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Patsy J
How do i make myself sick ??
iv tried fingers down throat but it didnt work and it made my throat hurt , iv tried salt and water and it didnt work and it tasted awful and made m stomach hurt so does anyone have any ideas ??
Additional Details
urgh god i asked the question and every fought it wa cos i was bulimic but its not i just feel ill and anyway i feel better now so pls dont awnser

Connor Mcloud
why would you want to it is not healthy you can hurt yourself and end up in hospital

Why? It's not good for you at all!!!

Sophia G
Patsy J get some help....you need it fast!What a weird question !

Barry R
look at my picture, makes loads of people sick

Take away the water and if you swallow one tablespoon of salt, and according to my health teacher, that should do the trick.


First of all I do not know how or why you want to do that. If you are looking for advice on how to be bulimic then I am going to report this. Don't make yourself sick it is horrible for your throat and teeth, those acids are supposed to stay in your stomach. Although if you drank something bad... lets say bleach then drink Ipecac. But please don't make yourself sick your body will let you know when something needs to come out.

[ ♥ ]
Why would you want to get sick?

You shouldn't...it's really bad for you.

why do you want to be sick. and actually the sticking finger down throat does make you throw up, you just have to stick it in the right place , because i rememeber on etime at school i was not in a good mood, and wanted to go home so i pushed hard enough on my lungs and threw up, so she let me go home, also please dont make self throw up because my friend was bolimic eight times a day, had heart failure, lost memory, and has to go to therapy every day.

The Stone
everything you just stated has made you sick if your stomach hurts than you are sick thats what you wanted try not being sick be well it envolves eating no corn syrup only organic foods. If you want tips on eating healthy hit me up I can give you tons of awesome tips I eat everyday and continue to lose weight I look amazing I feel amazing and I eat everyday three meals aday nice portions and I'm never sick.

♥BabyGIRL due on Christmas Eve ♥
Why sweetie? Thats no fun at all! Well f you want to I reccommend thinking that your sick. Pycologically it will later trick you into feeling sick.
I think you should get some help though

why? if you have a eating disorder (i think you do) get help now before it's too late

you better keep fingers and objects out od your throat, you might get cancer if you hurt yourself :( so stop!

Cutie G
y would you want to get sick? no way am i going to tell u. not at all. u r strange. very strange. ugh some people need to go to a councelor like you. go talk to one.

Are you just trying to vomit? If so take like 3 shots of HRD vadka in a row, it always makes me sick.

A whack over the head with a bat.

May not make you sick but hopefully it will knock some sense into you. Trying to be anorexic don't be so stupid.

Don't know why this is under health nd beauty as anorexic women are neither healthy or attractive.

couple of diferent ways the most popular is to keep stick your fingers down your throat or drink milk that has gone off eat yogart that has gone off smell human/animal feaces(dont wanna be rude lol) eat porrage and when your full just keep stuffing it in to your self really fast(i do that on school mornings if i have a test lol) well thats all i can think of for now hope ive helped..but why do you wanna get sick anyway?

If you are trying to induce vomiting in order to feel better such as "I'm so sick and I know if I could just vomit I'd feel better" due to stomach upset try syrup of Ipecac.

You can buy it at most grocery stores, all drugstores and most dept. stores.

Better though to just wait it out and take two over the counter Pepcid 10 mg tablets. Buy the store brand.

Why do you want to make yourself sick? It is not nice feeling and definitely it is not good for your teeth.

try eating mustard

Y would u want 2? it's not good..x

i ♥♥♥ stetson freshhh...™
why would you want to?

This is the most stupid question asked on this thing today!! Why would you want to make yourself sick for? I dont understand how anyone could answer your question........pffft. Dont make yourself sick!!

Marisa J
seriously? ... if you only want to throw up to make you look skinner.. please see somebody who can help you... your probably extremely beautiful.. no need to hurt yourself.

You are making me sick.
If you need to throw up, I hope it's because you are dumb and accidentally drank your fingernail polish remover.
In that case, call poison control sweetheart.

Turn on a chainsaw and shove it down your throat.
Then go get some help you need it.

Stick your elbow down your throat you Muppet!

um..you prolly shouldn't make yourself sick. I don't know why you are, but it's not good for you. So don't try it.

OH dear.. i have had fiends with bulemia.. DONT go there.. it is a slippery slope to your demise there are other way... please dont do it!!

Imagine Eamonn Holmes on the karzy.

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