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80s lady
How do you relieve a sunburn ?

Aloe Vera, special lotion for after sunburn or... yogurt. Seriously, it helps. Plain yogurt.


aloe only relieves it temporarily, but if you really have burns, like i do right now actually, go to the doctor. they said i have 2nd degree burns on my shoulders and top of my feet. they also gave me some pills to get the redness out quicker.

Take an "as cold as you can stand it shower" for about 10 minutes. This will draw the heat from the skin. Then you can use aloe on it. We live in Florida and frequently have our "oh no....I don't need Sunscreen guest" do it after a day on the boat or at the beach.

Aloe vera juice. There are sunburn lotions with Xylocaine.

abbsorbean Jr. if the blisters are not busted this is what i found to work the best

Aloe. Keep your skin moisturized.

kailey s
aloe vera

Aloe vera. Also vinegar. (It will smell but it takes away the sting. TRUST ME. I'm 1/2 Irish and very fair. If I don't burn, I haven't been out on the sun.)

caramel lotion would work nicely on sunburn skin.
it offers relieve to the burning sensation.

can be purchased in most pharmacy without prescription

Scratch the piss out of it

I see you
There's a spray you might remember seeing called Solarcaine, I think it's in a white can with a red cross. It's good for other things too, like bee stings, scrapes..........

lots of aloe vera b/c it relieves it. it goes away over time. wear tank tops as well b/c it doesnt hurt as bad as t-shirts

wow you have received many responses. I have been sun burnt and blistered so bad. I have had to go to the Dr. I was told not to use anything medicated. I was told for a sunburn, put plain cool yogurt on your sun burn. There is something in the the yogurt that easier the sun burn and makes it heal faster. It is all natural. I use to use Noxzema all the time, and was told no it may feel good at the moment, but it will slow down the healing process. I was also told to stop using vinegar, because that stings. The yogurt is nice and cool and speeds UP the healing process.

noxema medicated skin cream

take some Tylenol to relieve the inflmation and use aloe to help with the burn.the Tylenol helps alot!!!or any other pain Reliever or fever reducer.

GoldBug is right. I have worked outside most of my life and vinegar works very well if applied soon after being burnt.

Roberts Baby
aloe vera will help out the pain alot. i have real bad sunburn on top of real bad sunburn i really shouldnt have been in the sun so long after i was already terribly sunburnt. another lesson learnt. ALoe Vera will help, it help me it is feeling alot better now. lotion keeps in the heat though

i got this stuff from banana boat, it relieves sunburn. its called" soath-a-cane" its this blue gell like stuff. it works. REALLLY WORKS

Bactine spray

hot shower as hot as you can stand it, hurts for a few, but makes the burn go away

Go back in time and then stay out of the sun but try not to go anywhere you will see yourself and cause a paradox that destroys the universe

try rubbing it with razor blades then pouring lemon juice and salt on it

Pam K
Mix equal amounts of aloe vera gel and lotion. It helps with the burn, and helps with not peeling as badly.

Aloe vera gell, the green stuff, is really, really good. It cools it, moistens it, and keeps it from burning, itching, and peeling.

Vinegar is known to be the best for this kind trauma to your skin, then again is an old remedy that comes from grandma's believe.
There is an array of products that contain Lidocaine( a kind of anesthetic) that would relieve the pain, but it is not a curing agent.
Otherwise, try the best that Cleopatra used to use: a milk bath, and finally, straight vitamin C in liquid form, my wife's dermabrasionist swears by it.
Good luck

a cool shower

First, try an Aspirin for the pain, or other pain killed, and get a cooling gel with Aloe Vera in it. Or, the oldest remedy is Noxema to cool it off.

Good luck!


Jim K
Tea bags.

aloe vera works a treat. i alwys run under warm water to , it hurts but it takes the sting out

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