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 Females only, when i got to the toilet i have bright red blood on the toilet paper!!!!?
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im too embarressed to go to the doctor !!!!

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How to convince mother to let me stay home from school tomorrow?
I used to have this stomch problem, so i wanted to stay home every day. i am better now, and no longer am like that. I havent wanted to come home from/not gone to school one time this year. my stomach hurts, and im kinda nauseous, yesterday i woke up at 2 am nauseous, and coulsnt go back until 3. i went to school today, didnt come home. i rweally need a day of rest. i need to stay home tomorrow. my mom is one of those, you go to school NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!!!!! kind of people. help!!!!! I DON'T WANT TO PUKE.
Additional Details

tell her that you really dont feel good and that you've been waking up in the middle of the night and you really need a good rest so you can be refreshed for school the following week.

you dont have to puke when your mom is not looking get salsa and conquaso cheese and somehing like a mushy green color then pour it into the toliet then put the stuff back spray the toliet with a big amount of febrez or what ev and tell ur mom u tried to get rid of the smell with the febrez

Say you think you have eye gonorrhea

watch Ferris Buhlers day off. He will tell you

☼♫♥Hali L loves unicorns♥♫☼
uh gross. tell your mother that your sick and need to stay home. Simple as that. Tell her your butt hole hurts, lol. Tell her you have a stomach ache and cant go to school and you'll probably be in the bathroom all day. works every time.

tell her you have diarrhea. that should get you to stay home.

FoxTrot 5000
tell your mom you need to go to the doctors. and if you don't need to go to the doctors, you don't need to stay home.

love, love, love
try to go to school and actually pay attention and have fun it might take your mind off of it.... if not throw up on your mom before you leave lol

I would say, if your mom is that tough, to go to school nurse and tell her you feel like you are going to throw up and have been sick for a while. She should understand. When the nurse calls your mom, she may be less tough.

just tell her if you get up then you will puke... and stay in bed all night tonight and act not like your self . she will see you are sick

The fact that are having 3 bowel movements is not out of the ordinary. There are people that have them 3 times a day to 3 times a week. However, if you feel that you MUST stay home from school, explain it to your mother. If she says you go, just go.

emily,same person as emandminnie
go to school once you get there you will forget about everything!

Just tell your mom.Hopefully she'll understand your pain!

didn't you ask this question a couple of weeks ago?

Beware of bad habits. Your mother is trying to instill a good work ethic in you. You will benefit from it. Go to school.

be honest with her, maybe you can talk to her about being home schooled if you don't like school. By all means, don't just stay home because you don't like school. You want to finish school right unless you will forever be filthy rich. =) good luck

watch Ferris Buhlers day off. He will tell you..

You really need to see a doctor, see if you can see the doctor tomorrow, this way you could skip school also. Seriously, you really need to see a doctor, you could have a terrible virus or something. I hope you feel better soon.

bobby buchsey
First you mope around the house until she asks whats wrong. Tell her nothing and walk away with the same look and go lay down. When she comes back to talk to you just say your stomach hurts, but you need to go to school tomorrow because you have a test. She will tell you to just rest and in the mornin she will check on you. Since you really do feel bad it will be easy to just lay there and moan and say you still feel horrible. She will feel bad and let you lay down. =D it works for me

stick yo finger down yo throat she'l believe you

tell ur mother feel like ur gonna puke, and that u dont wanna embarrass urself at school. if ur mom is easy to get off then this should be a piece of cake, if not, then use some backsups like telling her that you actually wake up from being so sick at 4 in the morning, then feel terrible when you get up from school from the lack of sleep. hope i helped

dicarlos m
tell her u have a crush on one of ur teachers and that teacher has a crush on you to! omg, u wont ever have to go!lol

explain to her that your sick......and your afraid you will puke but whats that have to do with skipping school?

I am sorry, seems that your mother's 6th sense works better than you tantrums. Good luck in the school tomorrow!

Hang out in the bathroom the entire evening making gagging noises, don't come out for dinner, tell your mom you feel too sick to move. Ask her for a glass of warm water or flat Coke. Fall asleep on the bathroom floor. If that's not enough to convince your mom to let you stay home tomorrow, she's pretty much a Nazi.

go to school...you will be busy and wont dwell on these relatively minor problems.

Tell her that you'll stay in BED all day long. Then, commit to doing it. It proves that you're not taking the day off to have fun. Your body will thank you for the day off, too.

Stay on the toilet in the morning! Never get up

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