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Does anybody know if eating beets can cause you to pee red??

no they cant from what i know of

Ms. KiMoRa

big buff
nope ! if your pee is red ?

then that's blood ,,, see a doctor ....

****Doubtful. Who told you that?? Not anybody in the Medical Profession, I hope.

not that I've ever experienced. I love beets!

Cheryl B
I've eaten beets my whole life and the answer is no. It's just like any other food, your stomach digests it and it comes out just like everything else. If your pee is red, you need to see a doctor.

Maybe your ahving your period?

I had a problem last year. I peed red as in blood. I didn't get it checked, but I should of.

UTI, Kidney problems?

Gavin R
I think it may be your period love :P

738290 lol

Ask Annie
Does eating broccoli make your pee green?


no..lol u might spit red saliva..not pee red.lol
ur good
eat beets and stay healthy!

I heard that somewhere too... But I know for a fact drinking coffee causes your pee to smell like coffee... :)

ive heard that before, it may be true since beets are basically composed of a lot of water and they are red! lol

beets cant make you pee red but your period can..lol

these answers are sooo funny
i love these kinds of questions
but i dont think so maybe you have a real problem
go see a doctor incase

Quarter Horse nerd 2

Yes! like a dark pink color , your fine! I was also kinda freaked out when I peed pink. If you eat more than I'm sure its darker.

Abigail F
Yes, they actually can. They can also change the color of your stool.

yes, it is definitely possible.

Yes they will turn your pee a pinkish red color so if this happend to you it's totally normal.

Smart Alex tm
did you know that most of the time red pee after eating beets is a sign that your body needs a little more iron in your diet?
also a condition called beeturia exists when eating a lot of other oxalic acid containing foods such as spinach, Rhubarb, or chocolate it causes you to pee red. however, only 14% of people have this problem.

yes it seriously does. when i was little that was how my mom got my brother and i to eat our beets. we ate them because our pee turned red and we thought it was cool.
you have to eat a lot but it really does happen.
try it

Yes, it can actually. Especially sugard (sp?)beets, which will make you pee purple. But if it continues even after you eat beets, like a few days later and you haven't had any, go to the doctor, cause that is a sign of your kidney filtering your blood and you need to have that looked at immediately.

Yes, eating beets can make your urine turn red. It is harmless
The condition is called beeturia.

Of course it does. I do it all the time just so I can pee red. if you drink a lot of water you can pee clear. but yellow pee is tha bomb.

yes it can cause red or pink discoloration in some people..and Asparagus can make it smell different.

They can make bowel movements bright red.

Yes i know for a fact they do
actually its more purple

It makes me pee purple! Well, more of a burgundy color...


LOL I can tell these people in here don't usually eat beets. I have eaten plenty of beets before and they do make my urine turn the color of beet juice. Number 2 too...

Computer Guy
Yes, eating fresh beets can make pee pink. Suprised so many people say "no". It wears off fast.

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