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filmo directii
How do you get taller?

Anna Nichole Smith
the doctors dotn want you to kow this but smoke crack

It's known that if u go to sleep early like at about 8:00-8:30 then u grow beacuse ur body strecthes

William G
"With concentration, my size increased, and now I'm fourteen stories high, at least"

by intention and otherwise with shoes
and growth hormones if you are under 18
good luck

go to your nearest garden centre buy a grow bag
cut 2 holes the size of your feet
stand in holes and water twice a day should do it .
remember it wont happen over night may take some time.

GROW !!!

Depends on the age.
JUMP, JUMP, JUMP-- it stimulates the growth plates in the knees. Play b-ball, jog.
Eat veggies, dairy, milk.
(Are your genes good? PArents tall?

GOod luck!

Calcium and stretching?

by growing naturally or if that doesn't work go to london tower and stretch yourself

The rack

Just don't get fat. men like a short girl but not a short fat girl. maybe if you don't get taller you could get bigger ti ts!!

Ashley P
That's the question I have been asking for years!! When you get the answer can you let me know??!! I'm so short and all my friends point it out. It doesn't bother me, but it would be awesome to just wake up one day and be like, "ha, i'm taller than you now! How come you're so short?" What a question! :-D

Bill L
Have a word with Peter Crouch

I think you should like start playing basket ball or something. I mean it's pretty well know that playing basketball maked you taller, I just guess that it would take just some time.

Anyways, I wish you the best of luck!


Persan amoureux d'une tigres
if you makes sport such as running or swimming and various excercises of stretching, you get taller

buy a biggest pair of heals u can find

Vince M
No BS answer:

Get tall parents.

Most of what determines how tall you will be is genetic. Other than that is to stay healthy while you are growing. For most people, they reach their final adult highth by the age of 16 or so.

Other than surgury, there is nothing you CAN do.

Kelly V
stretching and vitamins, I believe Zinc is a growth vitamin

you grow naturally, but you can improve your posture to look taller

candi k
too late you can only blame your short *** parents.

Wished I'd known the answer to this many, many moons ago, but too late now I guess. Anyway they do say good things come in little packages, so that's what keeps me smiling, when I look and see those that are tall and lanky reach with ease to the item at the back of the top shelf in the supermarket!!!!

Hey there!! You should be proud of being short, I am a short guy, but well let`s focus on your question...first check out if that website could be of any help http://www.growtallernow.com/ if not try to find out about a treatment which is done in Spain (Catalonia to be specific, after all it can be a hormonal problem to) to increase short people`s height but...it`s a painful treatment. It is the treatment that our Argentinian soccer player Lionel Messi made to get taller.

when my little brother was about 11 he was the shortes kid in his class - he had not grown even 1/2 inch in over a year. beleive it or not when my mom took him to the dr she was instructed to feed john all the bread, pasta, and potatoes he could stand - the dr wanted john to eat a minimum of 1 loaf of bread a day, 2 cups of pasta a day and 2 medium sized potatoes a day - that was minimum!!! he was only about 4 ft maybe when he was 11 - he's 35 now and although he's not extremely tall he is about average 5'10"

now i am by no means suggesting you try this...it worked for him..but i know if i had tried it i would have grown alright - but it wouldnt have been taller .. :-)

hi heels, im 4ft 11 so i wear 4inch heels all the time x

use stretching vices

If you lie on the ironing board and get someone too iron you, if they press really hard and outwards, it will stretch all the bits inside out and flatter. therefor as well as being a bit wider you will be longer and taller too. if you get someone with experience they can push with the iron longways rather than across. so you dont end up looking wider. hope thats helped

You grow according to your gene pool. Eat well if you're still growing. I never got beyond 5'9" so I'm not the best person to ask....

Marty K
Oh, please. Girls who are short are more attractive.

Stretch! Eat lots of fruits and vegetables if you're under 18.

For appearance, wear high, high heels!

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