired too. Eight hours is just an average, but everyone is different. Try sleeping less, like 6 or 7 hours and see if that helps.

maybe ur too stressed or u dont eat enough

Curious Star
get some sunlight

have you considered obstructive sleep apnea, has anyone ever complained that you snore? Suggest you discuss a sleep study with your doctor.

Could be your Thyroid or depression

roman centurian
you don't have a comf y bed
may i suggest sleepnumber bed if not than put at least 3 foam pads on top of mattress i think it'll work

You need exercise, exercise, exercise..then avoid all caffiene drinks or alcohol. You need something that will put you into a good REM sleep....something like peace of mind. I have the same problem and what I do is play a trivia game in my mind...just anything to put me to sleep. But the best sleep is when you dream.

You might be anemic (have a lack of iron in your system)(i dont know if I spelled that right). I am.
To fix it you can eat dark green vegies (broccoli, Asparagus, green beans, brussel sprouts etc.), red meat (hamburgers, steaks, etc), and take Daily Vitamins with +iron.
That has helped me a lot. I would try to do those things for awhile and if it doesnt work in two or three weeks go to the doctor. There could be something wrong with your Thyroid.

Check your Vitamin D levels. This same thing happened to me, and my Vit. D levels were dangerously low. You need to have your blood drawn, but that might be a good idea anyway if you are tired. Vit. D is actually a hormone that builds up in your system. Its so important, and people just dont realize that they are deficient since its so hard to get into your diet. Good luck!

If u help me i'll help u!
Depending on how old you are that is completly normal, peopel always say teens sleep alot but docors say that it is good for a teen to eleven hours of sleep once in awhile. If you are older than it could be stress or you are not eating right

Heey I'm Lulu from Cologne /Germanyyy.
Now to your question: could be deprission. Go to oncle doc, he will help you!

Random Dood (:
if you have a sore throat and swollen glands its glandolour fever (i had that not very nice) see your doctor about this.

it could also be due to poor diet

or dehydration

i would advise not eating anything 3 hours before you go to sleep because your body needs to digest your food consuming energy.

also lack of excercise too much time on the comp are all things you might be doing.

Metabolism may be out of sync. Try eating smaller meals but more often. If you eat 3 times a day increase it to 5 but decrease the serving sizes. Take a Multivitamin. Centrum A to Z is pretty good. Do a total body stretch routine as soon as you wake up in the morning. A little exersize won't hurt either. All of these things will boost your energy. A couple of other suppliments that are awesome are the Omega3 fatty acids / fish oils along with Vitamin E.

Bethdawn S
Without certain specifics it is unreasonable to give a true and concise prognosis. Certainly you do not want to over load on vitamins, make drastic changes in your diet or exercise regime. I would begin by journaling my daily activities diets thoughts and a"rest" factor. It may be as simple as not enough REST when you are sleeping. Sometimes occures with added stress or poor diet. (also monitor your habits right before sleep) then and only then will you be better equipped to inform you physician -who may have just what the doctor ordered.

I would get a blood test, it could be a Thyroid problem.

Go to the doctor and ask him for a physical and blood work. You may have a number of things wrong, and most can be fixed pretty easily. Anemia, stress, Thyroid, depression, a lingering virus, etc.

Heather V
OK this may sound strange but during sleep we go through 4 cycles of sleep stage one is between being awake and being asleep. stage 2 is sleep the brain patterns have slowed down. stage 3 is nrem-non-rapid eye movement, at this stage it would be very hard to wake up the person and, finally stage 4 rem- rapid eye movement the dreaming stage now that you know the stages your body goes through. If your sleep gets disturbed during one of those cycles you wake up feeling drowsy. you may also feel drowsy because your being deprived of rem that means you cant be falling asleep in front of the TV or anything that may stimulate the brain. and study shows that adults need less sleep so getting more sleep than you need can leave you feeling DE-energized, lethargic and, mentally dull.

Dr. Metal PHD
8 hours could be too much for you, nobody's body chemistry is the same and 8 hours of sleep can be too much for me. I normally function well on 5 to 6 hours just fine.

you can be depressed without knowing it or it just sometimes happens and its something you shouldn't worry about as long as it doesn't last more than a month

I am, too. I suffer from depression and anxiety, so I think that's the reason for me.

Please go get a check up....it could be your thyroids or a number of things. Good luck in the future.

Stress, depression, poor health (not saying intentionally). You should see your physician for a check up just to make sure. Sometimes it ends up being nothing - but you can't be too sure!

☆Mrs. Rockstar☆
You are not getting enough vitamin B.

Scott M
Without knowing your current symptoms - there could be a whole host of reasons why you are fatigued even after getting what you may believe is 8 solid hours of sleep.

The most common reason people feel fatigued when the wake up is poor diet. An unbalanced diet can zap you of your energy and leave you feeling tired all the time.

Another reason is a side effect of being overweight called Sleep Apnea - this a condition where you stop breathing while you sleep causing your body to stop REM sleep. Many people who have this condition can stop breathing up to 300 times per night causing them to only achieve a light sleep - in turn you wake in the morning feeling tired and groggy.

The final most common reasons people feel fatigued all the time is due to diabetes. There are over 3 million Americans out there who have diabetes but do not know it. Symptoms of an undiagnosed person are: Fatigue after getting a full nights rest, extream thirst, excessive urinations and shakes when you skip meals.

If this has been going on for a while - you need to speak with your health care provider. He or She will sit down with you and ask you detailed questions. They will complete a battery of tests including blood work. They may ask you to submit to an overnight sleep study at a local clinic.

Once your healthcare provider compiles all the data they can work out a plan to help you get the sleep you need. Lack of sleep for prolonged periods of time is dangerous in many ways. This is something you need to have workedup as soon as you can.

I hope this helps you!

Mikey Staten

Lack of physical activity.

you might have an iron deficiency, try taking some iron supplements and see if that doesn't help the problem.

Jamal P
you probably have mono. or you are growing. or you aren't exercising enough.

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