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Brianna loves 3OH!3.
HELP! My baby has just swallowed furniture polish! What do I do?
Okay. Not really, but i have an egg baby (its for a project). I have to find out what the steps are to help fix and prevent the problem? What do I do if my baby swallows furniture polish?!

ask yourself why u asking strangers what to do when u should be taking better care of your baby

Swallow the furniture polish yourself to protect the baby.

FIRST CALL POISON CONTROL...then give baby lots of water, check the container and see if its toxic or not, then see if there is directions for if swallowed.

Take him to the emergency room!! LOL just kidding thought it was cute

take it to the hospital

proud mommy and wife
anyone who takes this lightly is not being realistic. this is a true concern for many parents.
2 years ago my son climbed on top of the washing machine and grabbed mouse poison. I had gone into the bathroom, and he was only a few inches from my sight. I am a very responsible parent, and had no idea that my child could get up into a shelf that I used a chair to get to.
I grabbed the box, got in the car to the hospital, and called poison control as I drove.
Thank God that he didn't ingest any, but he could have very easily had a taste.
For statistics and information on your project, you could put a call into poison control, they will gladly tell you how common all of these things could be.

if your baby has just swallowed funiture polish the first thing you need to do is wrap it in a tee shirt and get dusting. it should be able to dust the entire house before needing a refill.

if you need someone to answer this question for you then you shouldn't have a baby, egg or real. I am ashamed that you don't have enuff common sense to figure that one out on your own. Wow. The stupidity of todays youth really blows me away.

old dude
You just polished off your baby----But seriously, if you look inside the cover of your telephone directory you will find the number of the poison control center!

After calling for help make them drink milk.

call poison control

Why would anybody have furniture polish out where a baby can reach it!!

Call Poison Control

Fire Halo
Call 1-800-222-1222

Poison Control Center

Ok, you take it to the emergency room ASAP!!!!!!!! Or contact the Poison Control Center which should have a telephone number on the bottle. Shouldn't you find this stuff out yourself, though? ....cheater.....lol

Dear Old Dad
Dial 911. Don't make the "baby" throw up. Stay online with the emergency communications people till ambulance and paramedics arrive.


Poison control or 911 {immediately!}
P.S. Good luck!

to prevent the swallowing in the first place then you need to put the polish either in a locked cabinet or in a cabinet that can't be reached by the baby...if it happens then you need to look at the label on the furniture polish on accidental swallowing..if you don't find anything then call the local poison control center

induce vomiting and buff to a shine

Why are you on the computer asking questions just to see how many you get? What a ding bat go to the hospital!!!!
Well i dont know call 911! You dont need to do things like that! 1st step dont even bother with the computer asking a question! What do you think you should do ummmmmmmmmmmmmm let me answer that for you 911!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont put questions up like that it will make people really thin ksmothing is wrong with your stupid *** egg baby!

call the poison company or his or her pediatrician. And do this fast!

call poison control asap. hopefully you have a list of emergency numbers by the phone,just for this event. your list should contain poison control, 911 or the number in your area for ambulance, fire, and police, the pediatricians number and the next of kin. you may even want to have the necessary products to keep in when you have a baby, Ipecac serum, pedialite, etc. DO NOT give Ipecac unless directed to by poison control, some substances are more caustic if they come back up the esophagus. if you were to call poison control, prepare yourself for a lecture on how you should have had dangerous products out of there reach, or locks on th cabinets, etc. hopefully this helped some and good luck with your project.

nothing, it's not real!

Katie Girl
Call poison control and 911. If they wanna know what you would do if you didn't have a phone just say you would go to the neighbors and use their phone.

call poison control & 911

Just give the baby some milk and it should be fine within a couple hours.

call poison control

First call poison control then go to the hospital.

Call Poison Control Center. If you don't know the number, don't take the time to look it up, just dial 9-1-1 and tell them you need to be connected to Poison Control Center ASAP.

But since this is an exercise, the smart thing is to have Poison Control and other emergency numbers on the wall right by the phone (or speed dial set on your high-tech phone), so you don't have to take the time to look it up.

Poison control or 911 right away!

call poison control or 911

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