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How can i stop?
I have a habit of biting my nails a lot!
and i want to stop
but how?

this is a gooood goal for people.
what i did, was i just resisted.
i usually do it when im bored, so instead i try to find something better to do to keep my mind off it.
so mentally, you really need to become stronger and just tell yourself, no.
these nails would look a lot better longer.

there's also, you could paint your nails, but some people paint them and then just chew it off.
another thing is that you could put this treatment on that kind of tastes like pepper, and it makes you not want to connect your mouth to your nails.
good luck- just find it in yourself to put a hault to it.

when u get the urge to try texting someone

Under your fingernails is probably that most bacteria infested part of your body. If you bite them, all of those germs go right into your mouth. It's pretty gross. It may cause you to be sick allot. The next time you find yourself biting your nails just think of the last time you washed your hands or where your hands were when you used the restroom. Sure, you may wash your hands, but, did you scrub under your fingernails?

§illy  [email protected]¢e§
they have a certain product at Walmart for that that when u bite ure nails..it tastes disgusting..I have the same habit!

No Green Thumbs Here!
The thing that made me stop was when a boy I had a crush on made a comment about it. That did it.

Unless you have a REAL motivation, forget it.

oh well, good luck!!!

Madison R
put a clear coat on it right when you wake up theyll taste like nailpoish the whole day.

Tamra D
Me too! hope you get some good answers.

Ok, well I suggest u paint them... and when u think u wanna bite them... You'll think about how awesome ur nails look and then u may not want to bite them! And besides who wants nail polish in their mouth! =)

Try chewing gum. I know it works with a lot of people who have to quit smoking because of an oral fixation that develops. Keeping their mouths busy with the gum makes them think about smoking less; it might help with biting your nails...

I used to be the WORST nail biter ever, but instead I focused on painting and filing them. I suggest carrying a nail file around and filing them when you feel like biting.

Also, gum is really good because it can keep you distracted. As a last resort, you may want to wear a bunch of rings, they're fun to play around with if you're bored.

Whatever you do, if you decide to try nail polish, make sure you get non-toxic stuff. They sell it at some kids stores. It sounds crazy, but when you start doggie nail polish may work because its made to be harmless if ingested.

Good luck :)

put on nail polish..that taste bad...or nail polish with a design you like that way you dont want to bite it..or cut your nails short..

Gil W
Get a nice manicure. If they look good, you won't want to bite them. Also, nail polish doesn't taste good, so you won't want to bite them anyways. Whenever you have an urge to bit your nails, sit on your hand or play with your hair so that you will be distracted.

Dont bite them find a different habit thats not as bad as biting ur nails

alex gamzik
bad tasting nail polish

Put tape on em! ariana use to bite her nails, but she got braces, and HAD to stop if you aren't getting braces soon then go with the tape, or mittens.
-mitchell, ariana, and alexa

haha..they sell this stuff like nail polish im sry i cantremember ewht itscalled but it makes your fingers taste really bitter.... or just put tape over them

Merlin F
stop doing it

i move it
this is the only method that worked for me, but you have to be committed to it. i applied bitter liquid on my nails (you can get it at the drugstore) so everytime that you catch yourself biting your nails, you get a shock of bitterness in your mouth and it kinda lasts for a minute or so it reminds you of the consequence of biting. reapply in the morning

Just think of what you touch and then would you lick it or eat it. you are getting small amounts of it in you when you bite your nails

think about the germs you could be getting

i had the same prob... but i stoped when i got my braces... idk y u cant bite them when u have them... but before when i wanted 2 stop but i cudnt... i just told myself ( kaitlyn if u bite ur nails u are basicaly eating 1million germs..ur gunna get sick...) then i wud gag and put my hand down... i dnt even have to do that when i got my braces... but it worked!!

They make glue you put on your finger nails that has no scent but takes DISGUSTING!!! It stopped my brother from bitting his nails, maybe it will help you.

You could also chew gum or ice.

Prioti taher
look, i use to have this habbit when i was a kid too
when u see u are biting your nails stop if u notice it then think of all the disadvantages for biting nails and then when u notice u are biting your nails heat your self by purpose
i know it sounds crazy but do it and do the same thing next time and keep your self busy doing something else with your fingers and
don't think too much because when u think a lot u bite nail even more

Years ago pharmacies sold a nail polish for nail biters> it had a bitter taste to it which prevented kids/adults from biting their nails.
Find out if they still sell it, if not, buy clear nail polish and add chilli powder or something with a horrible taste to it. (not something that will kill you though) Paint your nails with it and re-apply until you've kicked the habbit.

Go get a nice manicure, you don't even need to get fake nails but that would work too. With nicely painted nails maybe it will be less tempting to bite them. Or get fake nails at the nail salon.

Katie C
put nail polish on ur fingers and it taste bad and when u do it you knoe that you do not need to be bitting ur finger nails

Keanu V
try to put something that taste nasty on ur nails but doesnt hurt them or make them look wierd. that way when u go to bit ur nails, u taste a nasty taste and stop biting them
and cut them with a nail clipper when u see them growing to long

wen u find out let me no

u gotta remember to not do it, when u want to do it pinch urself hard and that pain will make u forget about ur nails

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