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♥ Chic
Do you prefer a shower or a bath?

i like both! bathing because its relaxing and showering because its quick and easy!!

A Shower, they're MUCH CLEANER and More Sanitary than sitting & soaking in Dirty Bath Water!!

Take a bath
wash yourself
take a bath
show me what your scrubbin with

Janice R
i dont fit in my bath its way to short lol

I LIKE to take a nice warm bath then stand up and take a shower to make sure I'm rinsed off good. But I don't always have time for baths.

Shower, I HATE baths

shower, because bathing is just being submerged in your own filth, unless you are just trying to relax then a bath would be better.

mrs.nick jonas
bathing iz more relaxing w/ kandles and the sound of the ocean
but i like showers better!



a shower will be perfect when you don't have that much time. A nice hot bath when you have a little extra time and you feel stress.



Shower...easier, faster.


a bath is like
bathing in your dirt

i always feel like baths are just a soup of grime and dead skin cells, no matter how much i dress it up - the shower is my preference :)

Joey D
Showers, they get you more clean.

Jay Bay Bay

shower...it's cleaner

A Shower, it relaxes me & is quick and easy. No waiting for the water to fill up. =)

Grace Z
i prefer to take a shower

Shower- I haven't had a bath since I was eleven years old, and I only used to have them when I was ill at that time, so a shower is best!

Shower - much faster

a shower. . .It's more sanitary

are you kidding? with my kids and husband? i'm just happy to get either one for five minutes without one of them running in screaming about something every 15 seconds!

Crouching Monkey Hidden Hippo
Depends on the purpose...Baths are nice for relaxing and stress relief...But i cant imagine theyre good for gettint to clean as youre just swimming around in any dirt you wash off. Showers for getting clean, baths for relaxing

Randy R

Reba GG
Shower I dislike the thought of washing with water that I've soak my bottom in.

I usually have a shower simply because I feel gross having a bath if I don't clean out my tub first. There is usually a bunch of bacteria in the bottom of a tub and it makes me sick thinking about laying in that... ew. Showers are just easier!

shower, bath takes too long and to me it seems less hygenic because you sit in your filth that you want to clean, unless you use the bath for relaxing only

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