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HELP I don't know what's wrong with me.?
my whole body is shaking, and is sore everywhere. it feels like I have worked out every single muscle in my body. like my face, neck hands and feet. i've never felt like this before.

dee d
You may be have an orgasm.

Susan Yarrawonga
If you are taking prescription medication it could be side effects.

It could also be flu.

how r u typeing?????lol wow ur haveing a spaz attack,cough-freak, ok wat were we talking about?and stock use pot, and tell ur mommy!!

katey rosebud
You need to see a doctor, a quick check for meningitis is to try and place your chin on your neck if you cannnot do this go to the hospital straight away especially if you have a fever. Have you been out somone may have spiked your drink. Had a similar experience myself and it would'nt go away, went on for days a girlfriend I was out with on the same night experienced the same thing, after discussing it with our friends we struck upon the conclusion that someone spiked our drinks if your symptoms don't subside strongly urge you to ring someone to take you to the doctor good luck

You've got the flu! Check out the link I sent and read about the symptoms. GET WELL SOON!

You may need some rest (like a good 8 hours of sleep). Also, take a long warm bath, get a body massage and drink some Ginger tea. If nothing works, go see your PCP.

Go see a docter

the latin hitch

poor you, sounds like 'flu'

TTC for #1- ****baby dust****
I think it's the flu! Go home and get some rest. If you don't feel better in a couple of hours make an appointment with your doctor. Your question lacks detail, like what did you do yesterday? Did you eat anything bad? If your worried see your doctor! Thats what they are there for!

Alex P
go to the doctor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doctor please ;)

You should really go and see the doctor, because it is causing you a lot of distress. Do you have nasal congestion?Fever? Then it`s the flu .
Have you been using new medication? Then it might be a bad reaction.
If you have been really stressed, working too hard- it could exhaustion or dehydration .
In any case, you should see the doctor and just to make sure you`re ok.
Take care of yourself and God bless.

See and talk to a doctor. Just relax.

relax, call a doctor

flu--see a doctor ASAP

Mrs B
you have the flu.snuggle up on the sofa and take it easy

Do you have a fever? If it's over 102 and can't be brought down with Tylenol...call your general practitioner. If you don't have one you may need to consider going to the emergency room. I don't know your history but, it sounds like you have the flu or some sort of virus. If you have the flu or a virus you will need antibiotics. Don't get dehydrated...drink lots of liquids.

I've been in the medical profession for 6 years and my mom is an RN. www.webmd.com is also helpful.

Mindy C
You should see a doctor. there is something serious going on. Probably the flu

Look Out
do you have a temperature?
headache, burning nose, watery eyes,

maybe flu
drink a lot of water and juice and ibuprofen

try www.webmd.com and click on symptom checker. that's a pretty good website. or go to your doctor. i wish i could help but i've never heard of anything like that. hope you feel better!

maybe your body lacks some nutrients or a type of food that we need
seek help from doctor is the best thing
hurry before it gets worse

call a doctor pry the flu or some sorta cold... but seriously doctors are good people :)

call a doctor!

Sara S
Sounds like the flu. I would go to the doctor though. Even if it is the flu they are suppose to have medicine to help you feel better faster. It seems like the flu has been REALLY bad this year.

laura k
u may have a fever. check ur temp. its wat happens wen i get a fever..

Joshua B
GO TO A DOCTOR NOW you might have


lol jk but reall go to a doctor losers on here wont know

Sounds like real flu, as against a heavy cold. You got a temperature?

Holy Jesus.

Even your avatar looks ill.

Consult a doctor post-haste at the earliest opportunity.

Your temp may be rising very fast. Do you have a thermometer? What is your temperature?
Sometimes when a fever rises fast, your body shakes. You sound like you NEED to call your dr or go to a walk in right away..don't be scared, but I would go. Have someone drive you if you can.

Also I was told that if it is your fever rising fast, drink something warm like tea..

BUT please go to the dr.

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