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Trey's Lady
Help me(13 year old) suicidal?
okay im lightskinned have blue/gray eyes long hair and dimples and im 100% black but everyone in my school is always calling me white girl and picking on me..how can i have darker skin because when ever i try to tan or put on creams my skin goes back to normal and i always purchased dark brown contact lenses but they are still being mean to me...waht should i do

cindy abc
You can't do anything that drastic because of this small period in your life that will be over soon anyway. Many kids all have something they think kids are teasing them about, but you would think they are just fine. You have to stop worrying about this and start to worry about how you are developing your career. Talk to your parents about this, and don't make a permanent decision to a temporary problem bring your parents and family unbelievable pain. Talk to an adult right away if you are serious about being suicidal. Those who love you would be devastated if they lost you.

You must be a first rate version of yourself before you can become a second rate version of someone else. They are just jealous of you-keep your chin up and reach for the stars.

Look at the response you received in this site-people listen. Talk with your parents and have them bring this to the schools attention.

Feel better.

Those idiots are ignorant and aren't worth your attention. You are what you are, and I bet you're a pretty girl. They are teasing you because they're jelous, they're probably ugly and feel bad about themselves and have to make you feel bad too. They're also stupid. Intelligent people know better. Complain to your school authorities, say they're harrasing you, if they can't help, go to another school with classier people. Don't ever worry about peoples opinion, you must be comfortable in your skin. I wish you the best.

Pamela C
Honey, if you are really thinking of killing yourself.. Please call the suicide hotline.. secondly.. why on this earth are you basing what you think and feel about yourself on the opinions of idiots? If they told you to run in front of a car would you do it? Of course not , so why did you decide that this was something that matters.. People can be terribly cruel, but you are the only opinion that matters. Do you believe in God. .Well God didn't make any junk.. He made you just the way you are.. ignore those people, find friends who love you just for who you are.. and more importantly begin to love you as you are.. NEVER think you are less then amazing.
I bet you are beautiful.. do your eyes work? Can you see. can you hear? Can you walk on strong legs each day.. quit looking for perfection and be thankful for all that you do have.
Love you.. Love you..

Sweety you are only 13, and i know that children your age can be very harsh, let me tell you something, i know that you have heard a million times "just be yourself". and your probably tired of hearing it but being yourself is the most beautiful thing of all. You have to stop caring what those other think, most likely they are jealous, look you are important enough for them to talk about. I promise honey that you will look back one day and say oh that was nothing, just childish school crap. Listen to me, do not care what they say about you, if you do you are letting them win!! You are better than that right? To me you sound beautiful, and one day someone is going to love you for who you are. I remember being picked on so many time when i was younger, i mean many times, and now honey i turn so many heads. I would have never thought people would think i was so pretty, but the truth is they always have. And one day you will see that. Be strong, and look school will be out in a couple of months, and over the summer take the time to learn about yourself and build your confidense so these young 13 year olds do not get to you. Sweetheart this is just a minor stepping stone in your life, every person out there has felt this way at one point in their life. Keep your chin up!! - Sophie

Sounds like you are an African American albino, am I right? There was a girl like that in the high school I went to. She was nice to everyone and stuck up for herself when people teased her. Eventually people in general grew to accept her. It all depends on how you handle it. If you are really having a tough time coping, you may need to reach out for help. Talk to your school counselor about it for starters.

your problem? ACCEPTANCE!
U have to ACCEPT how the Great Lord made u... He has a purpose of making you that way.
U know, many people are so much indespair of wanting to look like u.
Those picking u are one of them... who wanted to be like u!
Be thankful instead... pray to God and ask for the wisdom coming from Him for you to understand why He made u like that... listen to His voice... be sensitive of His message to u.
God bless u!

ignore them......... just be yr self......yr unique, n wonderfully made ......precious in the eyes of god. perfect in his sight.............
god favour you dear

Take pride in who you are, get involved in a group, get going! Get your mind off of this stuff! Don't sweat the small stuff! Life is too short! Old saying: "You think you got it bad with a sprained ankle and then you look around and see a man with no feet!" Get the point? Now quit dwelling on yourself and find a group and get in it! You'll feel better for it! Find a way to contribute to your community, join a church! Do something to get your mind off of this! Good luck and God bless!

