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Fresca Jesca
Do you think that students with AIDS who are attending public schools in the US be....?
identified to their teachers and their fellow students?

Why or why not?

I am doing a debate in my speech class and and doing research for this topic. I will not know if I am doing pro or con until the day of my debate!

thanks a lot!!
Additional Details
Oh my gosh no, in as "identify" I mean students and teachers should be aware of their disease!

it is that person privacy to tell if they have AIDS. by telling everyone that you have the infection you could be push out of society specialty if you are in high school. there is very little risk in spreading AIDS.

It should absolutely not be told to anyone, unless the individual chooses to disclose this.
I think that a lot of people, including ones posting answers on here, don't really know much about how HIV/AIDS can be contracted.
Check out www.cdc.gov/hiv/

Shona L
Oh, of course not! Their AIDS status has absolutely no affect of the classroom situation, and only becomes an issue for them in their personal relationships, to be discussed with an intimate partner. It is no more relevant than having to identify students with haemmoroids or cystitis!

i only think that nurse schould now. It personal information. If the person dose not care then yes that is fine, the nurse schould only now because if they get hurt and bleed they have to be extra catuion but are they not anyway

That is my response. my best friend has haid and she got it from her parents so she dosent mind to much if people know

it all depends on the person but good luck with your debate

yesss...for safety

This is and excellent question and is infact a great debate question. There are going to be so many yes and no's it is ridicoulus. Not that my answer is going to be any differant or stand out more but I will give you my honest opinion. Being a parent I think that if there is an infectious disease the Teacher and Nurse should no and be contained between them. I suppose if I was someone that didn't have a child I would be on the No side. But, the fact remains that it is a terminal and contagious disease. I am not saying that the class should know, but I do feel that children need to be more educated on the disease. They are our opportunity to stop this epidemic. I think there should be some knowledge of the viruse in the event of an emergency. But, I don't think it is to be publicized just as any other personal disease (i.e. diabetes, cancer, heart problem etc..)

I think they sholud be identified to their teachers so they know how to handle the situation, but not to the students, b/c students can me verry harsh, but insted every one should be treated the same and all accedents involving blood should be handled with caution no matter the situatition and the students should learn this in order to be carful.

i think that the teachers and the nurse should know but no one else. srry, but thats all the advice i have 4 u....................good luck

No i do not think that should be done because that is Private and is personal, unless that student or parents would like that to be done

I think the shame needs to be taken out of the disease. People would feel less threatened by it. We've actually come a long way but still have a ways to go...answering your question...k-12 th grade administration should be made aware just in case of a situation. (f.y.i. most teachers know not to handle nose bleeds anyway and have a clean up kit or call a custodian) but anything after that no...

no...its the individuals own business. the school should have programs in place that teach children to be careful in general.unfortunately people still get discriminated becoz of their status so they should hve to be made to disclise their status coz that will set them up for abuse...do u think all pple with syphillis should be artted out too. what happened to privacy???

Available F
NO not at all the only people that should be aware of the health problem is the school nurse and the principle, know one else needs too know they still have rights's.

Look at the signs of the times...People are being harassed, beaten, and sometimes killed simply because of someone else's ignorance. AIDS is a very sensitive issue that some still care not to learn about. Why subject an innocent person (who may have been born with it) to anymore cruelty than that they carry within their own bodies. In these times you cant be homeless, gay, or in anyway different to some with out walking around with a target on your back. Face it some people are cruel. It should only be knowledge for their family and health care providers. As far as the school nurse she should be trained to protect herself in every situation. AIDS is not the only thing a person could contract by certain contact. What about herpes or hepatitis? Can't put a label on everyone.

Chris C
No they should not be identified to teachers or other students.

MAYBE and I mean MAYBE to the school nurse.

People can be very cruel and ignorant.

Look at the cases where a student was identified in Florida and his house got burned down.

It is not something other people need to know about, outside of their mediacal providers.

yes and no no because it could lead to discrimination but yes to warm people who might become intimate with him and/or her

No , these kids allready feel bad and now they would be picked on really bad. It is nobodys business on something like that.

Gothic Rose
No, no one needs to know if a person has AIDS, unless that person choses to tell them. As far as the dangers of spreading it, certain procedures such as proper handwashing and blood/waste handling procedures should be in place and be used with everyone...regardless of whether they have AIDS or not.

