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Madison Petrosian
GIRLS ONLY!If you're not comfortable with puberty, don't look at this...don't answer... what's wrong with me?
Ok I've been having my period and usually it only lasts 3 days but now it's almost 5 or 6 days, this month. What in the world is wrong with me?!?!?!?!?!?!

Nothing sweetie - things change. Your period will go through different phases as you get older. Nothing to worry about.

Most girls get their period for 5-7 days. 3 days sounds a bit odd. Your body probably wasn't in full puberty yet and is now.

*Also most girls aren't aware of this but weather you use a pad or tampon effects the length of your period as well. Tampons cause a longer period usually around the 7 day mark and using pads allows your period to flow normal and is over around the 5 day mark.
Some periods can be a light and others can be heavy. The lightness or heaviness can also alter the length of your period but not always.(soaking threw 2 or more pads or tampons in less than a few hours can mean something is wrong, tell your parent(s) and/or go see your Dr.)

You are completely normal and nothing is wrong with you.

You're fine chick honestly. Sometimes it just takes a little time to adjust. If you've been having periods for a while and they still haven't settled maybe speak to your parents about going on the pill. It really does help with regulating them =)

Jennifer A
Calm down your period is supposed to be 3 to 8 days CHILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

I Love My Pony
Don't Worry Theres Nothing Wrong With You, Thats Normal :)

periods can last from 3 to 7 days. It is perfectly normal. From preteens to young adults your period is still changing and hormones are balancing. If you have your period longer than 11 days I would suggest seeing a doctor. For now, its normal, natural, nothing to be worried about.

Nothin its suppose to last about 5 days but if you excerise and take baths not showers it can last less

Your fine, I know how you feel I had mine for 5days then not for 2 months soo, I was scared. But then it came back. Don't worry, it's supposed to have it for a week out of every month, your just catching up to normal.

welcome to wonderful womanhood, just agreeing with everyone else to let you know its perfectly normal.

Lauren Katee :)
Nothing is wrong with you, I usually have my period three days, but sometimes it will be six or seven, even eight! but hey, its normal.
Maybe your just having a heavier flow than normal and its lasting longer.
:) good luck.

♥Freshman Girl 101♥
It's fine, just relax, if it lasts for more than 8 days see a doctor, but if it's less than 7 days, YOUR FINE! i always skip months, and some are longer days than others. I never get my period in the summer, but i get it for 7 days when its september again, my advice is to just chill, relax , your fine.

Robott ^^
It's normal.

Cmoore : )
Its Normal, Don't worry about it.
: )

how old are you? have you started menstruating within the last year or two? its ok for your period to last a little longer as you get older. Mine used to be 3 days but as I became an adult they got a little longer. However if it's getting really heavy or painful you should see your doctor about it. Hormonal fluctuations and stress can affect your period too. I wouldn't worry too much right now. Just keep a little diary of when you get your periods and how long they last. if they are keeping an abnormal pattern for several months then see an OB/GYN

Well,you are probably not regular. You won't be for at least a year or two. Normally,I am 3 days but sometimes I go for 8 and I have been having a period since I was 11 and I am 18. I would relax,but if it goes longer than 2 wks call your gyno.

Kristina S
ur body is adjusting. its normal and there is nothing wrong. ur body could just be storing more blood or u have more hormones.
no worries..

kbark !
nothing, some people's last up to 7 days sometimes more . if you haven't had your period for a really long time you're body probably just isn't regular yet .

hun that's suppose to happen it's normal my period last on average 5 days and i bet most the gurls who answer this will say the same so no worries

there is nothing wrong with you. sometimes it is just a little irregular

im a mommy!!!!
i first got my period at 13 and it would last about 4 days at the most then it just started gettin longer now it last 8 days its normal ive gone to doctors and its normal good luck

maegan b
its just your period regulating its normal

Nothing is wrong with you. Your body is changing. It happens. Your cycle can switch days, it can last longer, get shorter, you can have cramps one month and nothing the next - Your body is adjusting to growth and hormones etc. Now if it gets to the point that it's heavy and is going more than 8- 9 days I'd say see a doctor. But truthfully it just sounds like you body is changing. From the age of 14 - 26 mine was 3 days - from 26 + it was 7 days, and now its back to 3 days! YIPPIE... Don't stress.

It is normal to go through a change of days but if you feel strongly about this and are genuinely worried, head for the doctor or gynecologist

Why are you freaking out? Periods can last up to 7 days or so...

nothing , some women have heavier and longer period than others.If you do not experience too much cramps and way too much blood flow then everything is fine. Sometimes stress causes period to last longer and to come out of date.

nothing. they get longer as you get older. they may get heavier too.

Nothing is wrong. This is normal.

Nothing. If you're young, your period is going to be really irregular. Mine was just like that when I started. You're fine

Madz D
YOur period is supposed to last at mosy 7 days so it is normal

even 7 days would still be normal...you are fine darling...get extra absorbancy tampons...try platex sport...they're comfortable.

Sometimes periods are irregular. Everyone has different menstral cycles. Sometimes I don't even get mine [it skips a month], or sometimes it comes early/late. Mine usually lasts 5 days, while others lasts 2 or even 7 days. This is completely normal. If you notice something extremely different, like it doesn't come at all, check with your physician.

Happy period =]

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