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i've been like this all day and was wondering how to puke,
i tried the finger attempt.
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 How do i pass a drug test for a job?
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Ever done drugs?
How was the experience? And did you find any shorterm effects to your health?

benjamin tan
dont do it best answer riight dher

alif s

Bridget Y
nahh don't take them they get ya into more trouble than there worth!

Jamie B
I smoke marijuana and it has had no effects on my short term health. If you're going to try drugs such as Cannibis then make sure you're not worried about it damaging your health when you try it you could trip out lol

Don't do it, not worth it, sure it will make you different, just say no.............please.

Nope, love reality too much, especially when it inflicts pain upon others.

Never have, and never will.

hell yaeh drugs are cool man im stnoed right now

best thing bout drugs if u dont ave enough money you cane just steal a car radio and trade it to ur dealer

hey al may ive only had 1 oz of shrooms and 10 paractemal

Glenn Yu
I did some random drugs that i don;t even know the name of.

They felt great and i seemed to have received no bad effects.

Marijuana, the experience was exciting, and no I was fine. I'm still living so I don't see any effects. I don't have cancer or anything. However, I don't reccomend crack or meth, more addicting stuff and much worse for you

Bigman Computer Repair

Tee Dub

yep...when my doctor prescribes me medicine (which is considered a drug) to make me all better.. :P but i dont get addicted to it..

nope I prefer to stay away from drugs as I have seen the effects and what they can do on a person and family and friends.


Sure, I've taken a few drugs. Most of them were non-prescription too...but all legal. I found they had a few drawbacks, such as doing the opposite of the claimed treatment. So, now I live a drug free life, devoid of even prescription drugs. And go figure, I don't get sick anymore.

Yes... I've experimented... Pot, ecstacy, LSD, mushrooms, Cocaine, crystal meth, Adderall, and a few others....

My experience was different with all of these. I did A LOT of ecstacy about 5 years ago... and I started to notice that my short term memory was not as good as it had once been. Crystal Meth, Cocaine and Adderall all suppress the appetite. Pot makes me lazy. Mushrooms are very mellow, very enjoyable and no noticeable effects to the health. Not sure if this is what you were looking for... but I hope it helps.

Milly T
Only Bud, which I do not count as a drug. And no I never had any weird problems after, keep yourself busy and thinking meaning just cuz your high don't become an idiot.
Any other drug I woulden't recommend, Im not even reccomending weed! Just saying the others are very serious and stupid.


yea ive done most of them
still do sometimes

all it leads to is u wanting to try others.

but i havent had any effects on memory or things along those lines

it u want to know about anything email me.

i love pot but i dont remeber if it has had any effects on my health

Drug Free is te Way to Be. and i always stay that way! :)

I've done meth, marijuwana, zanax, adderalls, loretabs, ritaline, klonipin, Vicodin, and so on...I can't remember them all. They were all wonderful....execept loretabs...I get dizzy and nasty feeling on them. I didn't experience any shorterm effects. I knew how much to do and when to stop...otherwise I would of...and would of quite possibly been addicted to one of those or two...who knows. I dont' have any heart problems either and have been on pills where my resting heart beat was 124...so I knew I was alright..and I knew what could happen if something went wrong and what each one caused. That doesn't make it right by any means...but unless you know what does what...like adderalls can cause heart attacks..and aren't willing to possibly die or deal with anything else bad that could come from taking them then you shouldn't try any of them.

Of course, it made me feel better when I was sick.

A was a huge pot head in high school. I found that I slept a lot during class, I was irritable, and was failing everything I had. Also, I was depressed. But I am not sure if that was a drug related thing or just a teenage angst thing. I do not recommend drugs for anyone. It can ruin your life and the lives of your loved ones.

basket case
Yes, I have done a lot of drugs. Both the short term and long term effects are harmful. My stimulant abuse was the worst, because my heart would race so fast that I once went into cardiac arrest. No good, stay off the drugs. Marijuana is fine now and then, but stay far away from anything else.


even a single time of drug will affect the health, it will kill a number of brain cells but of course you won't notice it until you are 45 or above when the brain starts to degenerate.... better still to stop it

Re Re
Never ever ever never in all my life have I done drugs. DON'T DO THEM, THEY CAN RUIN YA!

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