If you did identify individuals with AIDS, then they would be avoided and harassed and ridiculed.

The exception to this is sports. If a person has AIDS, it should be documented and taken into consideration before the person is permitted to play a sport, especially one that could easily cause transmission of the virus. This information should be kept confidential though (between individual and nurse/ coach only).


Diseases are private issues. AIDS is actually pretty hard to transmit (practically impossible in normal life).

A child who is "outed" will be severely discriminated against. People will not get into a radius of 5 feet of them, or want to sit next to them in class.

First of all, for you to say, 'Don't do stuff that would make you get AIDs," is completely ignorant and insensitive. Do you know how many people are raped each year???!!! Do you know that condoms break? Do you know that crazy people like to stab other people with needles for fun? Do you know that half of the people who have AIDs don't tell their lovers? Do you know how many human beings are BORN with AIDs? Second of all, do you EVEN know how the disease is spread? A drop of blood getting on you isn't going to give you AIDs. You obviously need to bone up on your knowledge of the disease before you continue this project. Not to sound mean, but you really need to watch the things you say. Do NOT compare obesity to AIDs. I mean seriously, watch what you say. You are liable to get yourself into alot of trouble if you spout off ridiculous notions such as the ones in your question.

In answer to the question, no, students should not have the right to be informed of the fact of another student having AIDs. Do you know what would happen to that person with AIDs? They would be so alienated and harassed it wouldn't even be funny! Look at how people act today! I mean, just look at the comment you yourself made. People just aren't educated enough to handle certain truths. Also, no school would ever allow a person with a seriously contagious disease to come to school. Obviously, then, you should know that a person with AIDs simply being in the same classroom as you isn't putting you in any danger whatsoever. That would not be allowed. On the other hand, teachers, nurses, and school administrators should definately be aware of any student with a disease that could have complications during school hours. They need to know exactly what to do in case of emergency.

In summation, your own immaturity on the subject solidifies the fact that, no, other students should not ever be privy to the health of a fellow classmate. Thank God this is a non issue in real life and that these people have their privacy to some extent.

P.S. Forgive me if I sound harsh. I'm just being dead honest. And, if you say certain things to the wrong people, you'll face worse than what I had to say, and maybe even get into trouble.

I don't think their privacy should be violated like that. If they don't want to share the information that they have AIDS, then they shouldn't have to tell anyone. People are treated different, and simple every day enjoyable activities become more of an annoyance because of the way people are almost afraid of people with AIDS.
If they wanted to share their information about their disease, then they can. But I don't feel like they should be obliged to do so. It's not like you can get AIDS just by touching someone, and the chances of someone with AIDS being so careless to get their blood all over people, going to school sick ((like puking sick)) or things of such nature are highly unlikely.
My late friend, Troy, had AIDS and he had no intentions of telling his co-workers or when he was in college, class mates, simply because no one who did know treated him the same. They treated him like an alienated creature, and it made him feel hopeless. And he also knew what horrible death he would have to face, and his last intention was to spead it.

No. The school's nurse should be made aware in case of emergencies, but no one else. Kids are cruel enough without giving them additional ammunition. Besides, it is none of their business and is not a contagious disease, like mono, etc.

The likelihood of contracting AIDS from a nosebleed is slim to none. You would have to take their blood and put it in your mouth or eye, and it would need to be a significant amount. Still, the chance would be slim. I was in the delivery room of my best friend's baby (my best friend had AIDS) and doctors didn't even require gloves as the chance is non-existent. It saddens me that teachers can be so misinformed to think otherwise. Maybe they should do their homework.

I can't believe you just said..."don't do things you can get AIDS doing" Do you know how many children are born every year infected with HIV/AIDS? Do you think they were doing things that they could get AIDS doing?

No............I dont teachers do not always keep secrets. If school kids found out or whatever that would be a big big mess!

Teachers should be made aware of it just as we are made aware of who has allergic reactions, who has diabetes, etc. It's no different than those, in my opinion. Students, on the other hand, need not be informed (for obvious reasons).

maybe the faculty should be aware, but not the students. i work in a school and almost all the faculty is aware of the students that might require special Care. however, there is no way that the students should know. you are taught that you should be careful when around other peoples blood anyway. how do you choose what medical conditions should be told to everyone?

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