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Does anyone else have a sore dry throat when waking up in the morning?
I woke up the morning and my mouth was dry like i hadn't dranken any water in days. I think it has happened before but I have not paid as much attention to it. Could be from a lack of water? Has this happened to anyone else?

Jem K
yes it has happened to me many times, it is when you sleep with your mouth open and all your saliva dries up due to the amount of air it gets, nothing to worry about.:)

the air coming into your mouth at night dries it out. Drinking soda or eating spicy food before bed could be the cause too. Just watch where you sleep and what you put in your body right before bed.

If this is not it, look into buying a humidifier for the room. (brookstone, sharper image, target, ebay) some rooms are just dry b/c of the air quality or too much a/c or heat

good luck dont worry too much

it is only because ur food pipe,glands are dry

an advice -

eat a spoon full of honey each morning and drink lots of water

it happens to my husband sometimes when he sleeps with his mouth open. usually if you have a stuffy nose and can't breathe normally without opening your mouth, then at night a person tends to open their mouth to be able to breathe. ever notice when you lick your lips once to often and your lips start to dry really bad. it's because saliva dries up without leaving any moisture there. same may be happening to your mouth.

yes, I have had this condition, If you snore and have a sore throat, I suggest you have it check, you might have sleep adnea,, I do. good luck

It happens to many and no it is not a problem. Good oral hygeine in the morning and at night and you are fine.

Sometimes. If I snore a lot during the night.

sleeping with your mouth open and/or snoring

rebel customs
yea i have that problem to the dr. said it was from sleeping with your mouth open

I get that all the time. Do you leave your windows open at night. I find that when I do that it is bad.

Hope you feel better.

Could be the air on your bedroom is too dry? Is your heat forced air? That could be the culprit.

It could also be low grade allergies, which can manifest year round. One of the symptoms is a slight post nasal drip. At night, this can irritate your throat and you get the sore throat in the morning. For some reason, it also makes my throat dry at any rate.

You could get a humidifier - pain in the *** to clean, especially if you have hard water that leaves deposits. Of leave a carafe or water and a glass by your bed - they have ones where the glass fits over the carafe, just so dirt or dust doesn't get in it.

it happens to me but I think its a side effect of my medication. If you are on any medications check the side effects list. I keep a glass of water on my night stand. if the auir in your bedroom is dry then this can happen. it doesn't always mean you are dehydrated

Twisted Angel
yup it happends sometimes totaly normal dont worry about it!

Zoya K
yeah i do it could be lack of water or youre getting a cold

I do often

you might be getting sick or your sleeping and breathing threw your mouth

were you drunk the night before? LOL

happens everyday for me, i think its because i snore, not 2 sure though =)

Pineapple juice works a treat!

james s
this happens to me if i sleep with a fan blowing towards me so if you do then maybe thats the prblem

♥ || Brown Eyed Girl || ♥
Yes, I've woke up with a sore throat for the past couple of days. I think it's the change in the weather. A lot of ppl are getting sick. :(

It could be due to allergies. Some people experience a soar dry throat due to allergies

yes i do. its because the room is dry. your ok. just take a sip of wanter.

drink lots of water...

Just drink as much water as possible.

Catching a cold is the most prevalent cause for sore throats, but they may also be the manifestation of other diseases.
Breathing through the mouth, allergies and/or pollen in the air are other possibilities.

Remedies below:

yes but usually is because i have my fan on though and for some reason it dries it out

Yes, when the air is cool and dry this happens. Try a humidifier, they're cheap and they may help.

you were probably sleeping with your mouth open.

You could be dehydrated, or most likely you were sleeping with your mouth open. I get like this when mold levels are high (I'm mildly allergic) and it clogs up my nose a bit, so I breathe through my mouth when I sleep.

usually its caused by sleeping with your mouth open. When you breath through your mouth the air traveling through your throat dries all the moisture and after awhile it can get sore.

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