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 Do you use public Bathrooms?
I hate going to a public bathroom and only them at home unless I really have to go....

 How do i make myself sick ??
iv tried fingers down throat but it didnt work and it made my throat hurt , iv tried salt and water and it didnt work and it tasted awful and made m stomach hurt so does anyone have any ideas ??

 Flat chested...?
okay, i kinda have a crush on this bod ,ted, not much but kinda, and he and a bunch of his friends were talking really bad about me, like.....being flat. Now im like really offended and i was ...

 Why do celebrities seem to have perfect skin, perfect body, and perfect teeth?

 Can you have 2 or 3 differnt colours in eyes or not?
people say i have pretty eyes and say that they are unusual and rear i. in the middle they are dark blue and turn a bit puple in the middle and grey on the outside is that rear mum says ...

 HELP! My baby has just swallowed furniture polish! What do I do?
Okay. Not really, but i have an egg baby (its for a project). I have to find out what the steps are to help fix and prevent the problem? What do I do if my baby swallows furniture polish?!...

 Should smoking be banned completly?
since, it is now generally excepted as a bloody stupid thing to do? why do people continue to smoke? are they ignorant or just plain stupid? so its tough to give up but many haver done it. there'...

 Butt stuck to tolit seat?
okay so i took my laptop to the bathroom. and my little brother but superglue on the seat. and i cant stand up. what should i do?...

 Is it bad that my hands are cold all the time?
like i would have enough clothes to keep my body warm, but even in the house im warm but my hands and usually my feet (with socks on) are always cold. am i lacking in iron or something? im a skinny ...

 I'm 13, and i cant take naps. Even if I try really hard. I just can't take naps. WHY? is this normal?
Why can't I take naps?...

 I get really sick when i smoke. please explain why?
i recently started smoking and only smoke just one or two in a week. but everytime i do it, i get really really sick. I immediately feel dizzy and feel like i am going to faint. sometimes i get ...

 If you wear glasses, do your eyes deteriorate?
When you start wearing glasses to correct short sightedness, is it true that your eyes progressively get worse and you need stronger and stronger prescriptions?

I found out today that I ...

 Do you consider yourself someone who takes caffeine daily?
Yes or noooo?...

 Which is better ?
i have chronic muscle spasm in my back and need a fluffy bed .which is better....memory foam, pillow top, euro top or one of the combo bed with 2 of these (like a memory foam with pillow top)

 What is a good way to release stress?

 I cant sleep at night please help me?
please help me it takes me like 3hours to fall asleep at night what can help me fall asleep faster besides pills?
Additional Details
i ...

 Does anyone have cures for insomnia?

 Are you happy it's Friday!?

 How do i get my gf to stay awake?
Shes sick but i want her to watch a movie with me but everytime i wake her up she falls asleep ...

 Is it weird to like the smell of sweat?
i dont know its weird but i kind of like the smell of sweat. its gross i know. is that a weird problem or something with my smelling senses or something?...

How many pillows do you have on your bed? How often do you change your sheets!? What size bed do ya have?

Additional Details
We have 10 pillows on a full size bed! I change the sheets about once a week!

3, once a week, full size

Hardly Blonde ♥
We keep atleast 6 pillows on a queen size bed. As for the sheets, once a week and if something gets spilled before that week is up, they get washed. The floors get washed at the same time as the bedding too...why track dirty feet into a clean bed?

6 to sleep with plus 5 others for show.
once every 2 weeks i guess.

2 pillows. queen. once a week.

2 pillows on the bed. i change the sheets once a week, and a king sized bed.

justme ­
4 big size pillows
once a week
queen size waterbed

2 for sleeping
1 decorative and one for lounging
Once a week and Full(though this QUEEN needs a queen sized bed

I have 4 queen pillows and 1 body pillow. I change the sheets every Sunday. I have a queen size bed.

Why do you want to come and live with me and sleep in the same bed as I do. Come on.

I have 4 pillows on my full size bed. There are 3 pillows on the queen size bed. I change sheets every Saturday unless something get spilled on them.

you was in my bed last night and dont remember that i have a king bed with 6 pillows and wel, we had to change the sheets!!! lol

Once a week, unless they get "dirty"

pillows six, fullsize bed, change sheets once a weekunless they get dirty.

I have three pillows on a Queen size bed one is for under my bad knee. We change the sheets once a week, more often if there is need (If the cat got sick on the bed for example).

6 pillows once a week, king size....4 people sleep, Wife and I start, end up with a Noah and a Gracie as well.

I have a Queen size bed and have 4 regular size pillows and a full-body length pillow. I change my sheets every week. I flip and rotate the mattress every month. I make my bed every morning. Anything else?

6 pillows, wash once a week unless they get "dirty", .
cal king size bed.

4 pilows.once in a month.its king size.

Mr. Knowledgeable VI
I have two pillows on my bed, I change my bed sheets about twice a week and I believe I have a King Size Bed.

I have 3 pillows on my bed, Dont change my sheets often ( i no I should, I usually just dont remember to) And I have a beautiful queen size bed.

Four pillows for sleeping
Three pillows for "looks"
King sized Select Comfort Bed (it's wonderful)
Change Sheets once a week or more often if needed.

I have a queen size bed with 5 pillows on it and change my sheets every Saturday morning.......just like we did growing up.

♥ ☆ StarLiteGrl~98☼1 ☆ ♥
6 pillows
Once a week--on the weekends.
Queen size.

5 pillows, I change them every three days, queen size

six pillows on a queen size bed and change sheets once a week.

I have two pillows.
I hot water wash and bleach all sheets, matress pad, pillow liner, blankets and quilt weekly. I wash and bleach pillows monthly. I change pillowcases daily.
I have a king sized waterbed.
I am allergic to dust mites.

3 pillows, every other week unless they need to be changed sooner, double bed

We have 9 pillows on our bed (none of them decorative)

Change the sheets when they need it

Have a Full size bed

Four pillows of different kinds, I change sheets at the least once a week and it is a full size mattress at this time with a three inch memory foam topper.

Nita and Michael
I have four pillows on my bed and a long body pillow...I change the sheets about every two or three days and I have a King size bed...I need a new mattress though, this one's getting lumpy...bye...you have me in the habit of saying bye now..lol..hope you don't mind...

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