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How to cure body odor?
what are the effective ways to control and rid off body odor?

try a deodorant like Mitchum.. it works so well your armpits almost dont get wet in a swimming pool! lol

use tawas, always take a bath, avoid spicy foods or meats...

(= Krackerz =)
take a shower and use axe



Uncle Heinrich the Great
Practice personal hygiene. Shower with a deodorant soap to start with. And wear an antiperspirant, not just an underarm deodorant. They are not the same. If that doesn't work, see a doctor. Some people just have an odor.

Well, soap and deodorant are the obvious. If it still persists, the next thing to look at is the diet. A high starch, high alcohol diet can cause a bad body chemistry. If it goes beyond that, then its time to see the doctor.

I wont be rude like everyone else but obviously bathing and deodorant are the top choices, if this is not working then you should see a doctor, something serious could be going on.

Change your diet, as well as the other answers here. May try a little sweat exercize, too.

also stay away from Garlic - if you consume too much it comes out of your pores

take a nice shower and use some deodarant and perfume

Look if soap,water and deoderant are not working to control the odor, you should consult a doctor on the problem.
For the mean time just take frequent baths/showers and use soap and antipersperant.

shower and body spray. and dont use the cheap soap

Use a good deodorant soap like Zest or Dial and use a strong underarm deodorant like Ban or Certain Dri. Shower every single day in the morning and then at night if you have to. Some people perspire more than others. Wear some body spray with citrus in it. Coconut lime is a good neutral one.

Test some products that may get rid of body odor..Using Anti-bacterial soap may help, because body odor comes from bacteria on the skin..Also scrub yourself instead of wiping when you take a shower scrub vigorously and it may just do the trick. If that doesn't help, go see a physician.

A daily bath, shower is even better (always a change of fresh water), underarm deodorant, (antiperspirant is even better). Clean underware daily, clean clothing, etc. Of course if you are eating a Clove of Garlic, maybe some onions, booze, whatever, you may have a problem with body odor anyway. Oh well.

Washing is the obvious answer, but not a helpful one.

You should look at the clothes you're wearing. Polyester is a synthetic fabric and doesn't breathe. You should select fabrics that are a cotton blend and that will allow some breathability for air to get to your skin. If your skin can't 'breathe,' it sweats and that's when the funk starts coming.

A good deodrant is CertainDri. You can read reviews about it on drugstore.com. Another good one is Mitchum.

Good luck :-)

Shower daily, use deoderant and apply it as needed, also you baby powder on your back and chest area. Perfumes, lotions..many things can make you smell good :)

a shower and some super strength deoderant.

shower in the morning not the night cause chances are you will sweat a lil in the night so wake up early and use quality deoderant and body wash and maybe buy some vagisil


You've got some good answers here! Try them all. One more would be to invest in some new clothing, because clothes can hold odor even after they are washed, and when you get sweaty again, it can make the imbedded smell come back. Or use Febreze detergent and spray. Spray your items that you can't wash, or don't wash often, like shoes and coats. It worked very well on my son's sneakers and my daughter's band shoes. Oh, and Shower to Shower body powder.

Daniel H
Bath or shower,deodorants and sometimes a change in diet.
Can be caused by some disorders, if after using the above regularly there still is a problem see your doctor.

Crystal Rock Deodorant is a natural mineral that you can use to neutralize body odor.
Washing goes a long way, but if you don't use deodorant daily you will stink.

Take a shower twice a day. Take a bath every Friday. Drink water and eat right to cause certain kinds of food like tuna or sushi can give you a bad odor. Use Secret deodorant cause that's best for women.


Take a shower as much as possible and use Antibacterial soap on all parts of your body and then use anti-persperant deodorant. The odor comes from bacteria that builds up and then mixes with the sweat.

Try taking Chlorophyll tablets. They;'re little green tablets you can get at any health food or vitamin store. They help with a number of order issues, from general BO to bad breath.

shower w/ soap and water, shampoo your hair, wash behind your ears and everywhere, use deodorant

Ok, assuming you are serious and know about deoderant and bathing then try talking to a doctor about perscription deoderant. There is such a thing. It is very strong and worked well for a friend of mine, it also controlled his sweating problem. You could add baby powder to your underarms after deoderant too. Good luck.

Most body odor's are caused by bacteria and they die and decay, causing body odor. soap and water will eliminate this, in most case, if you bath regularly. Some people do not use a washcloth, which helps remove dead bacteria and skin, or are into taking speed baths. If you are one of these people, you will still have a bad odor. Body chemistry differs from one person to the next, but a good scrubbing with a washcloth, daily, and clean clothes everyday + deodorant may cure your problem. If this doesn't work, then you could have a medical problem. Go to your doctor or a dermatologist and get a professional Diagnoses from them.

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