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How do I get more iron in my blood without tablets?
Or should I take them?

Cook your food in an iron skillet. It is absorbed into the food.
Also, you can eat liver or brausuager.

[email protected]
Eat lots of liver and other foods high in Vitamin A.

eat lots of red meat

All green vegs, liver, malt drinks, beetroot.

eat more spinach

dan s
eat green veg but steam it rathwer than boil. boiling makes the veg loose vits and mins, the best is broccoli, Cabbage, kale and spinach. Cabbage and kale have more usable Calcium in them than milk!

Jessica S
Dark green vegtables.

Sir Sidney Snot


i weigh about 4 tons cos of the iron content in the black stuff!

I cant take tablets - dont ask?!
I had to take some iron supplements post pregancy, I tried SPATONE(I got them from boots), just add a sachet(liquid) to a glass of fruit juice. Simple as that!

They have a website www.spatone.com
have a look

Try eating a bit more meat in your diet or spinach, that's full of the stuff.

Blackstrap molassis is an excellent source of iron.

You can take it by spoonful, it is also easier absorbed than some types of tablets!

Broccoli and other greens are other good sources

Chianti Man
Eat Spinach and drink Guiness

You need to include some red meat in your diet if you dont do already. For Iron to be absorbed into our blood you need to make sure you consume foods rich in vitamin C as well as meat. If you like liver, its a good soource of iron, as is dark green leafy veg. Chocolate is apparently good as well, not sure how good though. Another thing I remember learning in Home Economics was that making curry in an iron pot is good - some reaction between the curry powder and the iron. So, this evening go and make a beef curry, add loads of veg and throw in a few handfuls of fresh spinach at the end. Have it with some brown rice and a side salad. Wash it down with a pint of Guinness which also contains iron.

I've heard that iron tablets can make you constipated so avoid them unless you are severely anaemic.

Spinach, greens, savoy Cabbage, most green leafed veg all are high in iron.

Jennifer L
Iron rich foods help, but depending on the type of iron defiency you have, you may need the pills and possibly even the once a month B-12 shot, only your doctor can tell you for sure.

Kelly D
You could take iron supplements, but I think that you should try eating some more iron fortified foods such as all green veg, (dont boil the crap out of them), breakfast cereal, steaks (lots of red meats) and sardines etc. There are lots more iron rich foods, you could try to do a search on them. Hope this helped. xxxxxxxxxx

Jan S
Red meat, of course, we all know has iron, but try dried fruit, like raisons, and cream-of-wheat too. Shellfish also contains iron.

You can ingest iron but eating liver, but to attain the levels you would receive from a supplement you would probably need to eat a lot. I've heard rare beef is also high in iron and some vegetables are also.

Green vegetables, especially spinach and red meat will all give you iron doses.

Clock Watcher
eat liver. Pork and chicken liver has the most iron. But make sure you dont overdose on it.

Blunt Honesty
Dark green vegetables and red meat cooked to medium. about 155-160 degrees

spinach has a lot of iron and so does red meat. umm steak!!

iron tablets have no side effects so long as you take the suggested daily dosage and no more.you can get a lot of iron from red meat,like beef or lamb,and spinage is very good for iron too.if you don't like that idea you can always make a spinage quiche or a beef casserole.
vitamin b is in red meat too and that will give you lots of energy.
for a good variety of cheap vitamins try www.zipvit.co.uk i always use there's and they are good quailty and good prices.
good luck!!

Eat your greens.

Eat more iron-rich foods, which are better tolerated and better for getting the iron into your system. You acn find lists of iron-rich foods online, or ask a health professional.


Green leafy vegetables.

I would recommend liver ........... but it's disgusting

eat it! green leafy veg, dried apricots red meat (esp liver - but not if you are pregnant) all have iron in them

i never recommend tablets. Natural is always better. You might want to replenish your iron supply by taking in regularly of the following : raisins, grapes, red meat, lentils, red grape juice, sardines, liver, spinach...
One thing i need to mention though, is that vitamin C and iron consumption go hand in hand, the one is responsible for the absorption of the other into the body, so, stock up on vit c (oranges and citrus fruits, potatoes and other such veggies) in its natural form the better...helps fight off illnesses and as you know, the iron is necessary to keep your blood count normal so that you don't feel faint or without energy to do anything.

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