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Females only, when i got to the toilet i have bright red blood on the toilet paper!!!!?
I have recently been getting bright red blood stains just on the toilet paper after wiping my bum and it is very sore.

im too embarressed to go to the doctor !!!!

anyone have any suggestions.

sensible answers only please.
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i no when im on a period, im not that thick.

you've got your period!!!

yep, sounds like you've got a hemorrhoid or two! you can buy shrinking cream at your local pharmacy.

don't be embarrassed about it.it's normal for female.my advice is to talk about it with your mother or if you have older sister!

sarah s
you may have piles due to constipation. this can happen if you strain to go to the loo. ask you chemist for info or go to NHS direct on the net.

if you have been constipated recently and then gone to the toilet, you may have split the skin round your bottom so it will heal itself. or you may have pilesin which case if you get some Anusol cream this should cure it and ease the pain

Josie E
Sound like piles to me.... keep the area very clean after you go to the toilet and get either germolene yellow if it doesn't hurt or germolene pink to soothe the burning and the pain.

But please go to the doctor, it could get very serious.
There is nothing to be embarrassed about , I am sure the doctor has seen loads before.

Mandy P
Hi,I am a colon hydrotherapist so I work with bottoms ever day! I would try not to worry if the blood is bright red it is probably a haemorrhoid or "piles". If you are worried though you should see your doctor.

Katherine Lynn A
Your doctor has seen too many bums before to be shocked by yours. Do please go. It could be piles. It could be an anal fissure. It could be lots of other things Don't mess about with it yorself as it could get worse if not treated correctly. Why suffer the pain when the best remedy could clear it up quickly.

Its just a case off piles (hemorroids). Go to the docs and he will prescribe a cream to help.
He will also go through the symptoms with yoU (like is there any blood in your poo) to make sure its not a more serious prob.
Its a really common problem and no reason to be imbarressed.

i think it is piles...

flower power
ring NHS direct..or go on their website for advice..its very good. also, you can make an appointment with a female doctor for problems of this nature..and even though its still a bit embarrassing...its not as bad as seeing a male doc.

do go and get it checked honey..it wont get better on its own..you need a little help.

♥ εmιlч ωεmιlч ♥
If you've forced yourself to 'go' recently, then it could be a fissure(s).


get over your embarrassment and go to the doctor--maybe you can ask speciffically for a girl

Piles you can get some cream from the pharmacist to help with the pain but you really should see you'r GP don't be embarrassed it's quite common

Irina MD
It might me a hemarrhoid. You really should go see a doctor but meanwhile you might want to buy something like preparation H in the drug store. They also have these preparation H wipes. They are medicated and they are really good. Any drug store should have them.

It sounds like it could be piles but you should go to get it checked out with a doctor.

maybe just piles (internal or external) if it is only on the paper and not in your poo.

However you MUST go to the Dr's to have it checked out, altho it is properly not anything serious, it won't hurt to go.....be safe X

I'm not a female, nor do I want to be. Bright red blood from your anus is USUALLY hemorrhoids and is not serious. Get some preparation H creme, it will help with the burning and itching, and will shrink them so that they won't bleed. Yes, they hurt like hell, but if it is Hemorrhoids, it's no big deal.

If you're pushing too hard when it's not ready to come out, it could have torn something slightly. You could try a number of stool softeners and see if that helps, but if not, you might have to go to the doctor. Try not to be embarrassed -- doctors have seen lots of problems and patients before.

Any bleeding from that side should be taken seriously. I would get yourself to the docs and get yourself checked out. It might well be just piles but it could also be something a lot more serious.

It sounds to me like Piles. If you do a little "investigation" are there any lumps protruding from your anus? If so, definitely piles. Even if it is piles, you MUST go to the Doctor and get it checked. There's no point being embarassed or coy about it, I've no doubt your GP must have seen a hell of a lot worse, and untreated Piles can be agony.

What is there to be embarrassed about? Get to the docs right away. It does sound like piles so get them sorted. What is more embarrassing (a) a doctor looking at your bum and then giving you treatment to sort out the problem or (b) the doctor saying 'sorry you have a terminal illness which I could have sorted out if you had come to me sooner'. Go figure.

You should go to your doctor. Any bleeding from your rectum could be a sign of many different ailments. You could have hemorroids and creams could help you but then it could be something else. When I had my son last year, I had to have a hemorroidectomy because I had them so bad and I failed to let my doctor know until too late. Please, go to your doctor and they will help you find out what is wrong with you.

you probably have a bleeding hemorrhoid...don't sweat it

hemmorhoids? you say its your bum.. pls just go to the doctor. you could just be spotting (from your cycle). if its coming from your bum you need to go see an md. especially if its fresh (bright red) and if its in your bowel, well even if its not. just go.

if it's every time, go to the doctor. How is your diet? I had the same thing and my doctor prescribed a fibregel type of tablet for a month and it's never come back! If you dont have enough roughage in your diet, it'll cause harder poos, which could slightly tear at your anus, which will then split everytime you do a hard poo!!

If it continues, see a doctor. they probably will just ask you some questions and not finger your bum!

It sounds like piles. Not a major problem and bright red indicates that it is fresh blood. If the blood were dark it would mean that it had been sitting inside you for a while and that would be worrying.

Go and find a female doctor, also you will find that this is actually quite common. Don't worry!

sounds like piles get some preparation h

You either have piles or a small tear on your bum hole which keeps tearing everytime you go....wouldn't think its anything to worry about but get it checked out anyway!

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