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( Except hot milk )...

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 Why do we eat poison, drink poison, brush our teeth with poison, swim in poison and take poison to heal us?

Additional Details
I'm referring to flouride, chlorine, prescription medication, hydrogenated vegetable fat, aspartame etc....

 In what way would you fear the most dying?
I would hate to think i would die drowning, sorry for any people i offend, just wondering what other people fear.

Im not a person living life in fear lol, just a question i thought i ...

Do I have OCD?
Well, I wash my hands 27 times a day (I'll round to 28 because it's an even number.)
I count the steps from my house to the road
I boil my toothbrush every morning and night
I floss 10 times a day
I use a tissue to open doors
Do you think I have OCD????????
Additional Details
To the person with the username "Fade to black," yes , I LOVE MONK! It's my FAVORITE show. How did you know??????

I think you already know the answer to your question. Get into therapy so this doesn't take over your life more than it already has. You have a good life to live.

It seems like classic signs, especially the hand washing. The only way you'll really know is to have it diagnosed by a professional.

i think you're lying about some of that, quite honestly.

michael a
lol pretty sure
practice on not doing that stuff and you will eventually stop =D

no i dont. actually, not at all or by any stretch of the imagination.

i think that you are a germ-o-phobe.

well, i think so but then again you could just be a clean "freak" and i use freak very bluntly, not in a bad way

Fade to Black
yeah, do u watch Monk?

Yes...sounds like OCD.

Yeah I think so.

it seems like you do yes.
like in the movie aviator where the guy washes his hands till they bleed (cringes)
maybe lighten up a little
while you're boiling your toothbrush you could be missing out on what could be the best moment of your life

Well, technically you do. But it is nothing to be ashamed of or worry about- tons of people do lol

Naw.. you're just nuts.... Feel better?

Sarah W
um well I have a little bit of OCD but it sounds like you have a lot of it

everything would b fine except for using a tissue to open doors just wash again after opening doors or carry sanatizer

Definitely sounds like it
but you should go get checked out by a doctor, there are things they can do for you , that can help cope with this disorder

Well...from the above it sounds like that's what it could be. Rituals (such as the counting steps etc) are classic OCD behavior as are the repetitive actions like hand washing, etc.

I think that most anyone can exhibit OCD tendencies or do things which are symptoms of it...but to know for sure you would need to be evaluated by a mental health professional. It's perfectly treatable with either cognitive therapy, medication or a combination of both. If it isn't something that affects your life in a negative way, some people choose to just "deal with it".

Good luck!

yea you have OCD, and so do i, its annoying.

Hmmm, tricky question. For some reason I'm leaning towards yes.

Emily M.
sorry to break it to you...but yes you do.

yes my brother has it

Somewhere I Belong =] ♫
Yes! That definitely sounds like it. Is it taking up more than a few hours of your day? It sounds like it is. That's one of the main signs of when it's OCD.

Savour the stars...
Personally, I think that everyone has OCD tendencies, some are just worse than others. I am a sceptic about just about all things... I think that the medical community has made up all of these disorders such as OCD an ADD. But that is just me. Perhaps, you should just go to a doctor, only they know for sure.

It does, though, sound as if you have it. It can get annyong at times. I myself have some of these tendencies. I am afraid of the number 6, I do things three times, check to see if items are turned off even if I know that they were, etcetra. The doctor can always have you see a therapist or give you medicine to help you overcome these. Good luck!

Me & Mine.
A lot of you dudes have OCD about having OCD. It seems to be some sort of mad trendy gig. Get real and get a grip !

Certainly sounds like it.

you could but also have irregular habits. my boyfriend does. for a more secure answer i would go to your doctor. the can tell you if you have a chemical imbalance that causes OCD but if you do have OCD there is medication and your unique :) dont wory or stress bout it just get checked out by the doctor, good luck

yes... its ok though. as long as they dont get in the way of everyday life you are ok.

You have odd quarks, but I don't think the few compulsions you've listed suggest a full-blown case of OCD.

Maybe you should contact a shrink...

Gee, yuh think?!

PS: You don't boil your toothbrush, though. There's a way to make bracelets by boiling your toothbrush, removing the bristles, and then bending it into a ring. So nice try, troll.


You have a severe case. Please go see a therapist!

The Super

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