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I'm 12 and I'm 5'3and a bit". Am I gonna grow any more?

Additional Details
by the way i'm a girl.

Ayatollah of Rock n Rolla
Sure you will grow more. You have not reached your puberty level yet. When i was 12 I was 5'1 and now I am 14 with a height 5'7. And a person grows till the age of 25. Dont worry you will reach a height of more than 6''.


Peter A
Yep lets hope you turn into a great basket ball player!!

Most likely.

yes u probably will, usually boys grow slowly and have a major growth spurt once in MS, once in HS, and once @ the beginning college. girls grow until about the end of 8th or 9th grade and slow down (but still gain a few more inches) after getiing thier period

I'm assuming your a lad so you unfortunately cant wear heels but

I'm the same height and I'm 16

my parents are quiet small so I'm catching up on them

i think i might stay this height

you may or may not depending on your parents height..your diet..if your smoke??

but your 13 the chance that you have reached your full height is slim to none..lads usually have a mad growth spurt around your age give it a couple of years

i know when your 13 its hard to imagine everything a few years on
believe me i am that kind of kid

i cant imagine ever 2 years down the road

but its early days yet don't worry

take care:]

Are you male or female?

Boys tend to grow after puberty and girls grow up to puberty,

In one word


If you are a female, you will probably stop growing around age 18, although you will be almost at your full height at age 16. Males stop growing around the age of 20.

Boys take longer to start growing, but can continue growing into their late teens and early twenties.
Look at your family. I'm 5'11 and have outgrown my father and mother...Check out you grandparents heights for more possible clues.

You can elongate muscles by doing yoga and other exercises and workouts like that.

did you kno that if ur under 5 feet, then legally ur a midget

i,m here if you need to talk.
stay a way from caffeine like pop or coffee and you can still grown tall you have like 5 more years to grow tall.

keep eating carrots and staff like that and drinck more fresh vegy jusess.

lol yes mate when i entered high school i was 6 ft!
Now I'm 6ft6" and I'm 21 so you will slow up a bit but still keep growing!

yes hun ur still 12
girls stop growing at 25 or 26

The 5
yess my sister is going through the same exact thing

elaine d
Certainly you are!

I'm 53, and 5 foot nothing, so I think my growing days are over but you probably have 6 or 7 more years of growing to do.

Maybe, I'm supposed to stop growing I think in 8th grade or 7th grade. I am 5,4 and 12 years old.


Of course you'll grow until you're 18.

Your bones don't actually harden up to their full strength until you're at least 14 though, and then they keep growing from there on in.


lynda k
I was your height at your age and only grew to 5ft 4. I am much older then you but being a shorty has its benefits as all good things come in little packages,I found I could always get to the front of any show or such like as people felt sorry for me so please don't worry all will be well,good luck .

Susan Yarrawonga
Quite likely.

Perhaps you might be interested in a Yahoo search for "growth hormones".

Mr Abba
Women usualy stop growing when they are 18 yrs old. So you may grow more but you wont reach the sky.

definately yes you dont stop growing till your 21

Most likely. Most girls don't stop growing until age 14 or 15...some as late as 16 or 17. Very few quit growing as young as you are. I quit growing at 13 but I was 5'8" at that point. So who wants to keep growing when you're already taller than anyone in your class including half your teachers. Hang in there. I was a rarity. Besides, those of us who are tall, were always jealous of the girls who were shorter than us.

Two Lips
I'm 34 and 5'3 and stopped growing at 11.

My mom also stopped growing at 11.

How tall is your mom? When did she stop growing?

You will likely be slightly taller than your mom and stop growing at around the same time she did.

As a 5'3 woman, it's no biggie. You can wear heels and not be taller than your boyfriend/husband. Most petite clothing will fit. The main problem is reaching high shelves, but that's always a good excuse for getting out of putting things away.

5'3 is brilliant for the age of 12 you dont usally stop growing until your 21 for males and femals i have just turned 21 and i am 5'10 and a bit i dont think i was much taller than you when i was 12 so you have a good while ahead of you yet so dont worry and you will know when you are 21 hope this helps you

You don't ,in theory, stop growing until you are 21- so you may grow more and you may not- you will have to wait and see pet.

Almost certainly

There is a possibility that you may not though, bear that in mind.

girls grow, or can grow, till the age of 18, boys till 21.
so you still got plenty time.....

☆ Heavenly ☆
Yes you mostly likely will grow more. You are still young and your bones are not yet fully developed.

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