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Flat chested...?
okay, i kinda have a crush on this bod ,ted, not much but kinda, and he and a bunch of his friends were talking really bad about me, like.....being flat. Now im like really offended and i was wondering if i had the right to be? what should ido? cause now people around school are like laughing at me and stuff! help please!
Additional Details
i meant boy haha sorry not bod

Jacobie S
Well what you should do is ignore them clowns because they just saying a word i rather be flat chested than big chested because lots of perves like to look at big chested girls so just be proud that your flat chested.

People develop at different times. Don't listen to them when they laugh. If the boy wants to listen to them and let that decide whether or not he will date you then he is not worth your time. Chances are the other girls pick on you because they're jealous. That's very cliche, I know, but if they like him as well then they feel threatened. Just take the high road and ignore it, it shows maturity.

yup hes an ***. just forget about them, most guys dont care that much about those, and if they care about that more then your personality, there not good enough for you anyway

Alex W
its ok i know how u feel ppl make fun of u well u don't have 2 feel bad u should feel good about whts inside not outside (tho tht helps sometimes) well if he is teasing u he probally
a.) likes u
b.) is a reeealllly ean person
c.) jelous
jk about c.

it is what it is. I thought thats why you grls stuffed your bras.

Lissa ♥'s you
my sister and me have the same problem. use one of those bras where they scoot you up a size. or, you could just tell yourself that it's better than having a HUGE chest.

Cathy J
Next time tell them that being flat chested is better than having little ding-a-lings...

If he is calling you names appearently he is not boyfriend material if anyone laughes at you act like you don't hear them or say " You know I am quite fond of my body and you know what you aren't mrs./mr. perfect either!"

keep on truckin
Be happy with who you are and what you got. If they are going to pick you apart for that it aint worth bothering with. You will meet someone who likes you for you and your body. And just ignore em. Sounds hard but it will work if you dont feed into there stupidity they will get bored. Otherwise if you want just start a rumor he is a bit small down below.

Confront him about it? Aparently he isnt your type- Honey, there are lots of guys that appreciate a woman no matter what is on their chest!

his mommy prolly never breast fed him....

Ya you should be... F*** him
Just ssay Hell ya I'm proud got a F****** problem???

ignore them

They're idiots. Take satisfaction in knowing that you're a better person than they are.

Thats dumb. I wouldn't even show them that I notice and eventually they'll get sick of beating a dead horse so to speak. Those people always end up being losers after high school anyway.

♥Jennifer Jeter
Stick your chest out more and wear padded bras.....also, wear chic, classy outfits so they pay attention to them more then your chest......be yourself
Its the person inside that counts.

Cant do nuffin bout it u could be for up to 21 haha well Drink milk work out.. Might help provote sumtin.. Dont loose weight. Milk water proteiin reguler fitness


Forget him!
He isn't worth it if he talks about people like that.

worst thing u can do is stuff a bra lol. make fun of them, and tell them that the only reason that they're makin' fun of you, is cuz ur too good for 'em haha

Jerri B
people in school are really immature
just dont worry about it
laugh at them for being so childish

Be proud of who you are and don't let them get to you. You are beautiful the way you are and you will find someone who loves you just for being you.

if they call u flat chested, tell them they have small (u know wuts)
thats the equivilant for guys, don't take that sh*t from no one!

Find a guy that likes you for who you are. Then be nice to him!

it really is that simple.

polka dottie
do NOT stuff

Believe me, everyone in middle/high school is laughing at everyone else, you're not the only one.

Cocoa Beware
forget shallow idiotic geeks like them.

guess what? girls are always attracted to me, big chested or not, and guess what my girlfriend is? flat too.

so my point is that there are some who like to make fun of others, and then there are some, like me, who arent desperate for any girl, who will fall in love with you no matter what you look like. ok? hope you take my advice and not care about that stuff.

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