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How can you make your self puke?
No i am not bulimic.
i am sick and feel very pukey.
i've been like this all day and was wondering how to puke,
i tried the finger attempt.
didnt work.. i have no gag reflex.

Spin in circles till your dizzy, then run to the nearest washroom, lol

go to a drug store and buy something called Epicac, i think that's how you spell it.

Nigel B
take an Ipecac pill. except don't... your body isn't meant to puke voluntarily. Only try to make yourself throw up in the event of accidental poisoning.

Syrup of Ipecac is designed to induce vomiting. Go to Walgreen's if you REALLY want to puke.

get drunk lol

Pure Atheist
Finger your thing back there, touch it for awhile, trust me, it works.

if you try to drink an entire gallon of milk there is no way you cant puke... youll feel like a fat *** until you puke, but when you do, its the most refreshing thing ever solid stream of nice cold milk...... dont drink strawberry soda with it though. its a little bit nasty.

mix mustard and milk together and drink it to puke

Try drinking a little warm salt water. Dissolve a teaspoon or two in a mug of comfortably warm water, and sip. Much less hazardous than sticking fingers in delicate throats!

Take a gravol..it'll get rid of the pukey feeling and you won't actually have to puke

This is not healthy but my aunt who was a nurse once made my sister drink milk with melted butter in it (my sister attempted suicide with pills) and she threw up.

dre dog 707
eat cat s....h...i...t.. then ul puke trust me

Google "g o a t s e." But without the spaces.

WARNING: Do NOT actually do this.

srey khmer
down a gallon of milk... that should make you throw up

this really works,

baking soda and water in a cup, its nasty but u throw up EVERY TIME
trust me! u can never throw up by hurting urself but if u drink this it sits in ur tummy and makes u barf!

if you really have to puke, drink a lot of water really fast.
its not as gross tasting as milk
but it works.

trust me.

i'm not bulemic either
i just have a tummy disease.

Mz. American GlamDiva
drink bear really fast
and you will puke in no time

You may not need to puke. You probably have a virus and it's given you an upset stomach. It doesn't mean you will puke. Drink a lot of fluids- water, tea, broth, juice, whatever. This will flush out your system by peeing--getting rid of the virus. You could also try taking a couple of Rolaids. They will either help or make you puke.


mendee b

take a tooth brush or your funger and touch your little dangly thing
lol idk what you call it so its a dangly thing
it should, work i do it when im sick also.

hippocap (sp?). It's what doctors recommend for parents with young children. A spoonful or two will induce vomiting.

Lydia H
try the " toothbrush down the throat" that i think works

Kun Min
okay, on your computer chair spin around for whatever time it takes to you to puke

but try to have something close to you so you can puke on lol

drink a bunch of alcohal

dont puke. or maybe buy some epicac. but alk to ur doctor or a parent first.

Mikayla R
ummmm eat something gross idk! i never done that before O=

Mike C
You can drink salt water.

But reaching up behind your tonsils works the best..

try warm milk

Hawk Man
I don't know ask Paris Hilton

Stick 1-2 fingers down your throat. Works every time.

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