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Jeffrey L
How do i pass a drug test for a job?
thats it basically. how do i pass a drug test. im clean of everything except for marijuana. all help is appreciated. thanks.

uh don't get stoned dude. Since you did though you can try something like golden seal. the weed stays in your system longer than most other drugs. So you will need to flush your system.

Drugs can stay in your system for weeks.
You're screwed dude.

i got you b

1. suragel- the stuff that makes jello
put it in a water bottle with ice cold water shake it up and drink it 2-3 hours before you take it
and piss the first time and then you should be fine

2. get one of your friends clean piss put it in a condom and tape it to your leg then when your taking it pop the condom with a needle or something

3. i havent tried this but i heard it might work, bleach

thats all i remember from about 6 months ago
good luck bro

um dont do drugs
& hit up the classifieds

good luck =]

Easy ............. don't do drugs..........

fake a heart attack to buy some time.

don't take drug is the only way

Takima E
okay i have 2 things ive heard. ive heard mix a lil bleach and water together and drink it. but i wouldnt trust that in my body. uhmm then ive heard of clear gatorade and clear jello. drink it b4 a test. i heard it like sticks to the side of your kidneys or w/e and its just goes str8 down. idk. but yea then there are some pills ive tried from walmart. they are to clean out your system. for some reason i cant think of the name but they are pink. and you have to eat something with them or you'll itch. but yes they work.

are you stupid, there's one wayto pass a drug test confidently.... ummmmm and i wonder what that is?

It stays in urine for around 30 days...in your hair for at least 3 months...not much you can do about it.

Get an at home urine test to see if you'll pass.

dont do any drugs duh ...but if u really need to wait to do them till u already taken ur test

Daniel L
i heard chuging water gets it outta ur system. if that doesnt work try vinigar. and if that doesnt work then i dont know really... mabee try confusing it by smoking a cig before u take it

Let me tell you a story of a young man who came into my office in search of a job. I watched this young man for about an hour. He was not well dressed to be there in the first place. Second, he was fidgety. Third, he could not stay off his cell phone. All of these things made me suspicious. When he completed his application and process, it was time for him to take a drug test. He went into the restroom and our male employee waited outside. He came back with the urine and began the process. I had a 'feeling' this young man was not 'righteous' and had some problems. It was the way he looked overall and his mannerisms. About four days later when the report came to my desk, I found out that the young man was pregnant!

Needless to say - I knew he had used some females urine and attempted to trick us.

Let me say this - it's best not to use drugs period. We no longer use urine as a sample to determine if someone is using. We use HAIR FOLLICLES. If you have smoked marijuana, it will stay in the hair roots for up to ONE YEAR!!!

You can drink all the Cranberry juice you want. You can go to the health food stores and get the remedy drinks that will hide the drug - but you don't know if the place you are applying for will ask you for a hair sample or urine. Hair samples are more expensive - but it's worth it if you want to determine if someone is using or not.


if you drink a lot of water and I mean a lot of water and is only a urine test you can maybe get an inconclusive result because of all the water in your system, but if is a hair follicle test then your screwed

A great way to get rid of anything in your system is to buy from http://www.directdetox.com I have used them in the past and the service is awesome. Family run operation that understands how you feel and how much privacy is a concern. Fantastic place, I can't say enough about it! They have home drug test kits too!

Fla Girl
How do you pass a drug test? Don't do drugs!

they say coconut water (coconut juice) cleans out your system drink the water from a young coconut.

Tim Z
Work it out of your system for a week.

Jake J
wow this is a hard question, but im going to say dont do drugs.

travis grady
Drink a lot of fluids and stay clean for 72 horus before the test. They can't tell then, but it's a pretty risky thing you're doing.

Jason T
Don't use it.

Also, start looking for a new job.

oracular spectacular
dont do drugs

Ok, you have heard a TON of rediculous and downright inappropriate answers so far, so here is my take

1- are you sure that it will be a urine test? My brother went in for a drug test at a job inerview after spending $50 bucks on a cover up that worked for 5 hrs only to discover that they were gonna swab the inside of his cheek, needless to say, he just walked out. Lots of places are now checking hair follicals, like the poster above me said

2- How much time do you have? If it is tomarrow, you wanna go to the nearest GNC and buy some cover up. Keep in mind that these only work for so many hours. You want to stop smoking now, and follow the directions EXACTLY!


You can get a friend who is clean to piss for you. Make sure your buddy is the same gender as you however, because they CAN tell if the urine is male or female


You should make sure it is body temperature, they DO check. Just get a small plastic bottle, fill it with the clean pee, and tape it to the crease of your leg where it will stay good and warm. DO NOT use "hot hands hand warmers" I have a friend who did this and they melted the plastic bottle and got pee all over himself. They would have made the urine too hot anyways

3- If you have some time, you should stop smoking now and go to GNC and get some Detox. My favorite is called DR. STEWARTS detox tea. THIS STUFF IS AMAZING! My friend who was taking a drug test to get in the Marines drank it the night before and passed with flying colors. Now I do think you have to dring the whole box, so just follow the directions. I have had MANY MANY friends use this and it hass worked everytime

Dj Battles
Depends on the drugs you've been taking/smoking. The best way to pass is to stay clean and off of drugs for a good 2-3 weeks prior to any testing. However, there is a small chance that if you take in a lot of fluids like water it could help clean your system faster. There are some that have passed a marijuana test this way.

If you smoke alot you will have to wait atleast a month before you will be clean or close to clean. If you don't really smoke it may take a week or 2. In the time you are waiting to take the test though you should be exercising and drinking lots of water. Sweating releases fat cells in your body and the fat cells are what hold the THC in your body.

dope stays in system for many days, perhaps weeks, so either stop smoking it, or no job!!

Drink tons of Green Tea ... its the fastest way to clear your system ... I had to take a drug test for my job 2 weeks after I last smoked ... and im 6'2 230 so it takes longer than people with less weight .... I drank sobe Green Tea ... drank about 7 bottles a day


DO NOT DRINK BLEACH!!! 1st off you could die .... I can't believe ppl are suggesting that ... you guys should be ashamed of yourselves he could really hurt himself.

Dont do drugs... simple isn't it.

steven d
go to any vitamin store like GNC. and buy some flush.30 to 40 bucks.and drink lots of water best safest way.they have many kinds and they dont make you feel like your on fire either.and yes it stays in your system 30 days or more and your hair for 3 months.

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