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 How can i stop?
I have a habit of biting my nails a lot!
and i want to stop
but how?...

 Umm at school im being mentally bullied by a girl constantly and the principle wont do anythin what do i do?
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 How to avoid a hangover?
its my birthday and I plan to head to the pub soon, the problem is after every birthday I end up with a hangover, people always buy me drinks to celebrate this occasion?? what is the best way to ...

 GIRLS ONLY!If you're not comfortable with puberty, don't look at this...don't answer... what's wrong with me?
Ok I've been having my period and usually it only lasts 3 days but now it's almost 5 or 6 days, this month. What in the world is wrong with me?!?!?!?!?!?!...

 Should fat Women wear bikini's?
why do they stroll about with all that fat bulging out making everyone feel sick?
surely there is alternative swim wear for big momma's?...

 What can i do to get my teeth clean without a toothbrush?
i'm a broke college student so i have been using things until they fall apart to avoid spending money!! i just realized my toothbrush is beyond gross and there's no way i'm putting ...

 Do you prefer a shower or a bath?

 Will I be okay?
This morning I took a Lipton tea bag and rolled it in tissue and smoked it a little I put it out fast before anyone woke up. Now after school I took another Lipton tea bag and rolled it in a napkin ...

 I think my doctor behaved inappropriately...?
I had a first appt with an endocrinologist today, regarding a thyroid problem. When the doctor came in for the exam, he did the usual routine, listining to my heart and lungs, and examining the ...

 Is age 30 still young/youngish?
30s seems like a weird age where people around 18 think it's kind of old but people 40+ think it's young.They say 18-34 is young adult but I don't know....

 How can I get a terminal illness?

 Why do people start smoking?
This isnt "Why wont people quit" but why start in the first place???
Additional Details
Smoking is NOT ...

 Ever done drugs?
How was the experience? And did you find any shorterm effects to your health?...

 How would you ask your dad to stop smoking?

 Sleeping style question?
i like to sleep with my stomach facing down, some studies say this aint good for health. but i feel it is more comfortable than facing upward .wat do u think and whats ur style of sleep?...

 Whats so bad about cutting yourself if you really can't hurt yourself?
I understand oh you might slip and stuff but cutting is better than straight killing yourself, and if you use scissors you cant slip because it wont go deep it just won't I've tried. I know ...

 Why should u live when there is no reason to, and no one cares?

 What would u do if u were told u were dying?

 How do I get more iron in my blood without tablets?
Or should I take them?...

 Everytime i get out of the bath tub i am itching everywhere i am 12 what is wrong with me help?
Please help when iget out the tib i am itching ...

Do u prefer showers or baths?

bubble baths... in HOT water... and then of course run the shower for the rinse cycle. :) Sadly, though, I don't get to take many baths because we don't have baths in our barracks rooms.

Depends on who you have with ya

[email protected]
bubble baths with my man

I prefer showers. It's faster, uses less water, and gets rid of dirt and sweat more easily.

I prefer showers because I don't like to sit in my own, and once you wash up , your back in all that dirt!!

Shower...why would you want to sit in your own dirty water

Metal Chic
Showers! They're quicker!

Showers, easier to wash because you can get soap to all parts of the body while standing.


I PREFER a HOT bath, but our busy schedule means I need to be efficient with my time and that means I usually shower.

Showers because I don't like soaking in my own dirt. If I do have a bath for relaxation, I always shower after.

Always a shower. But, if I had a nice big jacuzzi bathtub I know I'd love baths.

mandy j
showers i feel a lot cleaner and refreshed after it


Wyatt Earp
Showers only here

Showers, I don't like sitting in a tepid pool of my own filth.

showers alone and baths with friend(s).

summer showers,winter bath

I like taking long hot showers, no rush.

i prefer shower .. i love it.. bath makes me lazy so i dont like it.. as i dont wanna sleep in my class room.. so i take shower daily in the morning so that i can be sharp, speedy n swift... it makes my mind fresh n ready for a great new day...

hey yo
both...depends on time...if I have a short amount of time I take a shower, but if I have a couple of hours to spare, its bubble bath time with candles and a good book

L.A confidential
both are good

Ari. N
I prefer shower then bath and before coming out then shower.

Showers, but when I have time for relaxing, I would take a hot bath.

I prefer cheez whiz.

showers. I hate soaking in dirty water.

showers ... just in case i have to pee....lol or at night i prefer bath with my wife with bubbles, candle light and rose peddles. and don't forget the wine!! we do this at lest once a week my wife love me to wash her hair

Showers! they´re faster and healthier


In the mornings, I prefer to shower. When I take a bath, its usually in the evenings with a glass of wine, candles, and music! Its really relaxing!


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