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Paul R
How can I die what is the most painless way?

dont listen to all the people on here if you want to die. DONT DIE change everything that you are unhappy about

It has been said, thru old age in your sleep.

in your sleep

Why do you wanna die? I would rather die in my sleep. That is the less painful way to day or a drug overdose. Again why do u wanna die?

Southern Comfort
people say in your sleep but you actually are drowning in your sleep so even subconciously there must be some panic..naturally in your sleep

Question Queen â„¢
Please don't try to kill yourself. Call 911. Call this # 1(800) 448-3000.

Frank Heyes
The most painless way is to live a ful life cause u will not know a thing about it when it happens

Aiea Joe
how would i know? im alive and im not planning on finding out

One Love
plz don;t tell me ur thinkin of suicide..buddyy...if u are theirz other wayz to solve ur problemz. seek help.


I cannot imagine taking your life if that is what you are asking. My former husband took his life and it made an impact on all of us. I don't think the person contemplating suicide is even aware of what the repercussions will be for those that loved them.

If you are depressed; seek help quickly; I have been through depression several times but never to the point of no return.

If you are just asking, pardon me for misreading your question. You can never tell sometimes.

Sorry, this might sound offensive, but anyone who asks this kind of question is only thinking about attempting suicide and I refuse to help anyone do that.

We all have things happen in our lives, in which at that moment we think we can't handle anything else; but there is always a way to work through any problem.

We all feel like losers, stressed, or out of control; at some point about something; however suicide is not and will never be the answer.

Jump out of a plane. That won't hurt, just land on your head. Remember, it isn't the fall that kills you, it is the sudden stop at the end!!

drink a lot of sleeping pills and sleep on the middle of the highway. ^_^ or drink a lot of sleeping pills and bury yourself 6 feet under. ^_^

Did you know that YAHOO suggests when people ask these kind of questions respondants are supposed to call the police to you?

Jo H
I presume in your sleep. I'd expect though that the thought of death hurting is just as daunting as the anticipation of purposely bringing on your death. So either in your sleep or suddenly and quickly so you don't know it's coming. How morbid!

♥Charming's Princess♥
In your sleep.

Think a little while longer. I saw an interview with a guy who jumped off the Golden Gate bridge, and he said he changed his mind the moment his feet were in the air. He was lucky and survived. . . .

Y would u wanna kill urself tht is killing Gods creation!!!Live ur life dont waste it!! I hear if u commit suicide u got to hell!!
Its even worse there thn it is up here and down there it feels like forever ( literally)

Hope this helps,

it would be painless for me if you just shut up and done it quickly without making a big fuss about it

[email protected]
at no point is dying painless coz you have always got loved ones who will feel the pain of your death even if you dont

i hate to answer this question, but it would just make me feel better if I got this out then sat on it all day... my opionon that is..
First off I have to start off my saying DON"T KILL YOURSELF... There is always something to live for.
Other then that. I would overdose on pills, fall asleep that way I didn't have to worry about alot of pain

darling are you sure you want to be asking this question? I think someone needs a nice chocolate bar and a hug.....

Take a poll of people who have died... they know the answer.

No one who is still breathing has the answer.

Paul, the most painless way is not to die. Change your surroundings if they make you feel sad. Dont do it.

I am glad that you are so low risk and asking for help in the round about way that you are. You don't really want to die or you would not be asking theses questions. But I do believe you need help and that you should seek it. Please go and see your GP and set up some help in order to work through this difficult time.

I wish you luck.

A Real American
Whatever way you may find, it won't be painless for the people you leave behind. If you're seriously bummed, if you're looking for ways to off yourself, don't. Suicide is a pretty permanent answer to a temporary problem. And, really, life is temporary. There's lots of help out there, just start talking. YOU ARE WORTH FIGHTING FOR, so show up for the battle!

sleeping pills...lots of them. you'll just fall asleep and never wake up.

that being said, please, don't do this unless you have exhausted all other possibilities for help. reach out to a friend, family member, neighbor, pastor, teacher, or other trusted person. there are also many counselors with a lot of experience in this kind of field, and if you only reach out to them, they can help you.

remember, no matter how hopeless the situation seems, there is always a way out of it. keep your head up and your eyes open. you'll find it.

y do u want to die life is what you make it and if ur having a bad time now that wont last forever while being dead will work through ur problems it will make u stronger in the end

There is no painless way of committing suicide. Your loved ones that are left behind will feel great pain if you do succeed. So think about it.

Don't know, I've never died before and neither has anyone else who answers.

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