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How can i grow taller naturally?
I'm 17 and only 1.73 meters. I really want to grow taller... being short kills my self-esteem and i hate it! :[

please help me... I'm not willing to use any none-natural ways to achieve this. and don't make fun of me

♥I Love Goten♥
well i am 10 and about 5.4, drink a heap of milk,it makes your bones grow faster

.:yours truly:.

abbygale ♫
be healthy.

umm U PROBABLY STOPED GROWING NOW!!! u should of like started like drinking milk or stuff dat makess u grow tallerr wen u were like umm 10!!!

me, myself, and I
it's too late for you bud!

That's not really that short, honestly. There's not much you can do aside from making sure your diet is top notch (full of protein, Calcium, and other requirements).

Man that's just life and you're gonna have to deal with it. it all depends on how tall your parents and grandparents are.

River Euphrates
There really isn't much you can do.

Just be happy when you don't clock your head on a low doorway or hanging lamp.

There are people shorter than you - and they make it through life just fine.

eat more nutritious foods!

i heard you can have someone pull your legs
and someone else pull you arms.
and you can grow 1 inch!!
that is if you don't dislocate you bones

Sleep more. A person is normally taller in the morning than at night. This is because at night when you sleep, you grow more. The longer the time you spend awake, you shrink. For example, you might shrink 6 millimeters a day, and grow 8 millimeters a night.

eat healthy and dont drink a lot of coffee

Eat only healthy foods.

sleeping more helps, and jumping alot. If you join a sport, especially jumping. I was shorter than average, but ever since i started playing basketball hardcore i grew alot taller the past year and now im above average height

srry bud. u cant.

my dad always told my sisters and i to go swimming and play some basketball to get taller. my sister did that, and she grew like 5 inches in one summer break from school. swimming is good because you are moving all parts of your body. basketball because you are jumping up and down a lot plus you have to shoot balls. running also will help. i was really lazy during the summer and then when school started i started running again and i grew like 1 to 2 inches in one month. its quite amazing how doing simply activities can make such a big difference.

Corey E
Just Time

Martin H
you can't unles you grow naturally. nothing will make you taller than your meant to be!

You can not do to much.You are doing it now. very slowly keep eating your veggies and drinking your milk.

Eat well.
Side note: All my friends from school that were wrestlers, the ones that were always starving themselves to maintain weight, well, they are all shorter than any of my other friends. I know two that have brothers that did NOT wrestle, and the the wrestlers are the shortest men in their family.
Repeating: Eat well.

begetables, friut, andd protein protein protein!

It wouldn't be natural to alter something lol.

David G
This is something you don't have any control of. Sorry.

well it is possible that you will still grow a little bit more. but hey if people in your family are fairly short, your kinda doomed and there isn't much you can do about it. your still young, and you will grow into your self esteem and learn to like you for you. it takes time, your still in an awkward stange. i would say try exercise and stretching, maybe going to see a chiropractor, they help straighten out your spine and i've heard some people say that because of that they gain a little bit of height. good luck

Play Basketball or Volleyball.

Miss MeMe - מימי
Nature takes its own course, unfortunately there's really nothing you can do to help the process.

the only way to grow is with sleep and exercise. if you get 4 hours of sleep a night you will not grow as much because when you sleep that is when you grow :)

as well, lifting too much weight (if your working out) can stunt your growth so dont do that either.

eating healthy is an important factor as well.

but the sad part is, if you 17, your pretty much done growing, and a lot of height comes from genetics and all that complicated science stuff to do with inheriting your parents genes. so sleep if your not getting enough, but you might be done growing or you might gain a few inches if you follow my steps.

good luck

maybe you could do stretches

little miss naughty!
you cant!!!

elizabeth v
Your genes and early nutrition have already decided how tall you will be. (it can be roughly calculated at the age of 2!)

However, you keep growing until you are about 21, so there's still hope. Keep to a healthy lifestyle and a nutritious diet and you'll you'll be fine.

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