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Lexi & Austin =)
Do you really lose weight when you pee?
or is that a myth? sorry to be stupid but i was curious!

When you drink a lot of water it helps flush your system, so pee is ridding your body of fat and other toxins. So, in a way, peeing does help you to lose weight because it is a way for your body to dispose of waste.

well, let's see. if you peed a pound, you'd be one pound lighter. so, yeah.

well i am normall size but i havent me slimmer

yeah, like an ounce. Only the weight of the actual pee inside of you.

Toni B
Yes water weight

Marina K
if you pee alot each day then yes you will lose weight.you can also run to lose weight or even not eat for 1 day!

Yes of course, liquid are heavy right?

Sam G
nope. not actual fat just water weigh :-)

;-D LOL h`a.h'a,h,a`. uh'mmm Maybe a few ounces of WATER WEIGHT !?! lol But losing body weight from fat/calories ?lol? Not even !! lol... You might even lose ore weight by running to the bathroom!?! If you did it constantly for about half an hour !?! ha ha ha ha

Cherry soda pop
actually you dont

As someone said, Technically yes.. everytime you use the bathroom you lose weight, however it is only a couple of ounces at best. It will leave you feel much more refreshed though, but that comes from the reduced pressure from your kidneys.

it's just water weight.

Yes, but it is negligible because water weighs about 10 pounds per gallon and you only urinate a few ounces at a time. Hope that helps.

Do you think urine weighs NOTHING?
think about it....duh

technically, if you had a really sensitive instrument that could measure it, you should lose a little when you fart, too.

Technically yes. You lose weight when you subtract anything from your mass. It may be significant or not significant depending on how much. Try filling a water bottle with water and weighing it. Now empty it and weigh it. The weights are different.

I think you really want to know is if you lose fat when you pee. That is a different question. You can secrete the waste products from fat cells through sweat and urine, but you are not exactly losing fat by urinating.

When you are actively losing "weight", your fat cells do get smaller, by releasing their contents into your body for energy use.

When I was actively losing weight, I did urinate a lot, but it was my body getting rid of excess water. See the article below to understand how fat cells increase and shrink.

Your body can hold more than 8 lbs of water, especially if you have eaten a high carb meal. Your body collects most of this water with glycogen for processing these sugars. Read the second article to learn about this. It's very interesting and explains why in the first week of doing a low carb diet some people can lose between 10-16 lbs.

i don't think thats true

Travis M
yes but its not that much.

You may lose a few ounces because your carrying some liquid. Maybe your losing about the weight of a water bottle, which isn't much.

Depends if you've done anything to lose weight. If you have been dieting, the waste will come out as urine and/or feces.

fonzatoz 69
sure....... pee has WEIGHT too, just as spit, sweat and crap do as well, whenever you expel or secrete anything from your body you weigh that much less.....and whenever you add any liquid or solid you weigh that much more....it's only logical

Water weight...not much tho. You gain it right back. It's prolly only a couple ounces that you lost. Really doesn't make a difference.

Lost Hope
Technically, yes. Cuz pee has mass.

However, you won't lose fat when peeing

that is the body's way of keeping clean. Like the water you put in the radiator of your car it cools and filters out the bad stuff . Usually after or shortly before your thirsty and you drink water then it flushes out the system and cleans it.
Removing the germs and stuff.
so it is more a your drink as much as you pee thing.
If the actual body water goes down by to much you die, so that is not a good way to lose weight.

yeah u do. Doesn't mean to stuff your belly with tons of liquids and go pee and lose weight.

Urine does weigh something.....so technically yes. When you urinate you lose water.

However, it's a pretty irrelevant concept because you could not eliminate all the water in your body to be thinner. You would be dehydrated..........and sick.

yeah you can i asked my docter he said yeah but dont lisen to other people that say you dont

Sure! The same way you gain weight when you drink water!

pee weighs a little more than one pound per pint or a little over 8 pounds a gallon. A liter weights a little more than a kilo

But the weight loss is temporary. But if you have a weigh-in for something you should pee right before you get weighed

Jimmy J
Yes, but when you drink something, you get it right back.

yes, you lose your body's water weight.
But also, drink lots of water.
becaust that water washes out fat

Purly G
Just because you might weigh less when you step on the scale after you pee, doesn't mean you've actually lost weight. If you drink a glass of water, does that mean you *gain* weight? Of course not!

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