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 OKay, this may seem a little gross and disgusting, but i need your help!! ? My...?
My poo (ewwww! i know!) is comming out watery-like and in small chunks.

This has been going on for 2-3 days.

Whats wrong with me?? (not that i am only askin a question about ...

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 How do i make myself sick ??
iv tried fingers down throat but it didnt work and it made my throat hurt , iv tried salt and water and it didnt work and it tasted awful and made m stomach hurt so does anyone have any ideas ??

 Flat chested...?
okay, i kinda have a crush on this bod ,ted, not much but kinda, and he and a bunch of his friends were talking really bad about me, like.....being flat. Now im like really offended and i was ...

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 Should smoking be banned completly?
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 Butt stuck to tolit seat?
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Why can't I take naps?...

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 Which is better ?
i have chronic muscle spasm in my back and need a fluffy bed .which is better....memory foam, pillow top, euro top or one of the combo bed with 2 of these (like a memory foam with pillow top)

 What is a good way to release stress?

 I cant sleep at night please help me?
please help me it takes me like 3hours to fall asleep at night what can help me fall asleep faster besides pills?
Additional Details
i ...

 Does anyone have cures for insomnia?

 Are you happy it's Friday!?

Do you rate your own farts?
I've just dropped a blinder then and i must admit it had to have been one of the smelliest guffs i've ever done! My eyes nearly watered.

no but i will from now on

I like the loud ones!
Last week I had a bug, which gave me the squits, and could not fart for obvious reasons. What a lousy four days that was. Anyway back to normal now

summer k
no i dont thats gross

the orical
hell yeah always have the loader and smeller the better

AY LAb Erin
well not so bad it made my eyes water
but lets just say this

im "above average"

Only when I go to fart contests.

LMAO. not usually but sometimes I think 'wow that was an evil one, wouldn't like to be on the end of that motherf**ker' Sorry still ROFLMAO at your question.

Vicky Z
no but my husband does.
he and his buddies always scream about it.
who is the most disgusting one.

somehow my husband gets the wins

good ar$e

Me myself and I
HAHA that's great!.....only when I'm around friend....Cheers

No I dont but just have to tell this story. My husband was in the toy store with my little girl, when my little girl let off a silent but violent one. There was a store employee stacking the shelves near buy. She told my husband that he was disgusting and had no manners when it was my little girl who did it!! Needless to say she broke her sides laughing because daddy got the blame.


Wow. That's intense.

But no, I don't rate my own farts! lol


jeano x
lovely ..

i don't rate my farts but they pretty big for a small guy like me lol

i have no idea
You're obviously a man (or boy) since it would never occur to a woman to ask this question.

Barking mad
After 4 cans of Old Speckled Hen and a curry, I want to eat it all over again.

I rate mine more on voulme rather than smell.

one time i farted so bad that i actually vomitted from the smell

r b
I bet your parents are so proud of you.

I like to fart in bed and guff my partner out.

no i have never rated my farts..


Tom Mann
Ohh Yehh all the time
Once i was at a mates party and i farted and then few seconds or minute later my mate had a nose bleed from it Ahahaha

What a fart

Janet C
Big bag of wind

i emptied a pub once, also made someone throw up

When Chuck Norris eats chili he farts fire. It’s called a Texas backdraft.

bertram baines
i drove myself out of my own office the other day with one of my bad boys!!

Yup I do looks something like this




That's disgusting

Seed Plower
Oh absolutely. I usually save them up for when I go for a smoke break at work. I let out a tremendous trouser cough this week, lasted for about 15 seconds. Quite musical, all diferent pitches.Then an old biddy came round the corner while I was just finishing, her expression was priceless.

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