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Good Morning, How are you today?
What Town & country are you in?

Bright and sunny in London, UK (well, for the next 10 minutes if we're lucky).
Additional Details
Took My 8yr old to school, just dropped my 2yr old at play school (his first day, EVER) he didn't miss me when I walked out the door - good thing.

other half is on his playstation, and Im on here, dont often have the chance to do these things, but hey, we've got rid of the kids!!!

Going off to see into my family tree in a moment.

Can you here that? PEACE and QUIET (no children argueing)

Karen W
I'm in Hampshire and the sun shone as I walked into work this morning. Love mornings like this ..............

Wonderful! Nice to see such a kind person on Answers today! It's a great day in Fulham!

Dark here. need to go to bed. Have a sore throat but I'm still cherry..(cough)...I am in a little village in north central Ohio USA called Plymouth. Have a good day in London. I always wanted to go to London, maybe I will some day.

Hiya! I am good ty how r u doing?
In London here too. It's sunny outside? I haven't looked out of the window yet lol Got the dog to walk so will go now whilst it's not raining!
Enjoy the rest of your day! :D

Maid Angela
Great Yarmouth UK bit overcast

i feel terrible! need the loo so bad - someone is in there!!
in swindon UK(which is a sh1t hole!! - so i guess i can go anywhere!)

janice s
good morning to you.i'm in saltcoats in scotland.the weather is dry at the moment,but has been raining.i;m just off to work.so everyone have a nice day.

am cool, there was a light shower in abuja-nigeria this morning but its sunny now

Great thanks kids at school i've died and gone to heaven as its my day off :-) trust u r well? Leeds uk bright but has been raining and looks like it'll rain again :-(

Not to bad today , in Crewe Cheshire and it's just started raining , so you might have sun shine for a bit longer than expected

Well, I am in the US....it is 3:13a & I am working...lol....still have 3 hrs & 45 min's until I get off....BUT....it is pay day...so I am happy!

Good Morning....

Sorry everyone, but it's a well known fact that the best weather is here in Queensland, Australia.

It was a day filled with glorious sunshine. Now heading into a lazy spring afternoon.

I feel great. It's sunny here in Glasgow this morning

hi i live in calis turkey and its nice and sunny and 27c at the moment and getting hotter

Fine thanks. Bright and sunny here in Warrington today.

Sarah G
HI, I live in Staffordshire in England and it certainly isn't bright and sunny here!

damp, cloudy and waiting for the rain in wallsend but sitting with full English to warm me up...... lovely.

How are you? Bright sunny and warm (again) in Valencia, Spain. Wish we could have some of your rain over here, forecast today for 28 degrees. Am from York so hello to everyone up there!

Really sunny on the Isle of Wight but also very fresh and autumnal............feeling good this morning the kids slept well !!!!!

brian m
good morning i am fine thank you its a bit noisy at heathrow uk

Full of cold and cough here in Cambridge. Been up since 5am doing pregnancy tests cos I think I may be pregnant. How are you????

bright and sunny here in wales too but its starting to get colder now i think ahh well xmas will be here soon and winter is on its way never mind i would like to say thank you for asking its a nice thought hope you have a brilliant day .

martin f
am ok been better my uncles cats granny's best friend just died so not the best lol.

nice and Bright in Glocsestershire to a really nice morning sitting at home wait for the sky guy yo come a and fixed the bloody thing and he is an other and hour late

wee stoater
Over cast in the Northern Isles (UK) but at least it's still dry! Feeling fine today which is great after the run of ill health the family's had the past fortnight! Hope the sun is still shining with you! Enjoy your day!

Fantasic thanx, I'm from Pontecarlo (Pontefract, West Yorkshire)

Good Morning from sunny Aberdeen! (not often you can say that!!)

PS Happy Birthday Creedyla!!

sam h
Hey i'm good thanks, starts work at 11 and i'm there til 830..which is not good....but never mind hope your ok tho.

I'm feeling really good today I have taken the day off work because it's my birthday. I'm from Liverpool and the weather hear is starting to brighten up

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