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Casey f
How would you ask your dad to stop smoking?

Dad, you're gunna kill yourself soon. Will you please stop?

Joe the hilarious Toronto Raver!
next time he lights up, pull it out and jam it in his eye. say [email protected]^@%^#*%^!

people tend to smoke when there bored or have nothing to do give him hobbies so he can be distracted also there Ginseng cigarettes which have low Nicotine in them maybe he can ween himself off..........Or think positively.

first ask why and then lean into it telling him how is not going to live long enough to see his grandchildren, and then tell him to stop.

Make funeral arrangements for him...or at least set up an appointment.

videogame wizz
DADDY ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,STOP SMOKIN NOW PPLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

tell him that you have alergy and you yourself allot the number of cigers per day..slowly stops it

You tell him seriously that it worries you and bothers you and you only want the best for him. Also try and reason with him. "What would you think if I was smoking?". Also try asking him to cut back. But it is his decision. Good luck!

i would just start talking to him comfortably and then be like, "dad i love you so much and i want you to stay on earth as long as u can. in school today wwe were talking about what kills and smoking was one of them and i want you to quit so we can live together for a while" hope it helps

NikkiLove Is FIYA :o)
"Daddy I love you and I care about you. I want you live for a long, long time so we can have lots of fun together. We can play a lot of games, but smoking can slow your game. Your not just hurting yourself, but you're hurting me. (start forming tears) I want you to be there for me, so can you please stop smoking? For me? (cry)

Tickle me emo
As long as you keep smoking, I'm not moving out!

Vanessa :)
Find someone you know who quit, and get them to convince him.

First set aside enough time to sit down with him and have a serious talk. Explain how you're worried about this health, how it concerns you and other family members(if that's the case). Mention the health risks to not only himself but to others in the house.

There are lots of ways you can ask but in the end it will be his choice whether or not he will.

Dad, you hurting me from second hand smoke please get help for it!!! its not good

tell him how you feel and how you can't watch him ruin his lungs. you could also print out all the bad things about smoking and what health problems they lead to and tape them places you know he'll see them.

have a heart to heart conversation with him.
tell him how you don't like watching him hurt himself.
tell him that you want him to live to see his grandkids, unless if you already have children.
just share what you feel.
i've been in that situation with both of my parents about 5 years ago.
i am happy to say that they have been smoke free for the past 5 years!!!
good luck and god bless.
you are in my prayers.

Tell him that you really care about him and want to keep him around for a long time so will you please stop smoking... I love you dad and I do't want to see you go, please stop smoking for me... Best of luck and have a wonderful new year.

edwardzs lover! ³¹°
tell him to do ti for u .. hes gona have lung problems or w/e .. look up diseases that come up wit smokin ..

the old dog
Have you got what it takes to quit the addiction Dad? And if so can you show me how it's done?
If that offends him let him know you want to be able to say " I love you" in another thirty years but you'd hate like hell to have to say good-bye before that.

Sit down and let him know how much it bothers you. Tell him that you are concerned for his health. In the end, he has to make a decision. Trust me, I have been smoke-free for a year and I had to decide the right time. Good luck.

Sox=2005 champs Cubs=hmm when?
i wouldn't ask. I'd steal his cigarettes and take his money away so he couldn't buy more.

he might get mad.

wtf! is going on with u ! ur gonna kill your self

I would say "Dad, I don't want you to die before your time, due to lung cancer".

Talk to him nicely. If it fails, perhaps you should be more strict.
Why are you spending money to kill yourself? Smokers are stupid. They burn money to kill themselves slowly and suffer afterwards. Find some pictures on the net that shows the horrible effects of smoking. The lungs burnt/melting etc. You want to die horribly or rest in peace? Dying with cancer is not a good idea. There are thousands, probably millions of sickness associated with smoking. You're not only killing yourself. Research shows that second hand smokes are more deadly than first hand smokes. You are also causing global warming and air pollution. Imagine the money you can save by not smoking.

take all of the cartons he buys and put pictures of things that could happen if he doesnt stop (ever see those commercials on tv where they show the people really sick and stuff?) like those pictures!

I would say" Dad, I love you so much, please don't go there."

When I was like 3 or 4 my dad smoked and I always told on him when he did and I quess he just stopped for the benefit of my health. But at a special occasion like birthday or holiday just say the only thing you want is for him to stop smoking. Don't try to give facts, say something that would really touch him.

i've tried to get my dad to stop smoking, but it only worked for a week before he went back to smoking. he's been smoking since he was 10 yrs old and he's very much addicted to it. unless he gets some professional help, or comes to some kind of compromise with my mum (she's an alcoholic), there's no way i'd be able to stop him from smoking

Bob H
Just tell him if he stops smoking you'll take him to the doctor and get him a bunch of pills to stay stoned on, like everybody else.

You can probably ask all you want, but the fact of the matter is he will not quit smoking until he is ready. It will not help any to beg or ask, in fact it may just make him want to smoke all the more. I know that when I smoked my kids asked me and I did quit. I wish now I would have but I did not at that time. I finally did quit smoking about 10 years ago and I am glad I did. But it had to be on my own terms, because I was finally ready to quit.

tell him second hand smoke is more dangerous (because it is!) and you are concerned about your health and his.

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