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rosalind s.
How can i wake up at 6:30 everday for school?
i usually go to bed at 9:30 but fall asleep around 12 and wake up around 11.and my alarm doesn't wake me up or i wake up 30 min. after it went off.How can i make sure i get enough sleep and fall asleep faster.

try going to bed at an early time

It will come naturally, once your body starts to wake up early the sleep will catch up to you and you will fall asleep waay faster and earlier.

What type of activities are you doing before 9:30? If you're drinking colas or coffee or chocolate or anything with Caffeine, that will definitely keep you awake. I think you should drink some warm milk before 9:30 since that should make you a bit drowsy.

sweetness loves me
why dont you put the alarm really loud so itll wake you up
or tell ur mom or someone to wake you up in the mornings

you can go to bed earlier and try to wake up as eraly as you can- i dont do my alarm clock- but turn it up as loud a possible and sleep CLOSE to it. or make the radio wake you up and put it on to where its all fuzzy and loud- tht always wakes me up

Reduce your caffeine intake. Colas and chocolate have enough caffeine to keep you awake at night. Essentially, don't have anything with caffeine after it gets dark.

Set two alarms. Try getting an old fashioned one, they're extremely loud and very annoying, the bells will almost surely wake you up. Try getting up at like 8 or 9 for a few days, you should be able to get to sleep earlier. Then, your body will just start waking up early on its own. Even if you have to set the alarm for 6 every morning and you don't get up til 630, it's better than sleeping through school..
also, once you find an alarm that wakes you, put it in a place where you have to physically get up out of bed to turn it off... that way you HAVE to get out of bed

Joe C-J
I get up at the same time for school and what I do is have more than one alarm so if i turn it off it just goes again untill i wake up. It seems to work for me. I also get an early night so i'm not tired the next day. I hope this helps.

Hadeel E
go to bed earlier so you can fall asleep earlier. and try to use your cell phone alarm .

First you will need a good nights rest in order to get your body to wake up in the morning without falling back to sleep.

To sleep earlier, do activities during the day that gets your body tired... don't just stay by your computer or TV all day, you have to be active. Your body will feel exhausted and WANT to rest... second, during bedtime, one of the main reasons ppl have trouble sleeping is becuase htey have too much on their mind. This constant thinking leaves your brain working not relaxed... My routine is playing a repetitive game that last forever, (ie. Monopoloy on my phone)... the fact that is a boring game make me knock out before i finish the game... try something similar.

Now, to wake up in the morning, set your alarm to ring 30 mins ahead, or try setting it to the highest volumn using the loudest ringer you have than add a vibration to it... maybe the volumn and the vibration combined will help you wake up on time.

Get like 3 alarms to go off.

Also do this thing on your mobile or watch where the alarm goes off every 5 minutes. This really annoys me and i have just gotta wake up.

Also get someone to wake you up if they are up that early.

Marisa L
Look up some answers on falling asleep. You will be so much better off if you actually fall asleep when you go to bed.

Jacob Riley
Put your alarm clock across the room so you literally have to get up to turn it off.

What even helps better to get yourself up is to chug a glass of water first thing

It works for me.

If you going to bed at 9:30 but only falling asleep around 12 then you need to start calming down about an hour before your going to get into bed.

About an hour or two before 9:30 turn all the computer or whatever you were doing & either have a bath, or a warm drink and read a book or something that calms you down. Therefore when you go to bed your more likely to fall alseep and not have an active mind.
If your alarm isnt waking you up why dont you get a member of your family to wake you up for the first week so you can get your body into the routine of getting up early.

Dr. Rev. Donald J.
i am a heavy sleeper, so i bought an old fashion alarm clock. these are loud and it wakes me up. take a look.


its a clock like this but you can buy it from walmart.

When I need to wake up at 6:30 which is really rare cuz my school starts at 8:00, I usually find a reason for me to wake up at that time and I do wake up at that time. Just get excited about something that'll happen the next day and you'll get up at 6:30. Hope it works for you!

they have safe sleep aids that help u fall asleep faster
buy a new alarm clock
start going to bed at 9pm
set it for 5:30 so u can have time to take a shower,eat breakfast
so u can get some caffeine in u too

sassy mee
take nite qulle befor bed it make u fall asleep so fast....... and maybe get a louder alarm clock

exercise when you wake up or during the day... not close to bedtime (more than 3 hours before bedtime). that will help tire you out and you will fall asleep faster at bedtime. i find i sleep better when i exercise regularly.

if you dont like that...

try reading a book at bedtime.... go to bed at 9pm, read for 20-25 minutes, then put it down, turn off the light and close your eyes... if your mind is racing... keep your eyes closed and count 1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 over and over, slowly in your head. try to focus on the count. it sometimes works for me when my mind wont stop running.

1. Get several alarm clocks and set them between certain intervals, like 5 min. apart

2. Start trying to set your alarm clock slightly earlier than usual, not too much probably 30 min at max

3. Find out what you're doing before you go to sleep: exercise pumps adrenaline into the body and can keep you awake for hours; caffinated food and drinks keep you up at night too.

All are options you can try. If one does not work, try all three.

go to bed a bit earlier and get a louder alarm :-)

Blast your alarm clock as loud as it goes!

Bill C
Still use the alarm clock, but make sure that it's loud and on an annoying channel so that you just don't enjoy what you hear, but have no choice but to get up and shut the thing off. Which reminds me, put the clock OUT OF REACH so that you have to get up and shut it off.

Hope this helps,

xxZoe Nxx
well if you drink lots of water before you go to bed then when your alarm goes off when you wake up you will need to toilet, (no lie it does work) this stops you from falling back to sleep and once out of bed you can stop yourself getting back in.

To fall asleep i guess you could try drinking hot chocolate, tea, or just getting as comfortable as possible.
Also the whole not going to sleep until 12, most people go to bed and watch tv for a couple of hours, soon they lose track of time and they end up going to sleep real late, to solve this you can set yourself a limit and put an alarm on your clock or phone, when it goes off you can go to sleep, but if you do the things i advised you to do to get to sleep then this shouldnt be a problem. xx
hope this helps. thanks

Krystal Babe

they have medicine that makes you go to sleep for 8-9 hours which is what you need.

have your parents or a sibling wake you up.

alarm clock

Miss Seen
easy...if you wake up a half hour after it has gone off set it for six. voila....you have just gotten up at 6:30 am!

or you it could be that you are used to the alarm sound. try setting your alarm for talk radio. the sudden sound of people talking in your room should jolt you awake!!

set ur alarm clock 30 minutes earlier than you usually set it

Get more exercise so you are tired when you go to bed and you will fall asleep faster and sleep better. Set an alarm clock on the loudest setting and put it across the room - set it on an empty box to amplify the buzzer if you are a heavy sleeper.

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