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Dieting is stupid, do you agree?

i'll cut you if ya mess wit
no i diet and i'm always energized yay lol my selfesteem is always good, just got a pair of new pants wich is like 32/30 and now those pants are baggy like 2 inches baggy

justin ohio
Dieting is like a vacation away from your normal eating habits. What is the point? Either change the way you eat or enjoy being unhealthy. Stop hiding behind the new diet trends and pretending that your going to stick to them. Put down the burger and leave it down.

Gangsta Style
Well it depends on what dieting you do. The dieting where you refuse to eat anything, now that's stupid, unhealthy, and dangerous. I once met this girl who was so scared over her weight that she wouldn't drink water! So when we found out, we forced her to drink 3 glasses of water plus eat an apple.

Now other dieting is good. You don't want to be as big as a house and have to be dragged around by those car thingies

well only for the people who don't stick to it like they say at work I am on a diet and go and pig out at home and after work . If you are a healthy eater all the time its good but if you are just for awhile to loose weight then you go back to eating normal again its like you gained all your weight back its crazy the whole dieting thing.

Grace S.
If you're under like 20, yes it's stupid because you're still growing. Sometimes people have to go on diets for health reasons like heart attack risks.

I agree.... its better just to casually exercise

duh be proud of who you are dont be a shamed every body is their self never try to make your self some thing your not

Lol. Diets don't work. If you want to loose weight and keep it off, you need to make permanent lifestyle changes.

James' Girl x
not for burger munchers who weigh 30 stone i dont no, it could save their life.

[email protected]
well dieting is okay as long as you do it the healthy way a little exersize and im over weight eat fruit and vegies some are actually very tasty and just move in ur own pace dont crash diet thats bad nvr try and nvr will

no, it gives people a goal and makes them feel like they're doing something. and some of them are healthy

Nick B
Yes I agree. Starving yourself actually can make you gain weight. When your body doesnt get enough food it starts thinking that you arent going to get any food for a long time so it starts saving the calories.

Mr. M
A Landers is 100% correct.

Its only good if you stick to it with exercise

no. it's only bad when you starve yourself to death so you won't get fat.

4 sho
its a marketing technique... PLUS
id rather die eating the foods i wana eat than eating nasty qeenwa all day

Hello :]
That is a pretty empty statement. No, what if you weigh like 400 pounds? That isn't healthy. Or what if you have diabetes, or other weight related illnesses? You can't only take into account that people want to be skinny, some just want to be healthy and confident in their skin.

Jacob B
Fad diets like the south beach diet and atkins are. they are schemes that make you lose weight for all the wrong reasons for a brief period of time, only to gain it back later. Reasonable dieting is sound and should be combined with exercise for the healthiest weight loss.

a diet is what you eat so we are all on diets

A Landers
Much better to change eating habits.

That_ blue_ eyed_ Irish_ lass
Never say Diet !

erikawesome ♥
Yes, the thing people need to focus on is being healthy.

If that means losing weight in the process, great. If not, that's fine. People shouldn't stress so much about "diets" and weight loss. It's ridiculous.

no. alot of ppl think that dieting WITH excersize is a great way to lose weight. i am one of those ppl, but u can keep ur opinion...

yes i think as long as you watch what you eat and exercise and just don't be obsessed with it, you're fine.

Tater tot
yes and no
yes because it isnt the proper way to lose weight
and no because some ppl really need to cut back on their calories and carbs
but mainly yes

Why is it stupid?
It could bring someone's self esteem way up!

i believe in eating healthy and exercising...no diets work for me

Kiwi Strawberry
Yeah what wrong with having a burger once in a while!

No, it helps. Those stupid "No eating forever" diets are stupid.

Future OB/GYN
I agree. Diets don't work, just learn to eat healthy...all the time. No dieting needed.

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