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How do I cure my infected belly piercing before Saturday or just really quick?
it's infected I've had it since april 5 of this year and i'm leaving to mexico this saturday and I don't want it to be infected, any advice?
Additional Details
and please don't let it involve my mom finding out it's infected or taking it out cuz I've never taken it out and i'm afraid to

Abby Normal
When I got mine pierced, I used Hibiclens to clean it twice a day without any infection. I'm not sure how it would work on one that's already infected, but you might want to try it. You should be able to find Hibiclens at most drug stores. It somes in a small, light blue bottle. Good luck.

see a dr before you go to mexico

Allie M
infection this long = rejection! [from your body]

AND... You really don't want to go to a place like Mexico with it infected! Cover it up completely while showering & don't let the water touch it!

My advice to you is:
Remove the ring immediately & repierce it when you get back to the United States!
Better safe than sorry!

Wash with Antibacterial soap and make sure the soap gets inside. Rinse well. Then soak it in sea salt water for 10 minutes 2-4 times a day (A Nyquil cup is great for this). Do not use alcohol, peroxide or Neosporin (the later you can use for 3 days). And most important, if you are wearing a ring, remove it and replace it with a bar!! Preferrably curved. Mine NEVER got well, until I switched to a bar. Your clothing will be constanting pressing on and irritating a ring, whereas a bar will lie flat.

KoKo Head
ask you're doctor just tell you're ma that that you are going shoppng?????

but then just go to the doctor!!!!!!!

arveen paria arasuk
put Aloe vera on it

Go to the doctor before is to late, @ the end you will have to go to the doctor don't waist time.

No other option but to have it removed. The fact that it has been infected, it should be removed as soon as possible and sterilized the area which is infected.. Need to do that with experts though, so go to the nearest doctor. You might not like if it's going to spread a little wider...

Put Neosporine on it all day. Wash with an Antibacterial soap in the evening. let it air dry , do not touch for an hour. then Neosporine again with a bandaid all night. Repeat for three days then up the air dry time to 3 hours. neosporine overnight on Friday. air dry after washing with anti bacterial for 3 hours on sat. then neo sat morn.till one hour before you have to let it show.

You need to cleanse it several times a day with plain old gold Dial soap, avaibable at most stores. Neosporin, also available at most stores will also help. Whatever you do, DO NOT remove the ring while it's still infected. The infection could spread to your insides and make you very, very ill.

Bactine and Neosporin - going to Mexico is a good thing for you because you can get medicine that will work without a prescription. Go to the Farmacia and show them and ask them for bactron. Or just show them and they will probably give you something. Don't be afraid to take the medicine, an infectionis very basic. BUT if you don't treat it and its starts to stink and get nasty and with puss you have a serious problem.
That other guy is very right about NOT getting in the ocean or even a pool, there is so much bacteria and some toliet really do just go straight into the sea water. Oh and ONLY drink bottled water!!!

BACTENE(sp) I used this on my nipples and nose. Works good for me. The spray is good. You can buy this at walgreens,Cvs, walmart, andy drug store .

The previous answer was very helpfull, but just 'cleaning' it with peroxide is not quite the most efficient. Find a small plastic cap (similar to the cap from a small pump spray bottle) fill it with peroxide, lay down with the cap filled w/ peroxide over you belly button ... (yes, the complicated part is getting cap upside down on your belly button while still full of fluid) ... figure it out and lay soaking there for 10 minutes or so a couple times a day. Other wise a little anti-bacterial ointment ... I swear by this.

apply betadine ointment

If u didn't get it done u would have this promble now would u

Take out the darn thing and immediatly cleanse with alchohol. Keep dry and covered and you might not die.

I suggest you see a physician as soon as possible and hope for the best.

Tea Tree oil will work best, just get medical grade from Wal-Mart it is the best you can get on short notice. Wal-Mart has medical grade oil in the pharmacy section.

Just clean it with peroxide 4 times a day. Remove the piercing and spray with Bactine OR apply an Antibacterial gel to it and put it back in. It should clear up in about a week.

I suggest trying Tea Tree Oil. You can buy it at Wal-Mart, it's not that expensive, it doesn't burn, and it's natural.

william b
Try warm wet clean compresses and a triple Antibiotic like neosporine ointment. Can be had over the counter. If it stays redenned or with puss for too long, you would be wise to seek medical care. You could try a free clinic.
Don't want to loose your bellybutton do you?

If it is really infected it could get worse quick... worst case scenario you get sepsis (blood poisoning) - people have died from it after a piercing. See a doctor quick.

Getting serious medical treatment is Mexico is complicated and your probably not going to get as good a treatment as you would in the US.

It's better your parents find out about your piercing now than later when the infection gets worse. Infections under the skin can be very difficult to treat, because they can spread to other parts of the body.

Get a bigger piercing!
Even if it gets infected again, you can always remove that one and get a bigger one.... again and again.

Wash it in Iodine and seal it with cotton.It will drop off after the wound heals completely

clean it, and find a way to keep your skin from attatching itself to the ring.

if you'd gone to a place where they didn't just PUNCH it in with a stapler-gun looking thing, it wouldn't get infected.

for instance, have a hollow needle that punches out the skin where the ring is going is the best choice.

too late for that now, though.

anyways, clean it thoroughly. and/or use tree-oil.

I've had the same problem many times - go to the grocery store and buy anti-bacterial hand soap, wash it 3 times a day and it will be fine in a day or two. Then after that just keep the soap in the shower and wash it everyday. Within a few weeks you won't even have to wash it anymore.

Use sea salts you can get them at most any drug store. Use this in conjunction with a antibiotic ointment such as Neosporin. Do not let your clothes rub or irritate it. Keep it clean and dry. If you develop a fever go to the doctor immediately!

Comrade Dimitri Dingleberry

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