Tell your parents, tell your teacher, and take it to the school administration.

You need to rise above these ignorant people. Be proud of who you are... not matter your skin or eye color. Stop trying to change yourself and find a friend or teacher to talk with about this.

The only way to be heard is to make some noise... not by commiting suicide. That does the world no good becuase there will still be those ignorant people walking around harassing someone else.

gaby :]
ok seriously screw them
you shouldnt be worrying about making urself darker
look at some of the biggest celebs they have crazy ethnecities
be proud of who u are:]
im lithuanian
ppl make fun of my 12 letter last name
i ignore it and say u wish urs had tht many letters and they end up agreeing. :]
dont worrrrry!

Just remember that beauty is only skin deep. The people that are picking on you are doing so cause you react. My neice was getting picked on on the bus she finally told the driver and the teasing stopped. But try and ignore them and remember that you are beautiful and you will always be beautiful. It is ugly people who pick on other people.

Accept yourself and don't let other people influence your thoughts and feelings.

You have blue/gray eyes you are not 100% black. They are just rude kids, probably jealous of you. Talk to your parents about the situation.

i was suicidal too when was 13, I went to a psychiatrist

cathy <3 nelse 01.16.05
Don't try to change yourself because someone is calling you a white girl. I was called white in junior high school because I have light skin as well and didn't like to use slang [I'm hispanic] but I knew my friends liked my just fine and I don't need to be liked by anyone else.Tanning and wearing contacts just proves to them that you care about what they have to say. Tan because you want to, not to make yourself darker for them. Wear colored contacts because you think they look good on you, not to make your eyes acceptable to them. Be yourself and if they don't like it then too bad because they only need to see you for 7 hours a day for a few years. You will live with yourself forever. Do you really want to spend so much of your time in the sun or poking at your eyes?

☺ Sheepie
That's a little silly of you to put suicidal, maybe that explains it, you're just doing that for attention. I'm sure the white people aren't saying that! Well, look, I am certain that if there's somebody who doesn't do that. you'll be fine, most people do get teased sometime in their life. Stand up for yourself! Plus, what is so bad about being white anyway?

You are beautiful just the way you are. You don't have to try to be darker, you are what you are. Love the skin that you are in. ^_^



just ignore them

They're just jealous because you are so unique. I know it's tough now, but when you get older they will be plain and you will be beautiful. Don't forget... it's what's inside that counts.

what you do is be yourself.

dont try to be like everyone else. everyone else is overrated.

Gina T
Why are you suicidal for it? This isn't a reason to try and kill yourself. These people aren't worth it they obviously don't know what they are talking about. Everyone is different for a reason, while I don't know that reason I know that we wouldn't have a lot of things if everyone were the same.

Raul A
you need help call a hotline or tell your parents tell anyone that cares about you talk to your counseler this is nothinng to be suicidel about all teenegers like to teas and pick on ppl its normal dont try to change for them

Forget those kids seriously.
Why do you even care what they have to say
they're obviously idiots

You shouldn't change who you are just for some stupid kids
You sound pretty to me
Kids just can't handle anyone who's different
but trust me, the more unique you are, the more beautiful

Just don't let it get to you, thats what they want. If you ignore it they'll give up.

ignore them.

You just gotta except the skin you got, no offense but 13 year old kids are pretty immature and like to make fun of other kids too much, it'll stop when you get older

Don't listen to what others say. Be proud of who you are and what you stand for.

The only reason anyone would ever make fun of you in any way is because they are pretty much insecure with themselves, and making fun of others makes them feel bigger than they are.

Hey, I'm one hundred percent white; I don't tan, I BURN, but I've grown to accept the fact that I'm whiter than vanilla ice cream.

TAste Lke Suga Smells Like Water
their just jealous you are beautiful

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