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i am always very tired and i do get enough sleep..my eyes will burn and everything cause i am feeling so tired


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 Do you think that gettting 15-16 hours of sleep in 1 night is a little extreme for a 27yr old?
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Do you sleep with a fan on? window open?

With 90 F what do u think?

fan in the summer. better get it soon!

Bay Girl
i sure do

Fan on.. i need the white noise it helps

Chaos mediation
I live in a damp dark dungeon that I want you to come visit...

Normally just the window open but if its really hot I'll have the fan on too

Fan on. The white noise helps me ignore the husband's snoring. :)

yes why not. It is nice enough.

My old home had a ceiling fan which I loved dearly. The house I'm currently renting I leave a window open and I really miss my ceiling fan.

both, every night

Last night I did. It was 72 degrees out. Too early to start the air-conditioner.

The fan 24/7

i sleep with the air on, a fan running and a ceiling fan on in my room in the summer and in the winter i run two fans and the window cracked. my room has to be ice cold and i snuggle up under thick warm blankets

Ginny Lou the Peachy One
I have to have my ceiling fan on....even during winter!

Some nights, both.

window open and fan on when hot

Good luck and God Bless!!

hI, i sleep with windows open, gosh i am afraid of coming heat....

with fan

I do but only in my room. That helps me to be able to sleep. My hubby snores and that is totally unbearable.
I might add though that we had a house fire because of a fan. We had placed a box fan in our front room in order to draw cool air in and not have to run the AC. Well the motor caught on fire and it proceeded to melt and drip hot melted plastic which in turn spread to the carpet and a near by chair. The smoke detector went off, waking me up and at that point I just thought that it was a spider in it setting it off. As I laid there my husband got up and went to investigate and as he walked out he said no there is a fire. We got up and walked out to see the fire and were alittle stunned I think. My husband went to get a cup of water, I have to laugh now when I think about it, I'm yelling at him to get the fire extingusher from under the sink. That was the saving grace. He managed to put it out. The fact that I had a valence instead of long curtain really helped. The morning was very windy so we opened up the windows and blew out the smoke. The scarey thing......
I turned around once the fire was out and there on the floor 15ft from the fire my youngest daughter and my oldest son 6 and 4. I was so thankful they didn't wake up to it first. The fire dept. came, they said that we were very lucky, and that they had never seen a fire started from a fan in over 18 some years. It doesn't happen very often.
So the only fan that runs at night is the one in my room.
The damage was only about 10,000 and I got a nice new kitchen family area out of it.

Yes and Yes, then I wake up in the middle of the night freezing and grab the covers. I spend the next day sneezing...

yes, i sleep with a fan on, i have to have some noise going on, i can't sleep in silence.

poison ivy
no fair
i sleep with the HEATER on now!
it's bloody cold here =)

▪Ψ~ RZ ~Ψ▪
I used to have a fan but its at my dads place and I haven't got it back yet. But I do like to crack a window!! :)

For now windows open, not that hot yet...how ever if YOU were here, yeah, i would need to turn the fan on, because it would get TOO HOT! ;)

Proud Mommy
A fan on

Your Lovely Libra Lady
Both window open and fan on. I like the fresh air when I sleep.

swamp cooler and a window open

Yes all the time in the summer, i'm afraid if I put in an air conditioner I might burn my house down.

Dawn A
Yes always even in winter,I need to feel the fresh air on me.I can't sleep otherwise.so why is that?

Fan on and AC down at 70....gotta have it cold when im sleeping

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