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Do you consider yourself someone who takes caffeine daily?
Yes or noooo?

patricia p
Yes, I have one diet coke a day.

i'm completely and utterly addicted to caffeine. if i don't drink it i feel weak and dizzy. i love my pepsi! sad, i know. but i have no idea what to do to ween myself off of it.

Not daily. But I always feel better after drinking a morning coffee.

no i only drink soda

ღ.ღDiva Loves ♥ ice cream ღ.ღ
yes!!! cold or hot with cream and chocolate, as ice cream,as a soda.....as candy ...as moka in a cake.....

MiMi Sugar
Yes couple of coffee a day!

Jonathan B

Week 9 Of Pregnancy
Yes. I drink anywhere from three to six cups of coffee a day.

Sarah B
Not daily anymore. I used to drink several caffeinated drinks a day (tea, coffee, soda). A while back (perhaps 3 years now) I cut out caffeine from my diet. Now if I have anything with caffeine it affects me greatly (high Energy, jittery, anxious and sweating). I try to steer clear of it unless I'm really beat and need a little perk to keep me going.

Not sure why you want to know this, but yes I consume caffeine on a daily basis. Preferably coffee.

yes 2 cups a day. Why do you ask?

Avry S
Lets see:
Energy Drinks

Pretty much all of those things have caffeine in them and still rock! yes i do

no.. once a week maybe!

I drink a cup or two of coffee every morning.

help me
nooo.. i'm allergic to caffeine!!



[email protected]
i drink a cafe Avery day, on in the morning and that is all

Genuine Vanilla Face

A resounding YES! at least 5 cups of java a day.

yes darling and one day it's good for you and the next day it's bad. flip a coin why don't cha.

"Takes" caffeine? Yes...I have some sort of caffeine daily.

There you GO!

Yes to Coffee!!! All Day Everyday! lol

Anthony C

The Spaghetti Cat
no only on weekends usually

hell yes



Pedro R
Yes, I drink coffee 3 to 4 times a day....

yes I am and if I dont I'm not a nice person in the morning

Casey C
Yes... for regulatory purposes :)

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