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How to avoid a hangover?
its my birthday and I plan to head to the pub soon, the problem is after every birthday I end up with a hangover, people always buy me drinks to celebrate this occasion?? what is the best way to avoid my hangover apart from not drinking,, i need help :)

Beautiful -
Drink slowly allow the drink stretch you for a looong time
and also limit the amount that you do drink.
You can get tipsy coz this shouldn't give you a hang over and
no your limits don't drink until you don't no who you are otherwise you are asking for a hang over.

Oh and
.............HAPPY BIRTHDAY.x

Drink lots of water

Yorkshire Pudding
Try to drink a couple of pints of water and some fresh orange juice before you go out. Drink more water before you go to bed.

Stay Drunk !!!

the best way is to have loads of water before u go to sleep, u wont feel anythin the next morning.

drink as much water as you do alcohol...while you are drinking. It won't work if you wait until the morning.

wish I were
Drink lots and lots of water after you get home!

before you start drinking,make sure you have drunk a few glasses of fresh milk.this will absorb the alcohol it really works.happy birthday

drink a glass of water between each drink and a pint of water and two asprin before you go to bed. It's hard to remember to do it after a few but a swear you'll feel as fresh as a daisy in the morning

Keep drinking and stay drunk.

james w
drink Milk

At the end of the night b/f I go to bed, I make sure and eat something, drink a glass of water, and pop some Tylenol. Always works for me! Oh and have a great B-day!!

apart from not drinking, have a pink of milk before you go to the pub, and drink lots and lots of water before you go to bed.

If you can drink plenty of water before going to sleep, an eat bananas the next day they contain Potassium which help with a hangover.

Drink your booze with Gatorade.

Boring Old Fart
Drink copious quantities of water. Alcohol dehydrates you, so water helps... and you spend lots of time in the loo pe*ing so you can miss the occasional drink :)

Avoid Hangovers, Stay drunk!
I'm tea-total, so when I get up, I know that's going to be the best I'm going to feel all day

well don,t drink

REGISTERED NURSE: Hangovers are caused by the dehydration effect on the brain and also by electrolyte imbalance. The best solution is to drink water before and after - and to mix up some Dioralyte (£3.49 in most chemists) - which restores the imbalance in your system.

Eat a good meal before you go so it absorbs the alcahol and drink a large glass of water when you get in

If possible have a meal before heading to the pub and eat heartily too. If there is meat in the meal, have that first.
Next before having your first drink...have a tall glass of water, have at least a half glass of water between drinks and (try your best to) have another before you go to bed after the party. Also, DON'T MIX YOUR Alcoholic drinks....if ur having whiskey, have whiskey. If you're having Vodka, have vodka, same with beers etc...but don't have more than one type...Not only is it dangerous but you'd also wake up with the worst headache you can imagine.
In the event that you still do awaken with a hangover have a glass of tomato juice nearby and two painkillers if necessary. Also, a bottle or two of water to keep you hydrated.
Hope this helps
Happy Birthday and have fun!!!

eat something before you go out, and drink loads of water when you get home

drink 2 pints of water at the beggining of the night and 2 more at the end and eat something heavy to absorbe the alcohol midway. the water re-hydrates your body. alcohol dehydrates which causes the problems. also to treat a hang over, a chemist told me to drink as much coka cola as possible but make it go flat by stirring it first. it works in about an hour.

Eat before you go out. Lots of mashed potato if you can. This will line your stomach so there is less potential for a hangover. Stick to the same sort of drink - don't mix them. You are getting old enough to have the sense to stay sober. I hope you have a lovely Birthday.

Mrs. T
Drink plenty of water before you go to bed. Take asprin with the water. Stick with one kind of drink. Always eat a good meal before you go out drinking.

No Name
Don't drink

Greg B
First of all, Happy Birthday. I hope you have some fun tonight.. if you're planning on going all out theres a few preventetive measures you can take to minimize your hangover...before you go to the pub have a big meal with lots of starch and carbs...getting drunk on an empty stomach can really enhance the pain of a hangover...drink one glass of water for every alchoholic beverage you consume tonight this will help keep you hydrated (it will also keep you going to the bathroom through out the night but getting up and walking a few steps, even if its just to go pee is good for you, and will help you drink less)...if you are the type to stay out till you close the bar, go have another meal afterward, before you go home and go to bed, breakfast foods are good to help sponge away some of the toxins you've consumed...make sure when you finally go to bed that you have a glass of water on your nightstand..nothing worse than waking up with the nasty dragon mouth you get the morning after a heavy drinking binge...the next day try and keep food and fluids coming in on a regular basis...you may gain a few pounds using my technique, but thats the price you pay.
Have fun and don't be afraid to go nuts...you only get one birthday per year.

Take some Vitamin b-Complex before, drink lots of water after. Also, I know its crazy, but that orange Hi-C you can get at BK or McDonalds can work wonders

Don't mix your drinks and drink 2 litres of water before you pass out

Take a Paracetamol and a vitamin C washed down with a pint or 2 of water before you go to bed..works a treat

drink a glass of water for every drink you have before you go to sleep that night (or morning, depending on how long you party)

a hangover is just dehydration...drink enough water so that you feel like you're going to explode, that should do the trick.

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