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Does drinking make you stupid?
I always feel so "fuzzy" and out of it when I'm a bit hungover from a night out. I know this is a pretty common way to feel the day afterwards, but how can I know if I'm doing permanent damage? Where does the fuzzy, confused feeling come from?

I usually don't drink more than 1 - 2 nights per week, when I might have anywhere from 2-5 drinks (I'm a woman, and 5 is definitely my upper limit...usually I don't go over 4). But I know I'm very sensitive to substances/medication, so I'm guessing alcohol is no different.

I already have a terrible memory so I don't want alcohol to make me stupid ;)

Old Dawg

If you over indulge.


: )

YES DONT DRINK!!, It will make you DIE!! or even worse you might be sent to AA!!! Dont even let your self smell a glass of wine or you will be hooked for life!!

Alcohol, especially if you are drinking before the age your brain is fully developed, can destroy brain cells. And remember brain cells cannot be repaired or replaced.

I don't know the science of it, but in my Psychology class we learned how alcohol affects your mind and memory glands and things like that.

If you've seen a baby with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, you can see what it does to his physical and mental features. Alcohol, like most all drugs, isn't good for your body and brain.

It's best to stay away from it the best you can. Drink in moderation. Don't let anything control you.

Consider this- when you take a physical or the doc ask you questions or you sign up for insurance- they ask you how much you drink. Socially- like only special events, light 1-2 drinks a day, and heavy -3 or more a day..... that should tell you something.. you need to drink a bunch of water, because drinks have lots of sodium, so you loose water,(ever heard of the used beer department?) and get dehydrated. that will affect how well you do the next day, and how fast you get over the hang over.

Yes, it's a depressant. And it does kill brain cells that you can't replace,
excessive drinking leads to liver damage, then cirrhosis but the key word to drinking, and everything else in life is "Moderation." Jesus's first miracle- turning water into wine at a wedding- so it's not pure evil.

all drugs includeing alcohol affect our memory,if you know that you are sensitive to drugs (alcohol is a drug) why use any of it??there is no easy answer to your question,you are doing permanent damage,not only to your memory,also to your liver and other parts of your bady and life

You will not be stupid. But the alcohol in the liquor may impar your thoughts and it may make your brain don't work well.

Alcohol kills brain cells. So every time you drink, you are doing permanent damage. Luckily, you have billions of brain cells.

And if you drink 8 ounces of water after each drink, you will limit the amount of damage you are doing and keep yourself hydrated also. Alcohol dehydrates you, which can increase the fuzzy head effect.

holaa :)
i don't drink...it doesnt MAKE me stupid but i think its stupid..i've heard that i kills braincells, maybe that's whats going on!

Sgt Little Keefe
Alcohol does make you stupid. When drinking you do permanent damage to your brain cells.

Cristie C
i dont understand why ppl engage in stuff that effect their health

Starting Over
I'm sure hoping that it will make me stupid tonight. Thanks for the two points.

no.. it brings out the stupid that's already inside us all.

DON'T Drink that just makes you die faster.

Elephant Box.
when you get drunk, it does kill brain cells. stop getting wasted and you wont have to worry. you have your life ahead of you, you dont need this. be smart.

yes...it makes you look stupid,talk stupid and smell bad...just dont do it and if you do stop...goodluck

Stephen K
It can, but it depends on how you handle it

You will lose brain cells when you get drunk, I don't know how many...but if you are an alcoholic then it will effect your brain functioning.

"over-drinking" kills brain and liver cells.

well i am not old enough to drink yet but in school we learned that excessive drinking does kill your brain...it like slowly deteriorates your brain

My suggestion STOP DRINKING!!!!

If you are worried at all, then just stop, there is no reason in the world to continue drinking if you are worried like that...

So stop, plain and simple

if you do it enough it will

Yes it does

yeah, alcohol can kill brain cells.

Yes it does. And you drink way too much. You should be very concerned. You drink at least 4 drinks (sometimes 5) 1-2 times a week....and that's "usual" which means sometimes you drink more nights. That's bad.

You need to quit drinking. You can, no problem. Unless you are an alcoholic. An alcoholic is not only someone who drinks too much, but is definitely someone who can't stop and feels they NEED the alcohol. They try to stop and/or say they'll drink less or not at all and they always end up going back to the booze. People who aren't alcoholics don't NEED it---and they just stop--no problem.

John W
Well, it won't make you intelligent. As long as you don't get drunk you shouldnt worry about it.

small doses of alcohol like wine with dinner are ok.
Getting wasted, or drunk kills your brain cells

I ♥ Colbert
Yes, if you are always getting wasted to the point where you dont remember sh*t. Yes you lose brain cells.

crazy girl

Stick with 1-2 glasses of red wine and you should be fine.

It is heavy amounts of alcohol that makes you stupid as it gradually destroys brain cells and the central nervous system. My relative is an alcoholic and while he is still an intelligent guy, he has attention problems as well as central nervous system damage. He is basically on his last leg, so to speak, from advanced diabetes due to the drinking. It's such a shame that he chose drinking to deal with his depression.

Anyway, I would switch to something else non-alcoholic after your 2 drinks. I have a low alcohol tolerance myself, so found that 2 is my max and I need to move on then.

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