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How long do u have to directly stay in the sun to get sunburned without sunscreen?

Additional Details
i am of full korean heritage, live in southern california, and i very rarely peel from sunburns.

But why is the rum always gone?
Even indirect sinlight can cause this and it depends upon many factors. Each person is an individual and each area on Earth receives differing concentrations of UV light. A fair skiined person in Australia could burn in less than 5 minutes due to the direct sunlight, the ozone depletion there, and their genetic make up. A dark skinned person in Iceland may never burn!

fairly smart
It depends on your skin type, where you are on the earth, & weather conditions. No one can actually tell you how long, if they don't know that!!

depends on your skin tone....staying in the sun with no suncreen is dangerous...you can still get skin cancer

It depends on who you are and where you are. Some people don't burn and some do in 5 min. If your skin is natrually light, then you will burn quick. If you are darker skined, then it will take longer.

depends onthe person
i usually stay in the pool where the sun hits it and i usually get a real good tan

Usually about 15-30 minutes, depending on what time of day it is.

Tequila Gypsy
depends on your skin type..

kiki g
It depends on skin-tone, sun-intensity and even medications; however, indirect sunlight can cause burning just as easily. It's best to just not risk it and always wear Sunscreen on areas of the body (i.e. face) that burn the easiest. Ultimately, you know your body best...

3min 18 seconds in 101 temp

who knows?
depends on how strong the uv are if the uV are 10+ staying for 45 min is enough ( if you are white, and have fair skin)

it really depends on your skin and how strong the sun is where you are

Depends on how sensitive your skin is to the sun, and the sun doesn't nesessarily need to be out for you to get sunburnt either. There are days when the sun is hardly out and it's windy, thats usually when I get sunburnt the most. Weird.

Ken S
if your in the hottest part of the day it won't take very long at all

Sue Chef
Depends on the person and the sun. If you are pale, it won't take long. I live in the mountains and on a clear day, I sunburn fast. About thirty minutes produces peeling.

It can take a few minutes. It all depends on your skin color and how well you fair in the sun.

bender the offender
it all depends on your skin type, if your a red head you'll toast in like 15 minuets, if your dark skinned then it'll take longer or you might not even burn

depends where u are. u go to the caribean and u could get it in 20 min

it depends on the person. some burn more easily than others.

It depends on how strong the sun is that day. On sunny days 30 min. to an hour. Maybe. (?)

depends on your skin tone

Not very long if you are standing in direct sunlight.

Nobody Important
That depends on how pale you are. I get a sunburn in about an hour and a half with sun screen, in direct sunlight, but I am also really pale.

Kevin L
The answer to that varies - what is the temperature that day, is there any cloud cover, what is your skin type... etc... you'll need way more details to get the answer you are looking for.

sharon l
If you start young and love the sun as my husband did, you will end up having to go to the doctor to have cancer spots on shoulders, face, arms legs wherever cut out. Follow the other suggestions and be careful. Sharon

from what I remember the norm is 15 min. but it depends on your skin tone.

well that depends on how hot it is outside, how high the humidity is outside, how high is the uv factor for the day..... look don;t be stupid, if your going to be outside put on Sunscreen, it just not worth the risk not to use it.

Lesson Learned
Me personally?
About 4 hours.

Generally, it depends on how white you are.

don't know... why do people like to get sunburns!!!!!

I can last about 30 minutes.

depends on your skin type, but what I'd worry about is the UV rays and skin cancer

The sun's rays are strongest from 10am - 2pm. That's when you are most likely to burn, and it will be quicker than other times of the day. If you have fair skin, it could be as little as 15 min. or as long as 1hr. The darker your skin, the longer it usually takes. If you are on or in the water, burning is also quicker. There are many variables. Hope this helps. OH and by the way...on cloudy days (if they're not real thick) the chances of burning also increase.

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