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Help Please ,
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 Do u prefer showers or baths?

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Well it goes like this.

Today i walked into school adn a really good friend of mine (who has used E many times) ask me if I would like to "roll" with him, which means take E ...

 Tattoos: Are they attractive or nasty?
I personally don't find tattoos to be attractive. But to each his own!
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How about lower-back tattoos on women? J...

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 My grandfather FARTS LOUDLY, What to DO?

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guys DID U ALL HAD NICE LAUGH? hope u wil have wonderful ...

 My Boyfriend is a clean fellow, and of course, showers regularly. Is it normal to have yellow toe nails?
They arent digusting like the ones shown on T.V. for the fungus commercials, but is there still somthing i can do about it?...

 What do you do when you have absolutely NO energy?
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thanks to everyone so far!i feel i should ...

Eating Boogers?
I am a grow man who still likes to eat green slimy boogers & also my eye crust. I even eat my boyfriends boogers and eye crust. Is there any health issues with doing this?
Additional Details
oh how I love the hatred i'm receiving. Yes I am gay and i'm proud Of it.

have at it

Adam S
Well im sry to say thats discusting the boyfriend and eating his boogers and your own.

Kari M
When you eat someone else's boogers and eye crusts you share whatever germs that they have. Have some chips or cookies instead!

pretty disturbing but it can't hurt you ... i think

Yeah that's pretty gross,but to each his own,seems like you gave out alot of points on this one ha??

ewwunasty disease

: )
hmm...gay people eating boogers...

Eye boogers are actually quite high in antioxidants. Plus, eating eye crust has been shown to reduce the risk of getting a variety of cancers by 50%.

Bon Apetit!

OMG!!! Do you really do that, or do you just want to get people's reactions?

Lola L
ewwww omfg your sooo grose!!!!
how do you live with your self???

You're sick

Stewie Griffin
I'll sell you mine. I'll include ear wax on purchases of over $25.


eewwwwww! thats nasty dude!


damn foo yur gross as f*ck

Dan H
Pretty gross, but it ain't gonna hurt ya.

i <3 ALL the jonas brothers!!
u r nasty

Fartin Flirt
Pretty nasty but if you like doing it then continue doing that..


Nirmala J

Rachel S
You should really try to give up that habit. Start with just giving up your boyfriends, then move on to your own. Eating boogers and eye crust CANNOT be good for you!!


boogers aren't that flavorful.
eye crust is only good with red wine.

you take care, you hear?

Kristinabelle [Cow Shirt]
I think I just threw up a little.

Cinco de Mayo!!!
MRSA, argurably the biggest health concern of today, often lives in people's noses. It can hang out there without infecting you unless it gets into open skin. So picking your nose is dangerous, as you could scratch your skin in there, allowing access. Plus then you get snot (perhaps infected) on your fingers, and can then touch a cut or scrape on your (or his) skin. I don't know if you can hurt yourself from the ingestion.

On another note, gross. And I wouldn't go around admitting that!

I think it's cool to think about what in American society we think is gross, and what is ok.

Eat a dog? Terrible.
Eat a cow? Ok.

Etc etc.

Personally, I have never eaten boogers. Ever! When I saw people on the bus do it, I almost hurled.

TO EACH HIS OWN...just don't do it in front of me or try to pick my nose!

I am sorry for you. You must have no social life if you have to make up stupid stories about eating your own bodily mucus. You're disgusting.

WHAT! That's gross!

Low cal delights

yggdrasil's gardener
Boogers are packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals. They are high in fiber, and improve digestion. It's an open secret that they act as an aphrodisiac. Booger eaters can expect to live an extra 6 months over every one else - 10 months if they're from someone they love. So snack away! They're the health food of the 21st century!

or ... maybe not.

robert S
All you are actually eating is dirt i dont think it will kill you

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