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Joe K
How can I prevent skid marks in my underwear?
When I use the bathroom I throughly wipe myself however by the end of the day I discover a long brown line in my underwear. How can I prevent this? Could I be wiping the wrong way or could there be a better way to wipe?

ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... gross!

Holly Advice
....uhm....wipe with diaper wipes or put a piesce of toilet paper between ur underwear and butt

how old are you. That you still dont know how to wipe your own @ss.

use baby wipes or summer eve wipes

You must be a man. Only men have skid marks. You should use baby wipes as well. But I don't know how you're going to explain that as you head for the mens' room. You guys don't walk around with handbags do you?

LMAO you people crack me up with these crazy questions!! I wish skid marks in underoos was my biggest worry...

All I have to say to this question is.............
$hit Happens!!!!

Make sure you, uh, you know... get in the hole and wipe, too. Am I seriously answering this? Geeze :)

Quit crapping in your underwear! Those nasty wet farts could be the problem too.

John E. Smokes
For starters, stop crapping your pants.

hershey highways huh! well maybe try wet wipes or cleaning your poopy hole a little better............cleanliness's is next to godliness's........

Wipe your butt real good with dry parer, then wet the paper a little and wipe again. Or you could use baby wipes, and you can also get Personal Cleansing towelettes. If you are hairy back there, you may consider shaving. I think this will help you clean yourself better.

Don't wear underwear.

Are you flipping serious?? Thats gross, why would you ask something like that wipe and wash your butt better.

what a poopie question..........

um...i don't know maybe try using baby wipes and trying it again its just a thought! good luck with that though.

shave your bum or wear black underwear

Autumn leaves stir in my garden
Cut the butt hairs but not too close to the skin or you will have a rash. This will help considerably. I know someone really well who has the the same problem

keep wiping until white lol.

Uhm, untucking your permanent wedgie might help...

i know why, try not to fart all day, and if you can't hold it, pull down you're pants and do it, but not in public!

Quit digging in you butt.

Buy boxers that are baggy so that they are not riding up your crack. Buy a good name like CK or Ralph Lauren. Pick black so skid marks are harder to see. Always use the wet kind of toilet paper after using regular just to get extra clean.


Stop wearing underwear goofy.

start wearing depens

Skidmarks can be prevented by staying away from the drag races. "Drag Strip Drawers" are common for those who attend.

Dressing in "Drag" will not cure it either.

halloween fanatic
are you eating too much fiber?

you must pray for a little diarrhea once and while.

use cottonelle wipes.

use wipes and stick it in your hole to make sure you get it all out. ewwwwwwwww

don't slam on the brakes too hard

home maker
I would try some wet wipes

This is a result of fecal material still in the rectum, that extrudes when you sit down. It is a common problem, especially if you have hemorhoids.

The best way to deal with it, when you are home, is to thoroughly wipe yourself using a combination of toilet paper and baby wipes. Then, using a handheld shower head, sit on the edge of the bathtub, lean far forward, and thoroughly irrigate the anal area. Try to relax the rectum as much as possible, to allow the water to remove any excrement in the anus. Clean the tub afterwards, of course.

In a public bathroom, after thoroughly wiping, take a large, wet wad of toilet paper, relax your anus, and gently insert it into the anus, cleaning it the best you can.

Make sure to wash you hands thoroughly after doing this.

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