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Do you believe that someone can die from a broken heart?

It's no coincidence that when people married for a LONG time, when one person dies, the other very often dies soon thereafter.


its a pretty bad thing

Matty S

id be dead long ago...well i am dead on the inside bit like an apple that looks good but has a rotten core

yes because if you love someone so much and they break your heart more than once. then you probably will die of depression and/or a broken heart

Andrew M
Yes you die emotionally but not physically. Unless you want too!

Mallory R
I believe it is suicidal sorrow if that's what you mean and yes.

yes and i have seen actual case

yes....its possible....if something really hurt them too much

...........like a death

or the heart could just be broken.

no unless they do suicide of depression




Glenn M
Yes - I believe my step- grandfather died 6 months after my grandmother passed on because of a "broken heart" - he was lost without her....he died of natural causes and was in his early 80s, but wasn't the same after my grandmother passed away..

Scientifically if a heart breaks, you will most likely die unless given immediate medical attention. In a very chance you may live but unless some miracle happens, a broken heart would most definitely kill you.

I don't thin of a brokwen heart
But I think that that can lead to things that cause death.

The Golden Army
seens it happen, yes.

if they get depressed enough to stop eating and drinking then yes. but idk anyone who would waste thier life on one person.

Nick Z
Yes, latest research suggests that you can die from a broken heart. Here is an article about it:

[email protected]
Yes, but you mustn't give up and never quit.
Remember the only persons that truly loves you
is you and your momma.
Men come and go friends come and go.
There are many many many kinds of love.
You can love more than one way.
Try to remember who you were before you met whom ever it was that you felt in love with.
Get back to that person.
Reflect on what you've learned from your time with the other person and try to improve and make better choices for your self.
I promise its not the end it just feels like it.
Time is the healer of all things and the heart is no exception.

if you seem to feel like doing harm to yourself--- call 911.
Problems are temporary. Death is permanent.

Hope you feel better soon!!!!

Happens every day!

Yes indeed. Spiritually that will take the person away in the loss of his/her world. That's why we need love, faith, hope from families and friends.

unless it's heart disease. no. or broken heart could mean suicide from depression.

Yes, in a sense. Depression does strange things to a person.

like your logo legend has it the jesus died of a broken heart it was not the sword that killed him and yes you can die from a broken heart ie heart failure due to emotional stress


I luuuv winter!
Sorry to say it, but no.

Alpha Dog
Nice question. I must say that a broken heart is really just depression from love and I believe people can die from depression as they can die from fright.
Why your heart hurts when your down in love, I'll never know and I don't want to know.

Eirene Goddess of Peace
Believe it or not, there was a cardiologist who started noticing that when certain individuals had life-altering, traumatic events, their heart would suddenly collapse. They would not die, but they would suffer something similar to a heart atack. It would collapse for about 24 hours then regress to its original state. The doctor started questioning the individuals about their lifestyles, and they all had one commonality, a family member's death (usually a parent of child), and were completely saddened by it. The doctor named the affliction, "The Broken Heart Syndrome".

When people encounter certain distressing situations, a flood of stress hormones are unleashed, taking a drastic toll on the heart and causing sudden life-threatening heart spasms in otherwise healthy people. Such situations may include:

A traumatic romantic breakup

The shock of a surprise party

The death of a loved one

Being in a car accident

One woman experienced sudden, intense chest pain after giving an emotional talk about her son's battle with mental illness. After being rushed to the hospital and treated for what doctors believed was a heart attack, it was discovered the woman had instead experienced an unusual heart malfunction ... otherwise referred to as broken heart syndrome.

Suffering from broken heart syndrome, technically known as stress cardiomyopathy, may not only occur in light of a negative event. In one reported case, a woman was rushed to the hospital after being startled at her surprise birthday party.

How Does Broken Heart Syndrome Occur?

For centuries, doctors have understood that emotional shocks, similar to those listed above, can trigger heart attacks and sudden deaths. Yet broken heart syndrome, technically known as stress cardiomyopathy (myopathy meaning disease), is an unusual phenomenon; no one really knows why it happens.

In one study, researchers analyzed 19 patients who had what appeared to be traditional heart attacks after experiencing sudden emotional stress. All but one were women; most were post-menopausal. (It was learned that women are more vulnerable to suffer from a broken heart, as the occurrence may be correlated with hormones or how women's brains are wired to their hearts.) When researchers compared the 19 patients with other people who had experienced classic heart attacks, it was discovered:

The patients had healthy, unclogged arteries

The levels of stress hormones in their blood, such as Adrenalin, were two to three times higher than those suffering from classic heart attacks

Researchers suspect high amounts of stress hormones go straight to the heart and produce a startle of the heart muscle that causes a temporary dysfunction. Instead of killing the heart muscle like a heart attack would, it simply renders it helpless.

An additional explanation as to how people suffer from broken heart syndrome is that grief kicks the body's "fight or flight" response into overdrive. Instead of fleeing, however, the body is placed in a state of prolonged activation, completely void of direction or outlet or purpose. Therefore, this prolonged stressed response takes its toll on the cardiovascular system, causing heart attack-like symptoms.

So yes it is possible...

It's not really broken...that's impossible..but the stress can lead to death..

when it is depression - yes

yeah, and not always from a suicide, it's called Takotsubo cardiomyopathy

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