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Do you use public Bathrooms?
I hate going to a public bathroom and only them at home unless I really have to go.

I avoid them too but if I really have to use the bathroom, I put a cover on the toilet seat if it's available, and if it's not, I put toilet paper on the seat. I think it's totally gross. EW!

i'm brave! i'm unafraid!

i try not to, i dont pee alot anyways so im safe usually. once i went into a toilet and it had a crap on the seat. ewwww

Tommy J
Yeah, I'm a guy i don't have to sit.

yea, public bathrooms aren't as clean as the ones at home. although, i think the automatic flushy things and the sensor water faucets, and the sensor towel dispensers are cool! now, they just need a sensor for the doors, one last thing to touch!

I'm with you, LOL! If I can hold it until I get home, I do. Otherwise, I use the handicap stall as it's usually the biggest & cleanest. People make bathrooms disgusting in public because they know they don't have to clean it up. It's gross!

do it movin'
yeah.. i do at work.. they're actually pretty clean there

IF you gotta go, you gotta go!

hahah eew no
you never know who's butt was on that seat before you... that's so nasty...


depends on the cleanliness of the bathroom.

Me to.

specially when u at the mall, restaurant and u have 2 pee, and you really got to go, man u have too. u can't save this thing

I only take a piss in public bathrooms.

If I didn't use a public restroom, it would make life very boring. You couldn't go anywhere for any length of time or you'd pee on yourself. What are you afraid of? Just don't sit on them and use your foot to flush and ALWAYS WASH YOUR HANDS. Are you worried about someone hearing you? Don't worry, sometimes they are thinking the same thing. It's a natural function.

Iron Rider
Your in deep trouble if you ever join the army, or go on a long trip.

just wipe the seat first with tp.

Soccer rox!
me to. i thnk they are nasty and will only use one if i am about to piss my pants

NO....ahh i hate it. If I really have to pee I willbut other than that...nope...

Riverotter7 4DaBenDan
A potty is a potty...even if its a hole in the ground.

Um, who doesn't? usually the worst part is that they're usually out of soap...


[email protected]
gas station bathroom are worse I always think about crabs

I do, I am unafraid.

Yes but I dont sit on the toilet seats

I do too. Just wash up when you're done, you should be good to go.

it has to be a mega-emergency

Wink Winkleman
I sure do, but only for number 1. If I have to do number 2, I either hold it in or go outside behind a tree or in a crowded parking lot and let it go.

not really unless i have to

Not at school...

actually i just watched a thing on t.v. about germs. they said bathrooms are okay and that although they are dirty, as long as you are not licking your hands afterward, you have nothing to worry about really. their advice was: always wear shoes, go in the very first stall (less people use ones closer to the doors), unless you can visibly SEE something gross on the toilet seat -it is OK to sit on it, even without a seat cover, and wash your hands with soap for minimum of 20 seconds (sing the ABC's in your head while washing to do it for the right amount of time). The germ people actually said that shopping carts from grocery stores fail more health/hygeine inspections than most public bathrooms!!! But no one thinks twice about touching a shopping cart handle. They tested one and found all sorts of viruses and bacteria including poo. So never, never take free food samples from the grocery store without sanitizing, or your likely to get sick from it.

I don't mind public bathrooms unless they are really, really gross. You always hear horror stories about people who contract diseases from public bathrooms, but I think they are few and far between. I've never known (or met anyone who has known) anyone who has gotten medical problems from a public bathroom....
In Switzerland (i think) an artist created a fully functional bathroom on a street corner. it's walls are two-way mirrors. So people on the street just see a mirror, but from the inside you can see everything outside. So you're basically doing your business in front of everyone, but they can't see you. Apparently no one uses it because it's so strange and they get anxiety about it. Talk about public bathrooms.... haha.

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