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Cody T
How do i make my eyesight bad?
I know this sounds really dumb but i really want glasses. and no i dont want to get the plano ones. can someone please give me some ways i can make my eyesight bad.

Scott B
come over to my garage and stare at my MIG welder while I fix stuff. by the way I award you the dumbest question I have ever heard for the dumbest reason I paid almost four grand to be able to wake up in the middle of the night and not run into stuff

dont eat your carrots?
forrr sayy 10 years?

katie y
thats not good at all!!!
if you loose your eyesight on purpose its VERY unhealthy

besides your eyes are already supposed to last a certain time...wait!...it better to NOT have glassed...you dont have to worry about them breaking or getting dirty!!... and you can still wear those fun contacts even though you dont need contacts!!...i mean the colored ones or the ones with shapes!!!

Boosie's Boo 4 lyfe
U sit down right in front of the tv and watch it non-stop........Duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~Ya Digg!!!!~

youre dumb.

but if you REALLY want to....tan in a tanning bed and dont wear your goggles. i did this for years, didnt think it would ever happen to me, but sure enough....i lost all night vision and now i cannot drive at night.

had i done that at the time intentionally just to get glasses, id really be kicking myself in the aasss right now. so yeah, dont do it.

poojaa :)
YOU do NOT want glasses. Seriously...getting glasses is BAD. Your making a bad choice. By doing that, you'll never be able to see perfectly again, and never have 20/20 vision. People who have glasses probably envy you. DO NOT make your vision bad.

If you want glasses, get frames without the lense.

Are you CRAZYY?


Dang! you desperate! watch tv a lot, put a flashlight in your eyes, dont eat carrots lol

okay this must be the most rediculous question i have ever heard but believe me there are many ways you can do this ...

examples ...

- sitting too close to the tv ...
- reading in the dark ...

and if your really desperate ...

- you could just go to walmart and buy one of those reading glasses and wear them ... you wont be able to see anything and you'll definately get some headaches but if you wear them long enough your vision will eventually get to a point where you'll need glasses !!!

don't be ridiculous

You really have to be kidding me. You know that I would do absolutly anything to wake up in the morning and not have to wear my glasses/ put in my contacts. When I was younger, I really wanted glasses too, but now that I have them, I'd do anything to have my eyes be perfect again!

support worker
What planet are you on. Go to a blind school and ask the people in there the same question.
Get a life, your health is so precious.
If you just want to wear glasses buy a pair with clear glass.

wear wrong perscription glasses... throws your eyes off really fast

Minh N
you are an idiot, so.......... you need a better education, and that starts with reading, a lot, but television and computer screens will also ruin your eyesight. sit as close as posible to the screen, and dont wear any glasses, reading glasses or sunglasses. 8 hours a day reading and watching tv for about 3 years should make your eyes worse, also bright sunlight will help worsen your sight. probablv reading is the best though, try it in both very dim light and also in sunlight

Belinda T
start rubbing your eyes a lot!

You can just get a pair of glasses that have fake lenses as in ones that don't magnify or sharpen anything. eat a lot of carrots

nix the carrots ;)

Suzy G
look at the computer or tv without a light on

lemon head
just lie on your eyesight test if you want them so badly. but coming from someone whose vision deteriorated to the point of surgery in less than a YEAR, i'd say youre quite silly.

Wow. you have some problems. God gives you eyesight and you want to damage it. WOW. Get prescription for 20/20 then. If you want cataracts then look at a computer screen when the sun is shining in your face. or poke a hot knife in your eye im sure that would mess up your eyesight. WOW

IF U get ur eyesight bad for purpose ther are consequences...
it is really bad to get ur eyesight bad..

Read in the dark.

megara elise
wen i wanted glasses, i did all the wrong things for the eyes...read in a car, sit closer to tv/pc screens, read while sleeping, read in the dark...
but believe me, i hate my glasses now.

why the heck would you want to do that
keep your eyesight because when you're 80, you'll want it back

What a silly question! Just get frames with mock lenses.

Be happy you have good vision. You sound young. Cherish your good eyesight and protect them from sunlight by wearing sunglasses.

Lucha Jim
how do I make mine good without spending a fortune?

You're stupid! Do you know what I'd give to be able to wake up in the morning and see? You win top prize for "Most Stupid Question Ever Asked on Yahoo Answers."

Elizabeth H
are you stupid


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