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victoria h
Everytime i get out of the bath tub i am itching everywhere i am 12 what is wrong with me help?
Please help when iget out the tib i am itching everywhere

There are many different reasons why you may be itching everywhere. You're best bet is to see a doctor who may refer you to a dermatologist. You may also want to use a different soap for now, to see if it helps. Good luck.

Thin Kaboudit
Try using a different soap? Maybe you have a skin allergy to whatever soap you are using!

Either you water is too hot or the soap/bubble bath you are using is irritating your skin. Try something for sensitive skin or unscented.

» L o r e l a i «
You are probably allergic to something that you use when you are in the bath.

you either have allergies or dry Skin...i had the same problem, but when i got out my skin pealed a little bit too...just make sure you use lotion daily

Jennifer W
You need to see a doctor. It could be scabbies, or hives. If it is hives, it means you are having an allergic reaction to something. Tell your parents. ;-)

the soap residue is causing an allergic reaction. switch to a soap that says "hypoallergenic" or "for sensitive skin" on the label. be sure to rinse off in the shower completely before drying off.

Michael Y
Changing to another brand of bath/wash/shampoo product will not help. I suggest getting an emmolient cream from the local pharmacy or going to see your own GP and get a prescription for something like Aqueous cream BP or E45 Cream or something similar

do you put salt or bubbles or any thing in it? maybe your alurgic to something. your spamoo or something might be giving you a rash becuase your sitting in them for too long.

It could be the soap your using. Ask your parents or the doctor or try switching soap.

Check with your doctor you may have some allergy problems. Bathrooms are notorious for having mildew and mold and some people are very sensitive to that. Any ways is always good to check with a professional with any health problem.

you are using a soap that is drying your skin, you either need to change to a moisterizing soap or need to load up on shea butter or Cocoa butter lotion and cover your body with the lotion once you get out of shower.

fungus on the tub!!!

Jr F
ust to happen to me the water is definetely too hot!!

Some times if you put same clothes back on, it can make you itch, Sunburn also can make you itch. Your doctor might prescribe some anti Histamine tablets. Stop you itching, Best go see him/her.

do you have a rash? You could be having a reaction to your soap..or maybe your parents got new laundry detergent. Could also be a reaction to some food you ate. is your skin dry? When my skin is really dry it itches. Maybe some lotion will help. Talk to your parents though. You might need to see a dermatologist (skin Doctor). Good luck

[email protected]
I'd check with a dermatologist, but try taking a shower instead of a bath. Change brands of soap, cooler water temp.

maybe your skin is sensitive. you should try another kind of soap. try using body wash instead of bar soap. look for something with moisturiser

Elena C
dry skin or
If it is not that then u have to change every product in ur shower, chenge ur type of shampoo instead of suaze use sunsilk change ur soap etc.
They could be giving an allergic reaction...

If it's not just the hot water - see a dermatologist.

it could possibly be an alergic reaction to something try a different soap and/or shampoo

aside from that i have no idea

I had same problem and was told not to turn water too warm (will irritate skin), use natural and less soap, put on some body Lotion after drying.

you're probably allergic to soap or shampoo, try switching to another brand

Go talk to a doctor. It can be many things. For myself, I had the same thing happen. At first we found out i was allergic to the soap i was using then we found out that I am allergic to tap water. Well, technivally it is the metal in the water. I have to take showers with a plastic shower head that reduces the metal in the water. One way to see if this is happening to you is to see whether you have a reaction to the metal in the buttons of your jeans. Like, is there dark rough skin around where the button sits? Or does it itch sometimes?

Maybe its got something to do with what your putting in the bath or the soap your using because your skin could be very sensitive try using natural products because alot of things you can buy to put in the bath contain alot of chemicals that can dry and damage the skin and cause irritation and also try using soap free products if symptoms still persist consult your doctor because you may have other skin problems e.g Eczema or Psoriasis.

Callie D
probably the soap or shampoo or body wash you use. change each one until you find out what it is, your probably allergic to something in the bath. I'd see a doctor if you cant find out which it is.

You may be allergic to being clean.

Maybe you're not getting all the suds off, try a shower. Do you have hard water? Sometimes mine gets like that in the winter after a shower. Just buy some good lotion and apply it after a bath.

1985 & going strong
Perhaps your water is too hot. This can cause the skin to itch.
It could also be a product you use during the bath (my daughter's suggestion), or a product used to clean the tub.

You might want to ask a parent to take you to your doctor to be on the safe side. He or she can determine the cause of your itch, and prescribe something to help. That is your best option.

Until then, ask a parent if it is okay for you to have Benadryl, which will block the sensation of itching, so you can be comfortable.

But seeing your doctor is the best solution.

Honey ,you have dry Skin, or the soap that you are using is causing you to itch. Sometime the perfumes and dyes in soaps are to strong for people with sensitive skin. Try a soap like., Dove for senstive skin. Also, when you wash your clothes, make sure you rinse them well, so that the laundry detergent does'nt irritate your skin. See a doctor to make sure.

water too hot!

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