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I'm 13 and want to be 215lbs (with 40'' waist), how can I do this quick?
I am 13, weigh 166lbs, 5'6'' tall and have a waist of 34''.
I want to be around 215lbs and have a waist of at least 40''.
In what way could I do this quickly?
NOTE: I want to gain fat-not muscle, and it is not for sport or any other thing, I just want to be fat!

Why would you wanna **** wit people who are here to help you little snot?


why do you want to be fat???

you should eat alot but be very active aswell

increase calorie intake.

Eat a lot and don't be active....obviously. I'm sure youve already done that and are just looking for some weird attention. You may "want" to be fat but you "need" to get mentally healthy if those are your wants at age 13. Yikes, all kinds of diva's out there, but this is a first.

Mcdonalds lots of it
ever seen supersize me?


i ♥ nick jonas :]
hahhaa shut up. trust me you do not want to be fat. but if you insist i suggest you: eat the whole world, dont do anything, only drink soda and just stop living your life

and 215 for a 13 year old is life threatening by the way!!

Sun x Kissed
Question: Why?!
Obesity is not the answer! Extreamly unhealthy for a 13 year old.

ummm your dumb and your an idiot why the hell would you want to be fat. just don't do ANYTHING and eat alot.

DirrTy DiANa
eat everything that tastes good. and dont MOVE!

Why the heck do you want to be fat? Not only does it make you unnattractive in EVERY way in the world, but it seriously damages your body. DO you know how much harm it can give to your heart?

People will make fun of you, by the way. Just so you know.

But if you want to do this to yourself:

-Eat everything and anything in sight.
-Don't excersise. move as little as possible.
-Sit your butt and stare at this computer all day.
-Eat all products by Tasty Kake on a daily basis.
-Eat more than your serving size.

And there you go. You'll be fat. AND in addition to that, you get more than 10 years of life cut form you! Omg, yey! And lets not forget, if you live in the USA, congrats because you just contributed to child obesity.

Yeah. Have Fun! Not....Seriously. You could get so hurt.

Roxxi World
well a lot of junk food be as lazy as can be and drink a lot of soda

Patrick W
I saw this question before, im guessing you really are fat and are just adding to your self misery?

Are you M or F......just eat and play video games like other kids.......

why the freak would u want to b fat???

Eat everything at mcdonalds, and drink lots of milk. I'm not even gunna ask why you want this though...

not to be rude......... but for what?


Sky Flying Gorgon Witch
Gaining muscle is much healthier,better, and more attractive than fat.

you already are fat!

this is a joke

why the hell do you wanna get fat?????

♥ Xite ♥
One word for you-
Oh, and a question................................... WHY WOULD YOU WANNA DO THAT?!

Ray of F*cking Sunshine
Umm... Why do you WANT to be FAT?

why???! you will regret it! :(

Kobe fan
Lmao Why would u want to be fat
well just eat alot and drinnk a lof of soday

You have problems

Uhh, why do you want to be fat? Are you aware that this could be a serious health risk? Eh, it's your choice. Skip breakfast, eat a huge lunch with tons of sugar and other bad stuff, and eat a huge dinner.

Sludge Factory™
Isn't it obvious?
If you want to get fat, eat LOTS...and I mean lots..
And drinking alcohol puts weight on you, but you must have tons and perhaps become an alcoholic..

Random question..

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